Health Educator?

  1. I am really thinking about becoming a Health Educator, but cannot find information on line regarding growth and opportunities. There is a Bachelor's program for it at one of the community colleges, and I plan to call them next week to see what they are saying. I read on the web site that they will give credit for LPNs towards this degree, but I am hearing that Health Educators are not paid very well.

    From what I see, nursing is a joke in the sense that no matter how high up you may go, there is so much politics, relentless attacks from management and insane and useless paperwork involved that reduces time with the patients. I am tired most of the time, and see no end to this. I love nursing and the patients, but don't like the conditions we work under. I realize I do LOVE teaching them, and wish to promote wellness education for the patients to be able to advocate for themselves, since it seems (at least around this side of the world), that nurses are not really empowered to do it for them.

    Does anyone know about this field? What is the outlook like, and pay? I am ready to bail out...
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I had my minor in Health Science in college when I was pursuing a BSN. Our Health Science instructors stated that there was no future for people who only got a BS in health science. I was told that to get anywhere in this field, the minimum is a MS in health science/public health. That is considered entry level. At my school the health science degree had an education path. I do not know what the job prospects and pay are like. I would advise contacting the closest college that has a program in health science/public health. Many nurses go this route in order to teach. They usually get their certificate in public health nursing along with their BSN. Not all BSN programs offer the PHN certificate, so you have to look around to find the program that fits your needs. HTH