HBO special--9/11

  1. Did anyone catch the special on HBO last night? Thoughts, reactions? I found it extremely well done, albeit pretty graphic. It still, 8 months later, doesn't seem real.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    I was wondering the same thing pedi, I watched it, thought they should have left out those extremely graphic video and photos. Just hearing Mayor Gulianni describe what he saw was graphic enough!

    I liked the other special better, the one by the french brothers who came to film the rookie firemen. Thier documentary was graphic, but not to the extreme.
  4. by   dcottrill
    I respectfully disagree with the idea of leaving out the graphic footage. When the news is sanitized so as not to offend anyone, the true impact of what really occured is lost. I'm afraid that is part of the reason why many of us have gone back to our pre-09/11 ways of thinking. The next time you are pi$$ed off because you're stuck in traffic or because the price of gasoline went up a couple of cents, imagine yourself in the place of those poor souls who had to choose between jumping out of that building or staying and burning to death. IMO, we should be reminded every day that we are in the midst of a struggle for our very existance.
    Unfortunately, I missed it. Did anyone tape it, or know if it is being rerun?

  6. by   fergus51
    I appreciate the need to show what really happned, but I did not enjoy seeing people jump to their deaths on the news that day. Just imagine wondering if that was your loved one. I think the HBO special was overall very well done. I don't think they focused on the graphic scenes just for the sake of it, like some news organisations.
  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    I think that HBO did a great job of showing what happened that day, from many different perspectives. At first, I was shocked that they included some of those pictures and video, but as fergus said, I don't feel it was done for ratings or to draw the morbidly curious. I think it was done to portray what the people who were there were witnessing that day. As horrible as it is, I do think that we need to remember the actual events that took place.

    Heather, it is being aired again, although I think later at night. Maybe you can set your VCR. Here is the TV Guide site I use. I hope the link brings you to the correct page.
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    I couldn't find it on the TV Guide site, but I did find it on the HBO site. Seems there was an encore presentation last night

    If you go to the site, HBO has a wonderful link there. It's the "Tribute Mosaic". Very moving.

    Tribute Mosaic