1. In my area recently there was an incident at a Catholic high school which they initially called hazing. This involved the football team.
    What allegedly happened was 2 older football players attacked a 15 yo new player and forced him to the floor. They then allegedly slapped him the face repeatedly with their testicles and penis. This act is apparently called tea bagging.
    The victim's father called the school and complained. The school did an internal investigation and found no one who would admit to witnessing this alleged assault so they dropped it.
    Angry, the boys father went to police. After the police investigation, 2 boys were arrested for sexual assault.
    Now the Catholic Diosese decided that since there were others on this team that new about the assault and lied or did not come forward, that they would also be punished as a team. They pulled the whole team out of the WPIAL playoffs and ended their season.
    Parents of the players sued to have the games rescheduled so their kids could play. Judge threw it out because the school has a right to make and enforce rules and he said this shouldn't be in the court system.
    Just wondered what you guys thought about hazing, being punished as a group. Do you think the Cathlolic school reacted harshly because of the recent problems regarding priests and sexual abuse or do you think it was because they have a higher standard.

    I believe it was appropriate to cancel the rest of the season. Hazing may be something that has gone on for years , but it doesn't make it right. What if it was your son that was attacked this way? What would you do?
    This has been a hot topic on talk radio around here, just thought it would be an interesting topic to debate here.
    We actually had a kind of hazing ritual at my nursing school yrs ago. It stopped when one of the freshman got hurt. Any older Diploma nurses recall haziing in school?
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    As a member of a sorority, yes, been there and know of it. Is it right? No. My Mom pledged the same sorority and their "hazing" back in the 60's was nothing like it is today. When Dad pledged his fraternity in the 60's the most they did was have the pledges run through cemetaries at night and try to scare the crap out of them and other various silly pranks, but nothing like the stuff today.
  4. by   Q.
    I think it's not right, and is sexual assault, plain and simple. Punishing the whole team is militaristic, but might serve a purpose. Since no one admitted to seeing it or would otherwise cooperate, then that tells me the whole team seems to feel it is appropriate. Also, as with the military, punishing the whole group for the act of one can sometimes initiate peer pressure to conform to the rules.

    What angered me most is that the parents sued because the season was cancelled. There we go again, teaching our kids to sue and stomp your feet to get your way! Hurray for the judge throwing it out! Finally some sense on the subject!
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    I agree with what the Bishop did... I know of someone whose nephew goes to that school and she was telling us about it today... I also pledged a Social Club in college and the "hazing" that we went through was MUCH different than "hazing" in the 50s and 60s... And now I have heard that it has completely changed to almost no pledging at all... But whatever....

    I am sure this stuff has been done at this school for years; however it does not make it right... And from what I heard also the team they were gonna play is suing the school, because they have noone to play.. LIke that will get far...

    I think if more people like the Bishop show these kids and parents that this stuff is not going to be tolerated I think it could help things change.. But the parents suing... I agree with Suzy.. (which isn't normal) This is just going to show the kids that if something doesn't go just the way they want it then all they have to do is Sue...
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    The parents should KNOW those catholics can't keep it in their pants.
  7. by   Mkue
    That does sound like sexual assault and how humiliating for the 15 yr. old.

    I don't think cancelling the season was harsh at all. I'm surprised the tea baggers were not suspended from school for X amount of time, maybe in-school suspension.

    I'm glad the 15 yr. old came forward, many kids won't in fear that they will be labeled "snitch" or whatever they call it these days.

    Bravo for the Bishop and the brave 15 y/o.
  8. by   colleen10
    Hi Kaycee,

    Thanks for posting that synopsis of the events surrounding Central Catholic.

    I am Catholic, grew up and live in Pittsburgh but with classes and work I have not been able to see much of the news coverage regarding this.

    I believe that the bishop was correct and justified in his actions. Kicking the team out of playoffs probably wouldn't fly if the team was a public school but since it is a private catholic school the bishop is able to have a say in the punishment. Being that it is a private and catholic school you can definately see that the students are held to higher moral standard which they obviously have not met.

    I do feel bad for any of the young men that have worked hard this year and honestly do not know about this abuse but, that part of being a team.

    I think the parents are rediculous and setting a bad example by sueing the school.

    I have been hazed twice, once in high school and once in college but it was nothing like this. Both times everyone involved was very open in stating what would and would not be tolerated and it was an environment where if someone felt uncomfortable they could certainly speak up about it and know that their feelings were being taking seriously and that the action would cease. It was actually a fun, positive and team building experience for me. I think the bishops actions are important in sending a message to and raising the subject with young people.
  9. by   deespoohbear
    I also agree with Susy. Another question I am wondering is where are the parents of the boys who did the actual hazing? If I ever found out that a child of mine was involved in something like this, my child would feel the consequences for a LONG time. Not being able to play football for an entire season would be the least of their worries...... Having kids run through a cemetery trying to scare one another is one thing, but most hazing today is just down right mean and dangerous....I hope the boys who did the hazing have been appropriately disciplined...
  10. by   cargal
    Here's the links:

    I would be soooo on my kid to know if they had any knowledge of this! That is disgusting.


  11. by   kaycee
    I agree whole heartedly with you guys. You wouldn't believe on talk radio though, how many people have called in complainiing about the rest of the team not being able to play in the playoffs. There have also been men that have actually defended this "tea bagging" as an innocent prank and not sexual assault.
    I do think the Bishop made the right decision and hopefully these kids will learn from this. You must take responsibility for your actions or in this case your inactions.
    By the way the victim of this no longer attends Central Catholic and no longer plays football. I think missing a couple playoff games is nothing compared to what this kid has been through.
  12. by   night owl
    I think what angers me the most in all of this, is the parents who tried to sue to have the games rescheduled! Sexual assault is against the law folks and this is exactly what happened. Those boys who were arrested deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If the team stood by and watched it all and no one spoke up or they lied and said it didn't happen, they're just as guilty as the two who committed the crime. Kudoes to the school for pulling them out for the season and hoorey for the judge for throwing the law suit out of court! Those parents ought to be ashamed of themselves for even thinking lawsuit. They're a bunch of hipocrits...sending their children to Catholic school to get an excellent education in morals, values and character building then turn around and sue the same school because they believe their "little Johnnies" deserve to play football even though little Johnnie was acting inappropriately by watching or participating in this lewed act of another teammate....sheesus H. Christ, what are these people thinking??? They should be kissing the Bishops'feet for making this decision. What the Bishop is saying here is, "IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY ANYONE!"...not even high school football players.
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  13. by   nursedawn67
    Maybe punishing the whole team will make those that did not participate in the act or in hiding the act will make them encourage those trouble makers to behave. (I hope that makes sense).
  14. by   night owl
    If I was an innocent team player, I wouldn't even want to look at the guilty...they would so disgust me. What they should have been doing is encouraging these heathens not to do what they did BEFORE they did it... I wonder why they chose to do what they did?