hawaii, anyone???

  1. any info on nursing, col, dogs, etc i hawaii would be appreciated.. i think sweetie is just blowing off stress, but is getting his resume together...need to gather info to either disuade him or persuade me...isn't the col high due to everything has to be either flown/floated there? and aren't dogs subject to an ungodly quarentine?
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  3. by   prmenrs
    COL is high--it's called the paradise tax. But it can be a great place to live. I never worked in nursing there, tho...
  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    a very nice place to visit, but i would not want to live there again.
    a lot to do if you are touristing, but, if you work, how much time will you really have to enjoy paradise? much like living in las vegas, if you have to work that cuts into a lot of your play time.
    depending on which island (key word here, island) you live on will also determine how much there is to do. can you really go to the beach every day? if you or your sweetie own guns, you may have to leave them behind, not real sure. hawaii does have very restrictive gun laws, much like the republik of kalifornia.
    on the plus side, you don't have to drive very far to get anywhere, or nowhere, depending on your view of things. the eye candy is great for both males and females. you may have exotic fruits growing in your yard. you can eat fresh pineapple everyday!! there are some great places to getaway to, if you learn about them. sportfishing around the islands is great. and finally, you get to wear shorts and really great shirts (if you like hawaiin shirts) every day of the year!

    info on quarantine of animals:


  5. by   sunnygirl272
    thanks so very much, bob..this helps alot...i quite honestly hope this is just him blowing off stress... we are not married...i would have to think long & hard about moving that far.. my mom is my only real family...i would not move that far away during her lifetime...not to mention i really love my job...the pay sux....area is quite backwards....but can think of many areas i would rather move than hawaii if i were going to move...
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    Originally posted by 2ndCareerRN
    The eye candy is great for both males and females.
    this part made me truly laugh out loud...honey loves me dearly...but REALLY longs for my personality to be transferred to a chickie of color or somewhat exotic origin...he would loooooooooove cheerful and las vegas....i, however, am blonde w/ grey/hazel eyes....(heaving sigh)...oh well..