Having extra certifications help with getting raises in nursing?

  1. I was wondering how many nurses out there have extra trainig and or certifications like ACLS, PALS, NALS, PHTLS, EMS certfications ie. EMT-B, EMT-CT, EMT-P or anything out of the ordinary that isn't required for your job, but you want to obtain it for yourself and does it help with pay raises with your job or does your employer just put it your file and say okay or whatever and you get nothing for it. The reason I'm asking this is because I have most of these certifiactions and my nurse manager doesn't reconize them as helping me with pt.s and such. Where I work having ACLS, PALS, NALS and PHTLS and EMT or above isn't required but I have all of them because I belong to a Vol. Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad and it helps with better pt. care.

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  3. by   JailRN
    We are getting a 10% raise for certification. (RN-C) only
  4. by   adrienurse
    I already am given a pay allowance for having my bachelor of nursing degree (~40$ extra per pay period). Having my geriatric certification gives me approx 7$ extra per pay period. Woo Hoo I'm rich!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    the raise you may get where i work won't begin to cover what you have to put in to test and keep up CEU's on certification. many don't bother for this reason. ditto BSN versus ADN. hardly worth what you pay in tuition and sweat and tears for the higher degree. you do these things for PERSONAL satifaction and to advance your career, not for the money, way I see it.
  6. by   CEN35
    ok - has tncc, micn, bls, acls, pals and cen. the only thing i see any money for is my cen. once a year (3rd qtr) i get an extra $350 for keeping it. thata sounds good, but by the time you throw in all the ceu's you need to maintain it, and pay the $240 to renew it............. it's not a whole lot. i figured it out once...and think i remember it ias being an extra .09 cents and hour?

  7. by   Q.
    Not any place I have worked.

    In fact I argue that the only increase you will see is in liability!
  8. by   Brownms46
    I agree that it hasn't helped me to get any more money....but it has helped at times in getting assignments I wanted. And since I couldn't actually test any area except ACLS, and PALS..and I was allowed to only "audit" other courses I took....I don't have the piece of paper to show anywho. Just the debts from my credit cards or check book. The CEUs I take are required for my Tx, and Alabama licensure though. But most things I take...are because I want to know...period...
  9. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    Thanks for all yalls info, amaybe in ther future it will be reconignized by someone who acknowlegdes it and you get some credit for it.