Have you heard any good music lately?

  1. Pink...........she has a great voice, the music and lyrics just have enough angst...........she gets it out there.........

    my next cd.............

    fav at this moment..........

    Don't Let Me Get Me.....
    by Pink

    Never win first place, I don't support the team
    I can't take direction, and my socks are never
    Teachers dated me, my parents hated me
    I was always in a fight cuz I can't do nothing

    Everyday I fight a way against the mirror
    I can't take the person starin' back at me
    I'm a hazard to myself

    Don't let me ge me
    I'm my own worst enemy
    Its bad when you annoy yourself
    So irritating
    Don't wanna be my friend no more
    I wanna be somebody else

    I wanna be somebody else, yeah

    L.A. told me, "You'll be a pop star,
    All you have to change ins everything you are."
    Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears
    She's so pretty, that just ain't me

    Doctor, doctor won't you please prescribe me
    A day in the life of someone else?
    Cuz I'm a hazard to myself....................

    repeat stanzas..........3 X 3 with stanza 6 X 1 inbetween

    she reminds me of Jewel.........but with more angst.......

    angst in music really triggers me

    so what have you been listening to lately..........

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  3. by   cargal
    All things John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Nancy Griffith, Iris Dement, Maria McKee.
    Anyone else a Independent Radio Junky? Here in Pgh it is 91.3 Wyep. Heard XPN when I was near Harrisburg. It was great and I love the World Cafe. "Look to the left of the dial."
    Oh yeh, going to see Jackson Browne tomorrow eve for an all acoustic show at the Benedum. Can't wait! One of my all time favorites.
  4. by   maire
    My husband says I listen to "elevator music." I enjoy Celtic tunes...Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Clannad, etc.
  5. by   Lausana
    My favorite of the minute--the new song from No Doubt Hella Good ...it makes me want to dance every time, which creates a problem when it plays in the car!

    (hey micro I see you made 1,000 posts-Whoo hoo!):hatparty:
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  6. by   galenight
    India.Arie is great, her whole album is wonderful. It is just different enough to catch your attention, but not so different as to be on the fringe. Also love Vanessa Carlton. Her single, A Thousand Miles is good, but the other song on the single CD is Twilight which is excellent. Keep meaning to pick up the whole album but promptly forget when I'm at Wal Mart. Did you all ever notice that WalMart puts new CD releases on sale for a couple days after they are released. All albums are apparently released on Tuesday. You can save between 3 and 7 bucks.. unless of course you're like me and go ahead and buy just in case you will want it...lol... Maybe this is old news to others, but I just found this out. I love a good bargain!
  7. by   Ted
    Sadly, I can't say that I've heard any new pop music that really moved me.

    I heard some old "Wings" music the other day that I like. It was "Listen to What the Man Said" (I think that was the title). Paul can really write come great lyrics and melodies! Also heard "#9 Dream" by John Lennon the other day. He also was a great pop song writer! Hadn't heard these songs in a looong time.

    . . . the Beatles Rule!! . . .

    Just a little stream on consciousness writing here.


  8. by   delirium
    I also totally dig Pink. I have tickets to go see her in DC next month. I'm mad excited.

    I have been really into harder stuff lately: Godsmack, Linken Park, Puddle of Mudd....

    But my first and last music love will always be Leonard Cohen. There's just something about him that moves me, he's so lyrical, and he's talented in other arenas.... I totally dig it when someone is creative across the board. He's so much more than a musician. That's also why I love Tom Waits and Nick Cave.
    Besides the fact that the bass in Cohen's voice makes my guts move. I love that.

    I also really love opera. I'm very fluid, when it comes to music. When I burn CDs they have everything on them from a Maria Callas aria to Cowboy Junkies to Eminem to Johnny Cash.
  9. by   caroladybelle
    I tend toward indie rock - last cd was "Southern Rock Opera" by the Drive by Truckers. I also like "Flower & the Knife", and "Broken Hearts & Auto Parts" by Kevn Kinney, anything by the Fountains, Bloodkin or the Starroom Boys - "Why Do Lonely Men & Women Try To Break Each Others Hearts". Oh, and let's add anything by Lucinda Williams or Alison Krauss
  10. by   Mary Dover
    Waiting for the new KORN cd to come out next month.