Have you had an adventure/followed your dreams?

  1. Gosh, I'm in a philosophical mode lately!

    Anyway, on another site we were having a discussion on this topic. Do you feel you've gotten a chance to have an adventure, follow your dreams, whatever they are? Or have your plans changed, and are you OK with that or have you been frustrated? Do you feel comfortable with the choices you've made?

    I can say that I didn't expect to end up where I did; 35 and single, living in a spartan apartment on college loans as I attend nursing school. But as uncomfortable as it sometimes is, I'm OK with my decisions, they've seemed both right and natural. And while I'm a rather cautious person by nature I've enjoyed the richness that has come with this unpredictable course, and I think I will find satisfaction at the end of the journey.

    So how about the rest of you? Was this what you envisioned for yourself?
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    It has been my dream to help people and go on a medical mission and I went to Vietnam twice on a medical mission.

    My biggest dream since childhood though was to be a mom. And I greatly appreciate that I'm the mom to 4 kids . . .4 imperfect but lovable kids.

  4. by   jnette
    Yes, I can honestly say that my life has been one HUGE adventure. I have done much, seen much, experienced much... and am grateful for all.. the good AND the bad.

    I've been fortunate to have been able to travel most of my life.. first with my parents growing up, then again with my ex on our motorcycles "roughing it"... and often simply on my own.
    I have met ppl from all parts of the globe and communed with them.

    I have swam in distant oceans, skiid the highest Alps, bathed in the warm sun of Costa del Sol in Spain..mingled with those blessed with abundant riches and broke bread with the poorest of the poor. I've slept on sheets of silk and satin and I've slept under bridges more than once.

    I have taken to the skies and have crossed the oceans by ship, stood atop the Eiffel Tower, stood silently in St. Peter's Square in Rome as the Pope addressed us all, .. pondered the atrocities that took place in the Colloseum there, walked the gravel pathways of the Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps, marveled at the the canals in Venice and Amsterdam, sifted through the rubble of war damaged Berlin and many, many other such cities across Europe, ventured into the Eastern Block more than once.

    I could go on and on... my life has been full indeed.

    I have experienced elation and I have experienced terror.

    I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a nurse and many other dreams to boot. Dreams still remain. Life isn't over YET.

    Do I have any regrets? Not one.
    Are there things I would still have liked to have done? Oh yes!
    And as long as I still have breath in my nostrils, what's to stop me?

    But along with Steph, ...the joys of motherhood were still the most fulfilling of all.
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  5. by   bethin
    Life is one big adventure.

    So yeah, I'm living an adventure. Just may not be the one I want. I've always thought that even though alot of bad things may happen to you, you won't know what's good if you haven't hit rock bottom.

    I've had lots of adventures: went to Korea with on one weeks notice, then again with 2 days notice. I went to a strange city by myself, got lost all by myself and ended up in Mexico, lost by myself. And I survived! I roadtripped with my best friend to NYC, in her parent's car, on a school night and made it back for class the next day. We had just gotten our driver's licenses the week before.

    As far as dreams, I have many, and I think I just got the nerve to finally follow them. I have my first pilot's lesson next week and if I stay on track, I'll graduate college in a year.
  6. by   zuzi
    LOOOOOOOL keep going with your life Joe you will enjoy! Life is a BIIIIIIIIIIIG HUUUUUUGE Adventure. Always here an adventourous ZUzi and still the same, loooool. Lived on two continents, in couple of countries, knowing many people, could making very well differences, but preffering to walk blind and to enjoy THE ADVENTURE! Live you life! Make your lugage with memories for the old time Joe, these will be all that you will have it ...one day! So enjoy and live your life at the high temperatures, whatever means for you it! Yes fallow your dreams, go for adventure, I didn't regret fallowing my dreams and probably in my stupidity I will do the same if I will start again my life from beginng!

    Yes and like girls before me one of my big dream and adventure was to be mom, each day a new adventure..... when you will hear first cry from your little one you will understand me, why Zuzi need to be rational with her dreams and her adventuros life! A child will change your priorities! So you will have then a moderate adventuros life....but only.... PRN....looool
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  7. by   dianah
    Wow, Jnette, I'm so awed by the things you've done!! What adventures, indeed!!

    And flying lessons, bethin!!
    I'm afraid I'd be such a chicken!!!
    You go, girl!!

    I traveled to Paris twice, that was an adventure for me, lol!
    Especially the second time around, when I flew separately from my sil (I flew from LA, she flew from SF).
    When I landed, I intended to cross the terminal to meet her at her disembarkation (is that a word???) area.
    Then I found out her airline landed planes at an entirely different terminal ------ THREE MILES AWAY from where I was.
    Thank you, Charles De Gaulle airport!!
    I took a taxi over (I'm sure I paid dearly for it, but it was certainly worth it to me!) and got to the gate just as she rounded the corner to the waiting area!

    When I turned 30, I decided to do something I'd always wanted to do: take riding lessons.
    And I did, and loved it.
    Ended up owning a horse for about two years.

    Other than those two things, I haven't had many adventures.

    Oh yeah, there was the Italian man who tried to pick me up in Paris (I was 44 at the time).
    He didn't speak much English, I didn't speak ANY Italian, and not much French.
    My sil and I had a good giggle about it later.
    Uhhh, no, I did NOT go anywhere with him, nor did I meet him for dinner, at his invitation (pasta at his place).

    Once my kids are independent, dh and I will prolly find some adventures to experience.
  8. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from jnette
    Yes, I can honestly say that my life has been one HUGE adventure. I have done much, seen much, experienced much... and am grateful for all.. the good AND the bad....
    J'nete, after reading your list, it's no wonder I like you -

    I would love to have an itinerary like that!

    I did go to nursing school (definitely not typical of my family), took an x-c trip to CA from Maine w/ my ex and our son, with no particular "flight plan" ...

    Still on my list, a trip to Paree, and to write a novel. And yes Steph, to do a missions trip. I don't think I'm going to China tho, it is not the kind of trip I thought it would be.

    Quote from dianah
    I traveled to Paris twice, that was an adventure for me, lol!...

    Dianah, want to go to Paris again, and be my guide?
  9. by   dianah
    Mais oui, certainment!

    I'm afraid my French is still quite rusty . .
    I depended on my sil to help with translating and showing me the ropes.
    Which she did, and well!
    I ended up taking the Metro by myself and then walking to difft places.
    Which is where I met up with Italian man.

    I'd love to visit England sometime . .
    do a Jane Austen tour! YES!
  10. by   bethin
    Quote from dianah
    I'd love to visit England sometime . .
    do a Jane Austen tour! YES!
    They have Jane Austen tours? She's my fav author.

    My next adventure, planned for next year: 3 weeks of tornado chasing. I want to get up close and personal with what many call the defender of God.

    And I want to walk across the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
  11. by   dianah
    Quote from bethin
    They have Jane Austen tours? She's my fav author.
    Yes, google it and you'll prolly find the ppl who do this.
  12. by   Alois Wolf
    Being as young as I am, I really haven't had much of a chance to do anything exiting with my life. But as of right now this is my plan:When I get my LPN I want to continue working for the LTC facility that I currently work at for a couple years and go for my RN then BSN. After I get my RN and pay my debt to my facility I want to join the Peace Corps. for 2 years. When I come back I want to get a job in a hospital somewhere while working to get my MSN and hopefuly sometime in my life I plan on being a Nurse Practioner.... so... that's my dream. I hope it's not bad luck to talk about it before I have even started haha.
  13. by   Joe NightingMale
    Wow, you all have or will have done a lot of things! I'm impressed!

    And a little embarrassed...I've never even been out of the US! I've visited a few states, sure, but mostly I've lived here in Illinios (except for grad school in NC and a job with UW).

    And like bethin, most of my adventures have come unexpectedly. Like when I joined that teacher education program a few years ago. I ended up dropping out, but it ultimately led me to a new job in Madison (an finally move out of my parents' house). It also led me to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a great organization if you care about kids but don't want them around your house.

    Or when I got some counseling at college, and it inspired me to spend a few semesters at a local telephone crisis hotline. I hadn't expected to be spending time working with social work majors talking to people with multiple personalities, but that's life I've found...
  14. by   zuzi
    [quote=Alois Wolf;2491270] I want to join the Peace Corps. quote]

    Loooooool one of Zuzi dreams also....one day....and much more...we will see step by step....