Have you forgotten?

  1. Maybe we have forgotten?

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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Oh no I haven't. I still wear a pin on my ID badge at work, and I still have the red, white, and blue ribbons on my tree out front that will not come down until OBL is dead.
  4. by   cactus wren
    Made my leaky eyes act up..but then every time I hear that song, they get to going, too, thanks, have sent it to friends
  5. by   NursieRN
    No, me neither. And out of respect for all those affected, I don't
    ever want to forget.

  6. by   NurseShell
    I haven't forgotten - have a red, white and blue bow on my front door - fly the flag when the weather permits...have a flag scop coat...I was just telling someone this afternoon that it saddens me how this nation is "falling back to sleep" - it may take another 9/11 to wake some people up from their drunken stupor and realize that we need to fight! We need to put an end to this "crap" for the sake of future generations!!

    p.s. thanks for the link - it's perfect (made me cry my eyes out!)
  7. by   NurseShell
    In case you need to cry some more here is a really good site - it has audio, video and photos related to 9/11

  8. by   DebsZoo
    Awesome song..............
    No, I surely have not forgotten
  9. by   duckie
    I pray we never forget!!!! I emailed this to everyone in my addy book. I still have my "Proud to be American" sign displayed in my window and I wear the flag to work with me everyday. I will never forget and I pray we are not lead into another war but if we are, I will proudly support our troops, after all, they are just following orders from the commander and chief. They forever have my love, support and prayers.
  10. by   Hidi74
    I hope I never forget.........:-((
  11. by   angelbear
    Awsome link. Thanks for posting it.
  12. by   alwaysthere
    I Hope we as a nation will never forget...
    I know that I will not....
    I did not go to any of the sites...
    But I am a counselor and a minister....
    and a member off the EMS community as well...
    Those pictures are burned into my mind....
    As are the tears of a mother who lost her children
    A dear friend of mine who lost ten men that were family to him
    Ten brothers...And not knowing if his blood brother was alive or not....
    And all the pain and heartbreak that has been poured out into my ears and heart since then.
    The man Is right.....show them everyday...everynight....let America never forget those faceless people that had a face that day....THose that everyday and that day ran TOWARDS the danger...those that not only had given their lives that day but had given up their lives everyday ....far before....

    What truly hurts and angers me is that the majority of the people that he killed that day....were the inncents and people who give there lives to save others....the very same people who would have , despite there personal feelings, treated him should he have needed it. He did not bring the military under attack...he did not attack politicians....he did not attack someone who was attacking him....he attacked and killed a bunch of harmless people who were going to make a living for there families...and the people that tried to save them....

    This is not the first time he or the people that are in league with him have done this nor will it be the last...We need to be watchful and never forget the lesson that we learned...

    The people that sacraficed their lives that day ...deserve to be remembered...Their families certainly will.

    "They took all the footage off my T.V.
    Said it's too disturbing for you and me"

    What about dad's empty place at the dinner table?
    What about knowing that mommys never going to walk through the door again?
    What about knowing that the son who was so excited to go off to that internship program..will never finish his degree...never marry never have children...never breathe again.
    Do they think taking the pictures off of the telivison is going to make one bit of difference to someone going through that????

    Do they think that hiding it will make it any less painful?
    No! Now just as then...we need to be united!!
  13. by   semstr
    Is there someone on this planet able to forget this?