Have you ever called 911- what was your response time?

  1. I live in a very tiny Indiana town. I have only had to call the police 2 times in 8 years and was very impressed since we have only 4 police in this town. (not all on duty at the same time) The first time, it took about five minutes but I stated I did not feel that my family was in severe danger. The second time was a couple of months ago. It was very late, 2:00am, and I heard a gun shop from outside my home, very near a window and then saw a young lady running down the street. I called 911, was not able to even give my name before the police arrived. Not only one town sherrif but a County police officer. They arrived very quickly, took fast action and caught the man in question within 15 minutes. I do not know if my home security system had anything to do with it but I have to say I was impressed. I am a very strong supporter of home protection security systems. Mine is hooked up to protect our home from fire and breakins. I have to tell you, I sleep much better at night. I highly suggest if you have elderly loved ones, four legged babies and little children that you consider them. They come with a button to push to summon the fire department, police and ambulance. The are immediately dispatched and then it is followed up by a comfirmation call. If no answer, they proceed. You can supply them with information, such as what room your children sleep in, your elderly parents and your precious fur babies. It cost nothing like you would think and it is a great source of comfort to your family. Just passing on my experience to all of you in case you are wondering if it is worth it. I will say my very greatest pray is that you NEVER need their help but is is certainly nice to know it is there if you do. Love and luck to all. Duckie
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  3. by   Tweety
    I've called 911 when a person started seizing wildly at the bowling alley. There were there within 5 minutes. The guy turned out to be hypoglycemic.
  4. by   eltrip
    I was at church one Sunday morning this past spring & someone was having trouble breathing. I instructed someone to call 911 while I tended to my friend. It was at least 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

    She was okay, but man, I was concerned that I'd have to start CPR on her. I could've driven her to the hospital much faster myself.
  5. by   colleen10
    I have only ever called the police once in my life time thus far.

    My neighbors (adults) were not home and they have two teenage girls who had friends over. Well, on a Monday night at 10:00PM lets just say that illegal fireworks going off in the middle of the street was not appreciated by any of our neighbors. And despite very vocal complaints to the kids from our neighbors they would not stop.

    I had to call 911 to dispatch our community police because our community police office is closed after hours even though our police make rounds 24-7.

    Two police, one in a marked car, one in an unmarked car, both showed up within about 3 minutes and scared the kids quite a bit and got them to clean up their mess.

    I was pretty impressed with their response time and at how hunky they were.

    A few weeks later in the afternoon the police were next door at the same house. They were called by the two girls who thought that an intruder may be in the house or at the least some one was playing a prank on them and scaring them. Once again we had two police officers making rounds around the house and inside checking everything out for them. I think the girls just thought they were hunky too and wanted to take another look!
  6. by   BadBird
    I've called twice, once my mother was going into a diabetic coma and the medics were there within 5 minutes. The second time I was driving home from my 3-11p shift and on the off ramp a driver was slumped over the wheel, I had to drive home to call since I didn't have a cell phone and at that time there was a rash of car jackings in FL so I didn't want to get out of my car at midnight, I called 911, gave them the description fo the car, license plate etc. the police called me back and thanked me, turned out the guy fell asleep at the wheel!!!! I thought it was nice of them to call me back.
  7. by   H ynnoD
    Called a couple of times,wasn't as important as I thought so they redirected my calls.Now if you call the police department to report something,they usually call and take a report over the phone.It has to be extremely important to get them to even come out in a hurry.If you want them out in a matter of miniutes you better mention gun somewhere in your story.
  8. by   Brita01
    Twice I've called with very quick responses. Once in Oakland, CA - about 5 minutes. Once in small town Lemoore, CA - didn't even seem like 2 minutes.
  9. by   Shamrock
    Called police 1x for a break-in at our home WHILE WE WERE HOME! They got lost trying to find us and we waited an hour. (Glad they were small town punks trying to get in!)

    Have called for ambulance several times, the most memorable being the old guy having TIA's (I think), it was icy and it took them
    45 mins. to get to us, I felt really useless but the family was glad
    I was there.
  10. by   fab4fan
    I had to call last Dec. when I fell at home and demolished my ankle.
  11. by   warrior woman
    Had to call when I found my dad lying in the yard. Since it was what they call a CPR run they were there in about a minute. The EMS service out here has improved drastically over the years.WW
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    I try to have as LITTLE to do with the police as possible.
    Which is a good thing seeing as we don't have any in our community.
    I've never called 911 (we don't have it here) at any time in my life.
    We do have a vol. fire dept but every house that has ever caught fire in this town has burned to the ground. Just when they almost have it out they run out of water and have to drive back to the river to fill up the tanker again. No hydrants in these parts.
    We also have a vol ambulance but houses are hard to find and you have to send someone down to the main road to meet the ambulance and then show them where to go.
    I just hope I don't have an MI from someone breaking in and setting my house on fire.
  13. by   Jay-Jay
    LOL!! Yep, you'd be in BIG trouble if you did!

    I have called 911 many times in the course of my day's work, and the response time has always been really good. Sometimes they are there before I can finish doing a full assessment on the patient! I can't recall a time when I felt the response time was too slow. Mind you, I'm usually so busy tending to the patient until they get there, that I don't bother checking my watch to see how long it takes them.

    There was one time I didn't call, and wound up regretting it. Some young guys were drag racing up and down our street. I couldn't get their license numbers, because it was too dark, and they were going too fast. I'd been waiting for my husband to come outside, and go for a walk.

    When he did come out, I told him what was going on. He said, "Let's just forget it, and go for our walk. It sounds like they've moved on."

    Well, they'd moved to the four lane highway just to the south of us. They were coming over a small hill, just as a young lady in a van was making a left turn into our subdivision. They hit her broadside, and killed her. For over 2 years, there was a wreath and candle at the site of the crash. I used to go by it nearly every day.... They have now changed the lights at the intersection so you cannot make a left turn unless oncoming traffic is stopped.

    Last year, at that same intersection, a young guy pulled up beside me. He glanced across at the guy in the next car, and started revving his engine. I knew what was coming...the two of them took off like bats out of hell. I followed, and got his license number. They were dealer's plates...the cops were waiting for him when he returned the car to the dealership!