Have you ever dressed as the "opposite sex"?

  1. O. K. It's 2:00 AM and my ONE and ONLY patient is STILL safely sleeping with his heart a-beatin'! Currently heart rate is 58 and steady!

    So. . . .

    Some of the prettiest girls I've seen were men dressed in drag.

    I've dressed in drag! I make a good looking middle-aged woman in her late 40's early 50's. It was a paying gig for a "Happy Mother's Night" for a local talent pub.

    My loving wife dressed as a man! This was for the same gig when I dressed up as "Mamma Lube". What was eery was that she really looked like a man! She bundled down her boobs, put on a fake beard and . . . wore a sock!

    There were two other guys who dressed in drag, and together we billed ourselves as the "Lube Family".

    Don't ask. (This is a "PG" bulletin board!) :chuckle

    So. . . come out of that cross-dressing closet and share YOUR experience as a man (if your chromosomal make up is XX) - or your experience as a woman (if your chromosomal make up is XY). Ever dress in drag???



    P. S. The last time I dressed in drag was in 1995 for our last "Lube Family" show. (We've done three of them.) I really don't like wearing my wife's clothes. . . . (They just don't fit right!)
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  2. Poll: Have you ever dressed in drag ("cross-dressed" your own gender)?

    • I've taken a drag on a cigarette once!

      40.00% 4
    • You've got to be kidding! I do it all the time!

      0% 0
    • You've got to be kidding! I wouldn't touch a dress if you paid me! And I'm a woman!

      30.00% 3
    • You've got to be kidding! I wouldn't touch a dress if you paid me! And I'm a man!

      0% 0
    • I'm a woman and I love dressing as a man. . . for "talent" shows.

      0% 0
    • I'm a woman and I love dressing as a man. . . for whenever!

      10.00% 1
    • I'm a man and I love dressing as a woman. . . for a "talent" shows.

      10.00% 1
    • I'm a man and I love dressing as a woman. . . for whenever!

      0% 0
    • None of your freakin' business!!!

      0% 0
    • If I told you, I'd have to kill you!

      10.00% 1
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  4. by   Ted
    No one even answered this poll!


    Gals, don't tell me you never wore even a pair of guy's pants or shirt or . . . .

    And guys, please. . . . every man wears their wife's bras at least once! :chuckle

    Don't they????

    I mean. . . at least they think about it. . .

    Don't they????

    I mean. . .

    Hey, see any good sporting event lately?!?!?

    :uhoh21: :uhoh21:

  5. by   OzNurse69
    Oh Ted, you really ARE bored, aren't you?? I answered, & then discovered I'm the only other person aside from you who is playing.....& I've now realised it's 2 hrs later......still no response!!

    G'night, lovey....

  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Ok Ted, I'll bite . .

    I hate wearing dresses!!! I love jeans and t-shirts or shorts and t-shirts. I have one pair of sneakers and one pair of flip-flops. I have one nursing uniform. So, I'm kinda minimalist . . . and I wear my husband and son's t-shirts all the time. No jock straps, no men's underwear, etc.

    I think my curiosity about the opposite sex limits itself to a time when my sister and I found out that boys pee standing up and we just had to try it!!! Well, it doesn't work for girls.


    boring, huh . . .

  7. by   JedsMom
    I wear my husband and son's shirts all the time Not a prob for me. Personally I hate dresses Oh, I steal their shorts to wear sometimes too. Can't wear their jeans though, not the right size!
  8. by   lisamct
    I cant say that I intentionally 'cross dress' but I do admit to owning only 2 skirts/dresses, one for weddings and one for funerals. Otherwise Im in jeans/trousers and tops and I feel uncomfortable in anything but trainers (sneakers).
    Guess Im just not the 'girly' type
  9. by   jnette

    Can't say I wear ruffled lace and a miniskirt on my motorcycle !

    So yeah... I dress "down" as a guy when I'm in that kinda mood, and dress "up" as a girl, when I'm in a "girlish" mood... and THAT, my friends, is what I LOVE about being a woman ! I can be butkickin' tuff, or sweet as cottoncandy, and I get to choose !!!
  10. by   CountrifiedRN
    Alright, keep in mind this was for a Halloween costume party!

    When I was married to my first husband I dressed as a pimp and he and his best friend dressed as prostitutes! I went to the thrift store and got a pinstriped suit and white wide brim hat and wore lots of gold chains. They borrowed some short dresses and bras and we got them fishnet stockings. We got lots of laughs!
  11. by   adrienurse
    I used to wear men's clothing all the time. As a comfort thing, not a fetish thing. Hey, men's clothing is made better!
  12. by   Whisper
    I own two dresses, one is my unifrom (which was a waste of money, as I usually wear trousers and tunic) and my prom dress, which I had to wera no trousers for women allowed!

    Halloween before last, me and a groups of friends went to a party and switched clothes, The only thing is, that in jeans and a shirt I didn't look tht different, the only thing was the buttons where on the wrong side.
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Sure I have

    for Halloween.

    Otherwise, I am proudly female and wear what's comfy. Usually wind suits...and shorts...
  14. by   kids
    Umm...I had to wear my husbands underwear for 3 days on a hiking trip, I forgot mine.

    I also wear his clothes that I really hate when I need to do something that will render them unwearable (like painting).
  15. by   ScarlettRN
    Gosh, when you look back at some of the stuff a kid does, it seems so stupid, and I think we were pretty sure it was stupid then too, but a bunch of us girls were having a sleepover. The subdivision was off a busy 2 lane that lead to the interstate and a truck stop was located on that exit. I don't even remember why we needed to walk to the store, but about midnight, we decided that we needed to walk down that road to the truckstop, but that girls weren't safe on the road, so some of us would have to pretend to be boys. I borrowed somebody's brother's letter jacket and put my hair up in a cap, and we practiced how a boy would walk as opposed to a girl's walk. I just remember that walk took forever, and the two of us dressed up like boys did our best sauntering, walking like we thought a boy would walk, and had to hold hands like we were with a girlfriend whenever a car went by. It was one of those memories that came back when I read this thread...