Have you ever helped a total stranger?

  1. i am just returning from the grocer. this lady was in front of me in line and she told me i could come around. i noticed others looking at her and she was counting up change.

    after i paid for my items, she was still trying to come up with money to pay for some milk and another item. i asked her what else did she need and she said, "i have the money in the car i just don't feel like going to get it". i thought to myself, if she had the money, she would go to the car. i helped her pay for her items.

    i could not see her standing there searching for that she did not have and since it was milk, etc, i had to help.

    god has blessed me, not with money, but with a good heart, and others have helped me.

    i told my daughter, if you are ever in a position to help, please be reminded of this day.

    have you ever helped a "total stranger"?
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  3. by   adrienurse
    Yes I have, and most importantly, total strangers have helped me!

    Just proof that most people are decent human beings. Earlier today, I was at this huge grocery store we have it town and I had bought a new stand for my printer because it was such a good deal. Poor short-term planning is one of my weakness. I got it into the cart alright, but couldn't get the sucker out. I was cursing and talking loudly to myself when a handsome stranger approached and offer to help me load it into my truck. Nice guy! Wanted to kiss him, but I was already all sweaty.
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  4. by   micro
    Yes, many times.
  5. by   fedupnurse
    Frequently. I size up someone broken down on the side of the road and ask if I can call someone for them. There were also these 2 little kids who used to go into an Ice Cream store near me and I would stop by there with my nephew. It was clear these kids didn't have a pot to pee in so whenever I was there I picked up their tab. Came to find out that when the owner was there he'd take 50 cents for a 3 or 4 dollar tab. I always feel better about life in general after I help someone who hasn't asked. It is so much easier to be nice!
  6. by   Brownms46
    Yes I have others many times than I can count. But that the real blessing for me was when a stranger helped my child..

    My daughter was staying with some church members while in S. C., and was riding with a friend in her car. The friend had an accident, and my daughter was dazed after the accident. A lady stopped, and came to the scene. After seeing my daughter being placed in the amb., she followed, and went in and stayed with my daughter until those she was staying with arrived! I later found out that this "lady" was a minister's wife. But she was an angel in disguise to me...
  7. by   Momto3RN
    One of the greatest experiences of my life:

    When I was fifteen, Mom and I were running errands on a snowy day. We noticed an older woman (fiftyish) in a w/c at a bus stop with a light sweater, no gloves, no umbrella, and looking absolutely miserable. I got out and put our gloves on her hands and gave her our umbrella.

    Sixteen years later, I still remember the expression of surprised gratitude on her face and the sheer happiness I felt!!!

    Service usually turns out to be a privilege!!:kiss
  8. by   Brownms46
    Also there was the time I had a flat tire on a dark highway in Central Ala. Three men stopped to help me. I was sooo scared I wasn't even thinking straight! One guy asked me if I had a spare...thru the crack in the window I had rolled down only enough to hear what he was saying. Dumb me gave him the keys to open the trunk, and he said...and I have to :chuckle now ...but then it wasn't too funny...that I might as well get out of the car, while they changed the tire, as they had the keys..! I got out, and was totally shaking!:uhoh21: They put the tire on and let me go on my way! When I got home..(we were stationed at Ft. McClellan)....I was still shaking! I knew the Lord was looking out for me...as there was no houses and very few cars on that road at nite back in 1975. I could drive for miles and not see anyone at that time of nite!
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i am sorry, i thought i had clicked on "off topic".
  10. by   monkijr
    I take opportunity to help others if I can, without telling the right hand what the left hand is doing.

    but...... one time, I was leaving the grocery store, there was a man asking for money at the entrance, when I came out of the store, I had purchased some not parishable items, I offered these things to him, and he threw them at me and my children. He wanted only money. It was a learning experience, but I did not help with the money, one other time, I was out of state and had pulled into a gas station to fill up, when I was approached by a woman who asked for money as she had ran out of gas, I offered to put gas in her vehicle, she declined and left. oh!!!!! also, I was approached by a woman in a parking lot at "Wild Oats" (any body ever been there yum yum) asking for money as her car had broke down, I was led to help, and did, as I entered the grocery store I turned and saw her go to a van and hand the money to a man who held out his hand for the money. Then she continued to work the parking lot and he would point her to certain people.

    Most the time however, it just feels good. I was stranded in Colorado this summer with vehicle problems and was so thankful for the man that helped, he had all the right tools, even had an ari compressor, as if he was sent just to help me.:angel2:
  11. by   Zee_RN
    There have been several instances and I hope many more that I can't remember.

    One time that sticks out in my mind: I was driving down a very dark windy road, there was a light rain. A car was on the side of the road. I kept driving and eventually saw a woman walking down the road in heels and with a young boy by the hand. I just figured that was their car I passed and it must have been broken down. (This was before cell phones were common.) I just stopped and offered them a ride. She was so phenomenally grateful it was embarassing. Turns out she was a church organist on her way to evening service. I'm just happy I saved them a long walk on a dark road in the rain.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes I have several times. Time I remember best was when driving thru Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, with a cop friend. first ones on an accident scene,not pretty ....Car versus canyon wall. 3 Spanish-speaking only teenagers in car. Me, no experience w/medical and first aid really, but cop friend had plenty. We tended to their injuries, I spoke to them in Spanish to ease their fears and calm them. My cop friend guided me as to what to do for the injuries. We stabilized them til medics arrived. Yes, it was scary. Gratifying. Helping strangers, I never forgot. Wonder how they are today.
  13. by   Sleepyeyes
    Yep, I like to help folks out....

    I've been helped a lot more, though---

    (even in the kindness dept, i owe, i owe! :chuckle: )
  14. by   jnette
    Numerous times.

    But the real blessing came when I had to learn how to RECEIVE... and to be able to do so gracefully.

    I was used to being the "giver".. and found myself in a desparate position at one time in my life, much to my dismay. I had no choice but to be on the receiving end, it hurt...and it was very difficult. I grew tremendously from the experience and realized how important it is to allow others to be the helpers, too. It goes both ways. Being able to receive is a lesson in humility and opens the eyes to a world beyond ourselves.

    Give of that which you have been given, but remember to allow someone else the joy. privelege, and opportunity to give to you, as well.