Have you ever met someone from the internet?

  1. Hi everyone! I was reading another thread about meeting people in person, that you have met online. I will be meeting someone in october that I have been talking to for 3 months. I will be traveling 5 hours, to where he lives. I am so excited!

    I wanted to hear how many others out there have met an online buddie. How did it go? What precautions should be taken?
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  3. by   Mkue
    Well I personally would meet in public first, like at a restaurant with a well lit parking lot, just to be on the safe side. Preferably in the daytime would be best.
  4. by   Stargazer
    Yep--drove up to Vancouver last year to have dinner with a group of friends from another BB I post to. And I've got a date for brunch next month with another group of friends from a separate board.
  5. by   Brownms46
    Whenever I met someone, we meet in a public place a ways from where I lived. We would make it a coffee date, so if things aren't as stated...we could end it pretty quickly. I always have someone who knows where I'm going, and a pic of the person I'm supposed to be meeting. I have so far never had a problem. Most of the flakes I have been able to pick out before they actually know what I look like.

    One guy I didn't give enough information to know who I was, and who turned out to be a flake...also turned out to live right around the corner from me... But I have also had a female friend online, who turned out to have put a pic that wasn't even hers, and had totally lied about everything about herself! The story is just too fantastic to be believed, and if I hadn't found this out from her "online male friend"...I would have never believed it!

    She kept this lie going on for months, and had many fooled by her lies in a chat room I used to go to for several years! This chat room had many parties and great events, and most of the members got to know each other, and several of them got married!
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  6. by   Mkue
    I know some people who met online and they married, everything worked out fine. Well except they were married to other people first, but actually both couples turned out happy in the end with their new mates.

    I don't know, there are so many weirdos out there nowadays, but we can't live in fear either.

  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    I have met numerous people from online in real life- some of them turned out to be rather scary, some became very good friends, and I met my husband through online before I ever allowed him to call me (we exchanged email addresses through a mutual friend). I'm glad you're excited, but please PLEASE be careful. Anonymity is a friend to all of us when we're online, and it is so easy to lie about even the most minute details to convince someone else of something. You mentioned that you were going to meet a guy, and you mustn't forget that there are people out there (lots of them!) who prey on innocent people. Don't become a statistic. I'm wary that you're driving FIVE hours to meet him- that's awfully far away. It is good that you're not meeting him near your own home, but you could disappear from the earth nd no one would even know because you're ALREADY five hours away from all the people who konw you. If you're definitely going to do this, do it as smart as possible. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE without giving EXACT directions, phone number, name, etc. to at LEAST one person that you trust at home (mom, best friend, etc.). I would suggest giving that info to two people, to be safer. Type up an email and send it to yourself with all of that information in it- the guy's name, email address, home address if you have it, any phone numbers you have, any personal details you know about him, a picture or description of him physically if you have it, etc. as well as where you're planning to meet, what time, what day, and the exact directions you're using to get there and get back home. In the email, type when you expect to be back home. Make sure someone has your email address. I know this sounds like a lot, but it will take less than ten minutes to do and send it to yourself, and if something, God forbid, does happen to you, the police could get access to your email and find all this information, which could save your life. Include what you're going to be wearing as well. Less than ten minutes and it's well worth it. Best case scenario, you don't need it at all. Worst case...well, you know. If you have a cell phone, bring it with you and make sure it's charged. Bring some mace if you have it and keep it handy. If you feel even the least bit uncomfortable when you get there, TURN AROUND and go home. Go with your gut instinct. Don't go off alone with this person, don't get in their car. Even if you've talked to him for three months, you could meet him for dinner and think, oh, he's safe, and he could be just waiting for a moment to get you alone. I know this may sound paranoid, but I'm just a bit worried that no one but one person who has responded so far has really stressed how dangerous this can be. As I said, I've met some really wonderful people from online, but you have to be careful. Leave a trail. ;>) Good luck! Do you have to drive all that way by yourself? If you have a friend who could go with you, I'd suggest that. Honestly, I'd try to verify SOMETHING before I even left, like does he really work where he says he does, etc. Good luck! I hope it turns out wonderfully for you!
  8. by   bagladyrn
    Please see my note under the other thread - when you are meeting someone for the first time, whether from online, please have prearranged to call a family member or friend at a specific time, have that person know who you are meeting and where, with instructions what to do (i.e. call police) if you don't check in. I've done this for years and no decent person was ever offended by it! Of course, as others said - meet only in a public place.
  9. by   Heather333
    I met my husband online and we have been together for almost 5 years. We talked online and over the phone for a year before we even met. He was still living at home and I talked to his parents quite a bit before I ever met hime. When we did meet, it was in a public place with lots of people. My advice is ALWAYS ALWAYS meet in a public place and continue doing so until you are very sure that you feel comfortable and safe with this person.

    Good Luck to you!

  10. by   NICURNtobe
    Why are you driving all the way to him? That seems like a really long way to go for someone you don't know. Why can't he come see you?? Or meet somewhere half-way at a restaurant?? Just thinking about your safety....
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  11. by   karenelizabeth
    A friens and (who froquent same boards and known each other for years) are both going to meet about 30 from said boards in Oct we are mostly staying in a hotel together dont think I'd go if I was on my own though but I'm getting pretty excited about it
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Whether IRL or online, I always met "new" people in a neutral, safe place likea reputable restaurant...gave them NO personal info e.g. phone number or addy til I had met w/them several times and determined them to be OK. It worked out well for me. As far as online people go, it was only after several meetings and discussions that I determined it safe to divulge more. I am very cautious by nature!
  13. by   kellyseye
    met 4 ppl from online while i was travelling overseas last year ... id known them (known)? for 3 yrs prior to meeting them. they were all older than me two with kids my age , so that worked out well really ... partied with the younger ones at nite n hung out with the oldies during the day ... something like that ...
    site seeing n so on ... the old couple i met took me to a footy game n showed me the sites of long island .... all turned out to be really lovely , but i kinda already knew that before i met them or i wouldnt have bothered ! will certainly keep in touch forever also ...
    also a guy who knew these ppl came through sydney for his honeymoon i met them with sum friends for dinner ... again felt like i knew this bloke ....
    im sure there are weirdos out there ... but i guess u kno wot your doing and u go with your gut instinct
    in my 3 months travelling i only met one psycho ... well i thought he was anyway and he wasnt from online , he was just another traveller in his own country ... i met strangers every single day ... but this guy stood out ....
    i spose really when u think about it anyone u meet in every day life can be freaky ... chatting to someone online ... they arent exactly a stranger ... i spose if u really talk to them over a lengthy period of time ...
    umm i dont think im making sense now ... not into thinkin tonite
    do meet this person tho if you feel safe n feel u kno them enough to trust them
  14. by   Cindy_A
    I met my husband online and we've been marrried for 2 years now. We chatted online every night for 2 weeks before actually meeting, and then in a public place. I agree with Kristi and the others, take precautions! It can't hurt to be too careful! But I'm like NICURNtobe, why can't he drive halfway? 5 hours IS a long drive! Be careful, and I hope all goes well.