Have you ever felt really alone and sad?

  1. [font=courier new]i'm starting to get that alone feeling. it makes me sad. i think it's because school is starting, and there are things still on my mind. like worries or something. worring about school, about doing my best, trying to ignore the ignorance around me. it is really hard to ignore dumb people, and people that try to bring me down to thier level. last year i did manage to avoid it, but this year i really want to just walk around that stuff. i want the negative things to stay away from me.

    [font=courier new]i know satan will try hard at getting me down. but he's not gonna like the fact that i will be turning to god for everything. school is so stressful, if it's not one thing, it's the other. if one class is hard, the next seems to be harder. i want to be dependant to god. i want to share more with my boyfriend. since god sees me everyday, and hears all my problems. i want my boyfriend to know them too.

    [font=courier new]i really hope this school year, strengthens my faith. i need a stronger relationship with god. so, i'm going to let him know that i need him. if i'm at school and i'm having a hard time, i hope i can find a reliable person to turn to, like a teacher or guidance councelor or something. just someone that can help w/ the school related problems.

    [font=courier new]well, i suppose i haven't made much sense....so i'll leave it at that.....hmmmm....had anyone else felt this way?
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Kriti, I think everybody goes through periods like that to some degree or another. The important thing is to follow your heart and be sure to open your ears and heart to allow GOds' wisdom and mercy in to you.

    I gotta get to bed-- I'm falling asleep here at the puter; but I'll write more when I'm more awake.
  4. by   hoolahan
    Kristy, that is perfectly normal, especially in your age group. It is common to have feelings of low self-esteem and doubt. I have to tell you, I worked super hard to be able to get all my needed courses and graduate a year early from HS....that is how cruel people could be, and how miserable I was in school. I was a good student, and had a few close friends, but was not in the "popular" crowd, and the target of a lot of meaness b/c of bad acne, bad hair, you name it. My church youth group was the only place I found "real" people, and good friends.

    Don't really have any good advice for you. Just keep the faith. Look at yourself everyday in the mirror, and know you are a worthy, kind, and loving person, and nothing anyone can say or do will change that.

  5. by   researchrabbit
    Kristi, I don't think we can be human and never have been there (although some of us feel that way more often than others). Hugs to you and happy thoughts...
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Kristy, I remember feeling TERRIBLY alone when, in my first year in the Air Force, I spent Christmas day in the dormitory, about 2000 miles from home. It was a defining moment; I learned I could be self-sufficient and also learned what solitude can do to expand the mind. I was able to take stock of my life and learn to appreciate the family I had taken for granted all of my 19 years. WE ALL GO THRU MOMENTS LIKE THIS. Let me offer a HUGE HUG and say it will be ok. Find a good friend or loved one to hug you and reaffirm your worthiness as a person. And last of all, this feeling will pass. Take care hon!
  7. by   duckie
    Honey, I honestly would not want to be in your age group for nothing for I remember so well how cruel teenagers can be and not even really mean to. They're in a group and if you're not just like them, one starts it, the others go along because they are followers and don't want to look uncool. Well, since you have already committed your life to Christ, then may I suggest that you see if there is any youth groups you can become involved in. I was not one of the most popular girls in school because I was very poor. That mattered at school but not at my church, where I was accepted with open loving arms. And one point you must NEVER forget, as a Christian, you are never alone, for the Father walks beside you and His loving Angels surround you. When you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, say a silent pray for Christ hears the thoughts in our minds. Ask Him to feel you pain and to provide and escape from the temptations before you. I know at school you face many but always know that your Heavenly Father is only a thought away. PM me if you ever need a friend to speak with in confidence. Todays youth are the caregivers, teachers, leaders and hero's of tomorrow, they need us to know we are there for them. I am serious, PM me anytime. I work crazy hours but will always get back to you first chance I get. (((((HUGS)))))
  8. by   LasVegasRN
    Believe it or not, older folks feel that way sometimes, too!! I completely agree with what everyone else has said here.
  9. by   schrandt
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    [B]Believe it or not, older folks feel that way sometimes, too!! I completely agree with what everyone else has said here.
    So do I Kristi. Even us older folks feel that way at some time or another. Check out your school & see if they offer some type of Christian group, many do. Good place to go for support.
    Unfortunately, none of us can escape dumb. We deal with the public, and reality is sometimes they aren't very bright. No offense intended here everybody, but don't you get the least bit tired of those that walk into an ER, sick for a week, and haven't even tried to contact their doctors office?
  10. by   Lausana
    You are not alone, Kristi, I've felt that way recently actually. The reasons may be different but I hear where your coming from.

    You've made a wonderful committment to God, and that will give you strength. As far as school goes...is Youth For Christ still around? When I went to public school we had a group that met once a week and it was great, and it interesting to see other classmates that you might not have known were also Christians.
    Or perhaps some other kind of group. Which can really be a big support for you when you're struggling.

    I've been reminding myself this-Others will let you down or bring you down, but God will never fail you!

    Hang in there & check back with us :kiss

    (I'd write more but this darn phone won't quit & it's breaking my concentration! )
  11. by   MollyMo
    You've already taken your first steps. You've made an open declaration of your committment to God, and you've shared your burden with your friends. Excellent beginning. We've all been where you are. I just recently overcame similar feelings myself. But God is Awesome and He will see you through. Stay strong. Be Blessed. :kiss
  12. by   Brownms46
    I can add nothing here...but totally agree with all that has been said...(((((((((((((((Kristy)))))))))))))
  13. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Ditto to what others have said. It doesn't matter your age, everyone feels that way from time to time. But you sound like a very committed Christian and THAT is what will help & heal you.

    My prayers are with you and everyone else on this BB who need them.

  14. by   renerian
    HOney I have five kids I have seen my share of sad days. Try to focus on your goal of completing school which is of course positive. It is hard but if I can do it anyone can if they want to -that is the key word.

    I am working on my MS right now and it is hard......I keep plugging away.........