Have you been to Disney World?

  1. Where is a good place to stay? Where is a good place to eat? (we don't like fast food)

    We're going next February. We'll have our boy's with us--2 and 4 y/o. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   rreed
    I stayed here for a week in Nov 2002

    Fantasy World Club Villas

    5005 Kyngs Heath Rd
    Kissimmee, FL 34746
    Tel: 1 (407) 396-1808 Fax: 1 (407) 396-6737

    I booked this off of Expedia

    the down stairs has a full kitchen, dining room, living room with sofa bed and bath, up stairs has 3 bedrooms, full bath and washer and dryer.
    outside back door is a completely screened in porch with outside furniture.

    with the kids, ask to have a room right next to the kids play area.

    email me if you have any questions
  4. by   moz
    We went March 2002, stayed in a rental house with a group of exchange students and another family, about 3 miles away.

    Each park has good places to eat, but if you look carefully, each one will have one place you can eat reasonably priced. That matters to me with 4 kids. We also packed lunches, snacks and lots of pop and bottled water in a cooler that fit on my stroller, that helped alot. We would eat the sandwiches for lunch, then eat in one of the restaraunts in the evening.
    They have a baby swap where if you want to ride something that your baby can't, your husband can wait with the baby while you ride, then when you are off you obviously take the baby and husband gets to ride without having to wait in line again. Make sense?
    MGM was my favorite park. You have GOT to ride the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith roller coaster.
    I hope you have a great time!
  5. by   karenG
    I have been to disney land paris- they dont let you take food or drink into the park there. All bags are inspected before entry and they remove any contraband!!! you can claim it back when you leave!!!

    we did have a great time!!!

  6. by   SingingNurse2
    We have gone every other year and always stay on the resort. It only costs around $70-$100 per night if you stay at the more economy resorts and to us it's worth it. We drive to the hotel and then never get in our car again till we leave. The hotel buses and boats take you everywhere you want to go and leave every 5 minutes. We are going to the Coranado resort this June for the first time. Another thing I always do is pack danishes, pop tarts and breakfast bars and that is what we eat for breakfast every day (saves you at least $25 per day for a family of four). All the resort hotels have cafeterias which are considerably cheaper from the park restaraunts. We love the place, hope you have a great trip!
  7. by   natsfanrn
    If you or your spouse happen to be military, retired military, reservists or DOD civilian employees (or know someone who is and are willing to take them with you) you can stay at Shades of Green, which is probably one of the best deals at Disney. It's across the street from the Polynesian, has great room and is very peaceful (which can be hard to find at Disney!). Otherwise, the Disney hotels themselves can be very pricey, though are also very nice. Much cheaper to stay out of the world, at one of the many hotels outside of Disney's gates. There are also many vacation home rentals in the area, which can be a great deal, especially since many have their own pool.

    As for dining, you've got a million and one choices. Your boys will probably love a character meal or two. These are overpriced, but the kids love them and it's a great chance to meet with the Disney gang. My DD especially enjoyed Chef Mickeys (at the Contemporary hotel). )

    The best site I've found for making all your plans, including hotel info and restaurant reviews, is www.disneyinfo.com. They've got a very active bulletin board that will help with every aspect of your trip planning.

    Have fun!
  8. by   betts

    Being a Central Floridian&Neighbor to the "RAT", I highly recommend the above link.
  9. by   ktwlpn
    There are many web sites to check out that will help you with planning your trip.We stayed about a mile from the gates to the park and rented a car.It is very easy to drive around there-the parks are very well laid out and the signage is good.....Save your nickles-you don't want to have to worry about money while there-it sounds cheesy but your memories WILL last a life time.I had tears in my eyes when we walked through the gate the first day-it is sooo cool.We ate big breakfasts every am-many hotels have buffets - and took snacks and water with us ...Once you are in the park you can go to a kiosk and make a dinner reservation for any eatery in the park....Check out the show schedules at the parks when you will be there and plan accordingly so you don't miss anything.....The fast pass card for the busy attractions is a good thing...and free.We had dinner one evening at the Sci-fi dine in theater at Disney MGM-we loved it...You sit in a booth that looks like a car-it's set up like a drive in movie theater.... I recommend the Cirque du Soleil-they have their own theater in Downtown Disney-that show alone was worth the trip.....Have agreat time-I can not wait to go back...It is a magical place.....
  10. by   unbridled
    There is also a Disney World for Dummies book that we found to be very helpful. We were there Thanksgiving weekend 2000, and stayed at a Comfort Suites just outside the south gate. The room had 2 queen beds, sleeper sofa, microwave, small refrigerator, large bathroom; and the hotel had a large pool with hot tub, and free breakfast buffet.
  11. by   NICU_Nurse
    www.wdwig.com has EVERY little tip, photo, piece of advice you'll ever need to go to Disney. I've posted my trip info and pictures, and when you get back, contribute your experiences. ;>) It's a GREAT resource, and I've planned our honeymoon and first wedding anniversary WDW trips based almost solely on that web site (and the WDW FOR COUPLES book, of course!). We have no children, so I won't be of much help to you because we spent a near fortune on both of our trips.

    However, I think I can say with some authority (my hubby is 32 but has the mentality of a 9 year old sometimes- that counts!) that you should really, really consider staying on property. It's worth it (even if you stay at the All-Star resorts, which I've heard the kids love) because:

    It's frigging hot in Florida. Trust me, my family lives there and I practically grew up in the Orlando area every summer when I was younger. Kids get hot, it's crowded, they're cranky. If you stay on property, you get free transportation (trust me, a nice, cold air conditioned bus taking you where you need to go is a lifesaver when you're sweating so much you can't tell when you started weeping!) and you can take a MUCH NEEDED break mid-day, when the kids are cranky, to either give them a quickie nap in the nice, cool (sensing a theme here?) air conditioned room, or you can all go to the pools to cool off and play (again, talking to other people I've heard that the kids love it and don't feel they're missing out on anything), or you can go to a water park for two hours to cool off and then go back to the parks (and you don't have to drive anywhere if you take the Disney transportation). You can wake the kids up early, have breakfast, go to a park, come back for two or three hours, then head back when it's afternoon, cooling down, and catch all the fireworks, etc. The parks chill a bit, crowd-wise, in the afternoons. There are certain days that certain parks are more crowded- you'll read this in your guide book and it's SO true. I just noticed you're going in February- that's good...the parks are much less crowded, and the weather is better.

    My tips off the top of my head:

    -Do the package deal at MGM where you buy dinner (one entree needed, I believe) at one of the participating restaraunts (one is a buffet, I believe, with character visits) and then get special tickets at the end of your meal to take a back entrance to the MGM Fantasmic fireworks show. IT'S AMAZING, the kids will LOVE it, and it made me cry my eyeballs out. SO worth it, and you get a nice dinner out of the deal. You get to pick the restaurant- we're childless, so the first year we ate at Mama Melrose's (Italian) and the second year at the Brown Derby (ohlala, I love that place!). You get to go in the back way to a special seating area for the show, instead of having to show up two hours early to try to get a seat. DO THIS. I never regretted it, and you won't find this advertised at the park. You have to know about it ahead of time, and when you get to the hotel you can make reservations.

    -Do the Fast Pass thing- this will save you so much time and effort you won't be able to believe it. First thing in the park, get your first FP right away. You go at the designated time (usually 1-2 hours from the time you get your pass at the ticket machine) and get to walk right into the ride without waiting. Well, you waited the 1-2 hours, but you don't have to wait in line. You can go ride another ride, eat, whatever, then just walk back to the ride and get right on. Very nice. We rode Tower of Terror five times in one day like this (we're freaks, I know...) and never ever had to wait more than five minutes before getting on the ride.

    -Join the Disney club (or whatever it's called now...I think they changed the name). For about $50 bucks you get SERIOUS discounts on the hotels, ticket packages, dinners at select restaurants, freebies for the kids, etc. Worth it- pays for itself if you use the hotel discounts alone. You might be able to get this card through your work at a discounted price. If you get it now, they'll start sending you hotel discounts and coupons right away, so you'll be able to use them in February. You can also purchase this at the Disney stores, I think.

    I just priced it on the WDW site, and for example, if you arrived on Mon. Dec 1 and stayed at one of the All-Star resorts, your room would be 109$/night. Don't know if that's within your budget, but if it is, I highly suggest that you consider it. IT'S SO WORTH IT. I believe that on certain days some of the characters visit the resorts on a bus and the kids can go meet them, you get all the perks, free transportation (did I mention this is a LIFESAVER?), etc. You are eligible to do the E-Ride nights, if they have them in February (where you go to the parks when they've closed and get to ride the rides without the lines, etc. I think it's like 10 bucks a ticket and only available to resort guests).

    Okay, I've gone on enough. I have to go price my imaginary trip to Disney now.
  12. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by kardut

    As for dining, you've got a million and one choices. Your boys will probably love a character meal or two. These are overpriced, but the kids love them and it's a great chance to meet with the Disney gang. My DD especially enjoyed Chef Mickeys (at the Contemporary hotel). )
    Just make sure you make advance reservations for the character meals- at least 60-90 days ahead! I just got back from WDW, and I didn't do this!
  13. by   BBFRN
    The Econolodge Maingate has a really great deal going on right now, too, and the rooms aren't bad! I paid about $50 a night there, incl. taxes for 2 double beds. Plus, it has a pool, hot tub, etc. It was a good deal, since we didn't spend much time in the room, anyway. A good way to get majorly discounted tickets, or free meals, is to tour a resort. We did this and saved ourselves over $200 in ticket costs. You spend a couple of hours touring a resort, but you don't have to buy a unit to get the deals. Plus, there are coupon booklets lying around all over Kissimee. Most are for 10% off at buffet restaurants, or early bird specials, but it adds up. We took a lot of our own food, too. You can take a cooler with you to the park if you are driving (but there are high parking costs, and most hotels offer shuttle service). Also, plan on spending $8-$12 a day on a stroller if you don't bring your own. Oh! One more thing- if you buy 2 day passes, and you turn them in when you're done, they will give you 1 more extra day per ticket for free.
  14. by   nimbex
    Buy the unofficial guid to walt disney world. it is a non biased look at everything from hotels to each restaurant in WDW to each ride and show. also provide itenerarys to avoid the crowds.

    to us, having been there 2 times prior to reading.. was priceless.

    great read all around... also check you library for it.

    PS. we've stayed both on and off WDW resorts. Much cheaper to stay in kissime and do a 15 minute drive, had a 4 bedroom house with a inground pool for $100 per night, and used the disney transportation to park hop.... if your interested pm me and I'll gve you the e-mail of the realitor.... very pleased with it.