Have any of you married any Doctors??

  1. I hope I don't get slammed for this question! I am just curious...I am 25 and an extremely compassionate person. I just want to know if any nurses who have had that fairytale dream of marrying a doctor have had it come true!
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  3. by   RNinMay
    How very stereotypical of you to assume it is every nurse's "fairytale dream" to marry a doctor.
    I don't know about you, but my idea of an ideal husband is not exactly someone who puts in 14-20 hour days and is on call at a moment's notice. But hey, if it's your fantasy that's fine. Just don't assume that what you want applies to everyone.

    I myself am happily married to a firefighter (we were married before he became a firefighter). The fact that he had a job and ambition when we met was enough for me. I myself am more concerned with a person's personality, the chemistry between us, that sort of thng.

    The fact is that there are some nurses and doctors who are married. But just like anywhere you work, office romances develop. Maybe it will happen to you and the guy will fit your criteria.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    You guessed right, you probly will get slammed for this post. Have you worked with any Doctors lately, or just Med students???
    The difference between the two is this: most Med students are pretty nice and will speak to you like a peer and many (not all- there are some nice ones out there) Docs will treat you indifferently and speak to you while they are walking away from you or will tear you a new one and have a temper tantrum in your face (I could name a few ortho surgeons that really do that). Now that is somewhat of an exaggeration, but you get my point.
    That "fairie tale world" mindset will dissapate during clinicals, believe me. Seeing what condition your patients can be in lets you think about things other than 'that cutie pie doctor' that might ask you out someday.
    I'm engaged to a police officer, not an MD.

    This was not meant to be an attack. A simple question deserves an up front and simple answer. You were right, "some people are just too touchy."
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  5. by   P_RN
    NOt me. I KNOW how doctors are

    What I think is interesting is the number of Nurses who are married/partnered with Cops, Fireboys,EMT/Paramedics, etc.

    It's like we are magnetically attracted to them.

    Oh and BTW, I married a computer geek too.....it was 36 years in June. YES they had computers back then!
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  6. by   fiestynurse
    I NEVER had the desire to marry a doctor!! Most the medical students or doctors that showed interest in dating me were nerds or conceited jerks.

    I did have my dreams come true with my present husband of 19 years--He is a lumber broker!
  7. by   adnstudent
    Some people are just too touchy. It was just a simple question...and no I am not exclusively seeking out a doctor to marry. As a matter of fact, I am very happy that you met a fireman! Did you meet him on the job? I did not mean to imply that EVERY girl has that fantasy! But somthing about the hard work and determination of many doctors making it through med school and doing the work that they do is somewhat appealing to me. Overall, I have been going to school for two years now and not working because of the support I get from my parents, so I find it difficult to meet new people in my life being that most studens in my classes are under 20 years old. If I met a fireman or a police man that I fell in love with I would also be so happy!....Just to add one more thing, I just ended a two year relationship six months ago and he happened to be very "well off." There were obviously some issues that made me get out of the relationship, but I am the first to say that money cannot make you happy...but if you are in love and happily married it can help out a lot!

    To answer your question, KC CHICK...no I have not worked in the medical field at all yet. I will begin my nursing program in Spring '02. Maybe it will be a rude awakening for me. Thanks for not attacking me...I hope not all nurses are the same way as to jump on another coworker for a simple question!!
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  8. by   misti_z
    adnstudent--If that's your fairy tale I believe once you start working it will soon fade away. I have over heard more than one doctor chewing (to put it lightly) his wife out over the phone for beeping him. Not the relationship I would want to be in. Doctors are extremely busy people--like RNinMay said they work 14-20 h/day. I like that when I call my husband at work (he's a restaurant manager) he is happy to hear from me.
    Relationships do develop and if they work out and both are happy that's wonderful I work at a 600 bed hospital and like any other business people talk and I have heard of only 2 doctor/nurse marriages.
  9. by   NurzofFaith
    Just thought I would add my thoughts to this question. I'm in my final 2 semesters of school and have been in the medical field for 4 years. I have seen like said in above posts, doctors that work their tails off and treat nurses like they are beneath them. I have also seen a very few that take a nurses experience for what it is.

    None of the qualities of these doctors are anything I would want to marry into. I'm proud to be married to my husband! He is in the Air Force and was a firefighter for 7 years before changing career fields. His qualities outweigh anything that a doctor thinks he could offer, and he treats me as an equal!

    I think your question sparks a little anger in all nurses, once you work in the field and realize that our skills and education are taken for granted by all..except other nurses then you will better understand the responses you have gotten. My patients have NO clue how long it takes to become a nurse and no clue how hard it is either, they are amazed when I tell them and I am shocked that they wouldnt want us to be well educated and well trained. I sure dont want anyone taking care of me that isnt qualified!!
    Maybe that is why nursing is going through what it is..the public isnt aware of the path to nursing.

    Best of luck as your start your program and your career,
  10. by   fergus51
    You couldn't pay me to marry any of the docs I know. The only single ones I meet are either a$$es or gay or old.

    I did get a little offended when I saw your post. I think it is because every one seemed to think that was the only reason a girl would want to be a nurse. Like the job had nothing to do with it. It was frustrating to see how little people respected nurses' work, and education.
  11. by   burger914
    Honestly, there were a few women in my class that wanted nothing more than to snag a rich doctor, but after they started clinicals and seen how most... (not all of them) treat nurses they did a total 360. Alot of people used to say " Oh, maybe you will meet a nice, handsome doctor" When I told them I was starting nursing school. I haven't met a NICE and handsome doctor yet. My class of 22 had 5 students married to Firemen, 3 to Police Officers and two that were dating EMT's. And they all met away from the job. Like the prior post stated ... it seems like nurses are drawn to them. Maybe it's because we can identify with each other dress level? Who knows???
  12. by   Forevermomof5

    Just for the record...I'm married to a police officer too!

  13. by   BBnurse34
    There are a few nurses that I work with who date only residents. They lose respect from the other nurses for doing so. They get comments like, "Your dorky boyfriend hasn't answered my page yet."
    My husband is in nuclear power. We enjoy chatting about the differences in our jobs,
  14. by   RNinMay
    I am sorry if I seemed to be "attacking you," but as you can see from the replies, your post did offend people. And the way you worded your question DID make it seem like it is every girl's dream to land a doctor. Once you have put the hard work into earning your license, you will understand why I took offense.
    Nursing is an underpaid and undervalued profession in our society, and doctors are the worst when it comes to showing us respect! Half the time they don't even look at us. Most of them think we are idiots, when we are the ones saving their butts half the time!!
    Yes, I know it takes lots of hard work and dedication to become an MD----so much dedication that your career becomes your life. I have a very close female freind who is in med school right now. She has decided she will not have children because she KNOWS the life that lies ahead of her (so she spoils mine instead ) When I graduated nursing school she said "So does this mean we have to officially hate each other now?"----A joke, but we both know about the relationships doctors and nurses usually have. She knows I'll kick her butt if I ever catch her being an a$$! Still, I would have concerns about working with her, just because I want to remain friends with her.
    Not to say that it couldn't happen---I know nurses do end up marrying doctors once in a while. But your post made marrying a doctor seem like motivation for going to nursing school, and that is why I was upset. Hopefully you have much better reasons.

    My hubby was a FF in CA before moving to FL, and when we met he was not in the EMS field at all. When I started going back to school for nursing, he was inspired to get back into the career that he loves so much. It's lonely when he's on shift, but I know he is happy and making a difference out there. So all of you fellow FF widows, we should go to pogo.com and play spades when our SOs are at work!! LOL

    Didn't mean to sound "too touchy." Wait until clinicals and you will understand completely.
    I hope I don't get slammed for this question! I am just curious...I am 25 and an extremely compassionate person. I just want to know if any nurses have had their fairytale dream come true for them