Have any of you ever had a close call with your kid?

  1. Hello beloved sibs. This is just a question of curiosity. As a CPR Instructor I can't tell you how many nurses I've certified who've told me they are so grateful for the knowing it because they at one time or another had to use such skills on their own kids!! I cannot imagine how scary a situation like that is. So far in all the years I've taught, I've never had to use it.(Knocking on wood) but I am so grateful for the knowledge,because you never know when you might be faced with a situation. Better to have it and not use it then need to use it and not have it or know it. So only if you want to of course, share if you've had to rescue your kids, cause' I suspect that the numbers are fairly large. Thanks for your input my friends. It is very much appreciated. Love you all. Warrior Woman. :kiss
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  3. by   deespoohbear
    Never had to use CPR on my own kids yet (knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder ), but a co-worker of mine had to on her daughter. My friend was just out of nursing school and a new RN when this happened. Her toddler daughter got caught underneath a garage door when it was closing. (That was before the days of the safety automatic reverse thingy). Katie was trapped. Her Dad was able to get the garage door to move, and Katie was blue and not breathing. Her Mom started CPR on the toddler while the EMS was in route...flew the baby to a trauma center. Baby turned out okay, went home in a day or two. Mom said "you never expect your first code to be your own kid.." Scares the daylights out of me.

    The closest call I ever had with my kids is when my youngest hemorrhaged 6 days post-op from a T & A. Kid got dehydrated, and he was admitted for IV fluids. Kid starts hemorrhaging about 3 hours after he had been admitted. Two nights in a row, no less. Scared me senseless (which wouldn't be hard to do). Was I glad we were already at the hospital and not at home 18 miles away those nights!! Still don't like T & A patients till day. Reminds me too much of my son when he hemorrhaged..

  4. by   kids
    18 yo son fell off the hood of a car(at 13) doing 25-30 mph around a corner...head first into a curb...1/2 block from our house. Other teens made call to 911 first, me 2nd. Was the first on scene...still in grand mal, bloody foam from mouth...seizure stopped...not breathing...blood from right ear...stabilized his neck between my knees and started rescue breathing...was able to keep my daughter who taken CPR calm enough to take over...was able to keep his brother calm to go after the BP cuff and steth in my car...assessed him while still on my knees gripping his head with my thighs...left pupil blown...posturing on right, flaccid left...gave a coherant condition report including GCS (5) to EMTs when they arrived. I was totally calm and factual during the helo ride and clear up until the trauma MSW tried to have "theraputic communication" with me...finally got rid of her by going in the smoking room.

    Dr. Andy Michaels at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, OR testified in a deposition that Justin would probably not have survived if I had not been the first responder as opposed to waiting for EMS to arrive.

    10 days ICU...12 hours as a potential donor...1 week on Peds unit...30 days inpatient rehab...5 years later is reading above a 12th grade level, is still on an IEP track to graduation 6/2004 (to take advantage of the vo-tec training in IT)... is no longer a candidate for a supported work & living environment...no longer qualifies for SSD...has $45,000 that HE researched and put in a money market account the day he picked up the insurance settlement, one day after he turned 18.

    I have to include my rant (my Psych says it helps with my case of PTSD):
    28 yo driver: plead guily to FELONY child endangerment, FELONY reckless driving and FELONY vehicular assault and driving while suspended. 364 days in county jail and 2 (yes two) years electric home confinement and here driving priveleges are revoked. Insurance settled without a fight...was her 5th (yes fifth, f-i-ve) at fault injury accident in 2 years-was awaiting trial on #4 when Justins accident happened. The claims manager couldn't believe they had not dropped her policy after the first one...she kept slipping through the cracks.
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    That's incredible, kids-r-fun. I honestly don't know if I could keep a clear head if in that situation. Thank God that your son is now doing well, that girl should not ever be allowed behind the wheel of another vehicle. She was 28???? And had priors???? What the heck???

    I have never had to use my CPR skills, and honestly hope that I never have to. I did have to do the Heimlich maneuver on my son when he was about 8 y/o. Had gotten the kids picture taken at the mall and the photographer gave each of the kids a piece of hard candy. Went into a department store, and my son just stopped walking and stood there with a funny look on his face. I started to ask what he was doing, when he opened his mouth as if to cough, and nothing happened. He couldn't move any air. I immediately started to do the Heimlich, and after several tries, nothing happened. I was so terrified, and I can remember yelling 'my son is choking', and no one stopped to help. People were just walking past, and a few stopped to watch. I kept at it, and finally the candy popped out and he vomited. THEN people started to ask if we needed help. Go figure....
  6. by   anitame
    I shouldn't read threads like this. I can't see through my tears!
  7. by   CATHYW
    kids-r-run, way to go, Woman! Holding c-spine with your knees and doing rescue breathing and assessing! I'll bet your heart sank a million miles when you came up and saw the seiqure, the bloody froth and the blood out the ear. When you got that GCS, I'll bet you about spazzed, mentally! But, for your kid, you hung in there, did all the things you knew you were supposed to, and saved the emotional stuff for later. That is just way cool! That is the way I usually manage to oeprate, but thank God, have never been in such an intimate relationship with trauma!

    Except for a gazillion first Responder emergencies, the only thing, involving one of my kids was my son, when he was about three. He was eating a hotdog for lunch, and started choking. This was in 1975, and I had no medical training. I jerked him up out of his chair, grabbed him by his ankles, and SHOOK him up and down. All of a sudden, *boing!* about a 1 inch piece of hot dog popped out of his mouth, and bounced on the floor. At the same time, my son began to cry! That was one of the best sounds I've ever heard!
    I'm just a wee bit superstitious, therefore I refuse to answer the question asked

    But kudos to all of you that have done the amazing task that you have. I'm not sure I could be that.... amazing.

  9. by   karenG
    I had a close call with my youngest when he was 6 days old! he stopped breathing and went blue! I lost it completely and fled to my neighbour, another nurse, who called an ambulance and thankfully he was ok. hes now 11 and bigger than me but for a while I thought I was going to lose him. was a bit scary for a while.

  10. by   kaycee
    My son was 5 when he stopped breathing after having a seizure. I did rescue breathing until he started up again on his own. His heart rate dropped to 30 but only for a short time although the whole experience felt like it was forever. EMS came and gave him O2 and transported him to Childrens with me by his side. He was postictal for over 2 hrs, and didn't recognize us at all. I stayed calm at the house and then fell apart a little at the hospital. My husband fell apart immediately and couldn't remember our address when he called 911. He's a cop so he's used to emergencies but it's different when it's your own. He's fine now at age 16 with no medical problems and no further seizures. Nobody really knows why it happened, just glad I was home and not working.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Kids- r- fun...what a story. What you describe is every Mom's nightmare and you are one brave and courageous woman!

    I doubt I would have been able to remain so composed in that situation...you are my hero!

    God bless you and your family!:kiss
  12. by   kids
    or coping mechanism?

    My mind and body did what it knew how to do...the majority of the detail in what I recall about that night comes from bystanders...I even got on the helo which is something I will not do...except for that 1 time. In the end I didn't lose my cool until we got off of it and got nabbed by the MSW...we came off the helo with the crew working on him and me holding the IV bag, the MSW was talking at me the whole way to the doors, when we got there she grabbed my arm & held me back & someone took the bag out of my hand...and they "took" Justin away from me.

    I know is was her job but there she was...telling me that my son had a head injury and the doctors are working on him, the whole "there are a lot of people working on him and all of the activity and equipment may seem confusing"...it was like "no s**t". I didn't start coming apart until then. I did finally shake her off by going in the smoking shelter...I'm just one of those people what doesn't do well on the receiving end of therapitic communication, maybe because I know and recognize it as a "script"...the tilt of the head, the open expression, the open ended questions and the excessive amount of concern...it sounds & looks so phoney when it is directed at me and I get agitated.
  13. by   Zee_RN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I'm just a wee bit superstitious, therefore I refuse to answer the question asked

    But kudos to all of you that have done the amazing task that you have. I'm not sure I could be that.... amazing.