Have any of you that lives in the same state or city ever met?

  1. i was wondering have any of you ever met in person that lives in the same state or city? i see there are a few from alabama here.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    Hoolahan and I had breakfast together. Met many others at ANA events the past two years....great times meeting one another and sharing about nursing and life!
  4. by   stevierae
    I haven't, yet, but I would like to meet any one from Oregon, Washington, or California--I work in all 3 states. Would be nice to get together to socialize and NOT talk about nursing, but that's OK too!!!

    Anyone on this BB who wants to meet and finds themselves in Portland is invited to send me a private message either on this site or via e-mail.

    Also, SF Bay Area nurses--my SF nurse friends and I are always looking to enlarge our social circle and checking out new and cheap places to eat and go for fun--

    I am usually there (SF) at least once a month--will be there next week--write me if you want to join our group for sushi, Indian food, etc--we always have a great time! There is a great "all you can eat" sushi place in the Richmond we'll probably go to next weekend, some great "hot pot" places on Clement, and there's always Bagwhan, in The Mission, which is always good---
  5. by   live4today
    No, I have never met any nurses from here yet, but would LOVE to someday! I know there are plenty of Allnurse.com members who live here in The Lonestar State, so where art thou, and when can we get together and play nurses? :kiss
    I'm just waiting for the word from Dennie! We're gonna have drinks and cake!

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