Have a pet Ferret? I have questions, please help

  1. Hi all,

    I am in need of a pet. I just lot my cat a couple months ago from a Saddle thrombus and I am ready for a new pet, but I want something different. I do work 12 hour shifts as a nurse and need a pet that won't mind my being away for that long.

    I was thinking about a ferret. Anyone out there own a Ferret(s)? I am just wondering how how they are to care for and what the monthly cost is on average. Also I notice most have a musky odor, does that make your home stinky, or will it possibly if I live in a smaller condo??

    ANY info is appreciated, thank you in advance. ALSO any other pet suggestions besides dog/cat would be appreciated as well.

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  3. by   compassion1
    Ferrets are like perpetual kittens and love to play around. A baby corral or rounded gate are good to keep them safe when under supervised play. Otherwise a large dog cage would be good at night. They like to crawl into things like bags or special toys like balls and such will amuse them.You can get all this at the pet shop. They like a lot of people interaction. If you're not home much, you should get two so they'd have company. But remember that some states will not allow them as pets, thinking of them more as pests. Though they are descented, they do have a mild musky odor. They can be trained to poo and pee in a corner where you can place a triangular "toilet" for them. Some people give them the run of the house but I wouldn't advise that as they can get into too much trouble. They eat ferret food that you get at the pet store and bedding to put on the floor of their cage. You can get much more info from a good pet store. Good luck.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    My daughter had a ferret that was given to her by her older cousin who was headed to college. We kept her outside in a huge rabbit cage. She came inside with my dd and was fun to play with and easy to care for except she loved to hide in the furniture and my daughter's dresser.

    I didn't notice much scent . . . and she didn't mind being outside or alone.

    I like ferrets . . . Compassion has a lot of good advice. I'd recommend reading up on the care and feeding of ferrets and talking to other people. Maybe join a bulletin board of ferret owners.