Has anyone ever....?

  1. Put one of those tracker thingies on there ankles that counts how many strides/miles you walk at work. It I ever seen one of them on sale I'd buy it, and probably know what they were called as well
    Just a curious question.
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  3. by   JennieBSN
    I've wanted to do this since I became a nurse...I heard they (whomever 'they' are...) once did a study using this method, and nurses walk something like 10 miles a day...


    If you do attempt this, tell us what ya found!!
  4. by   Dplear
    one of the nurses I work with is doing Weight watchers and she carried one around for a few days and found on the average 12 hour shift she walked 5-6 miles. She figured it would work for her exercise if she knew how far she walked. It must be working because she has lost over 38 lbs in 14 weeks and is looking GREAT...
  5. by   JennieBSN
    AHA!!! I'm doing ww too!! SOLD, I'm buyin' a pedometer!! My husband always asks why I don't exercise as much on my days that I work...I always tell him 'because I'm too freakin' TIRED.' GEE, I WONDER WHY.

    I'll let you folks know what I find out!!
  6. by   Rileycat
    I think http://allheart.com sells pedometers. Good luck!
  7. by   BBnurse34
    So, if I am walking miles per day, how come I still have chubby thighs? (sucks in her tummy)
  8. by   misti_z
    Keep me posted, Kday.

    I'm starting ww Wednesday!
  9. by   misti_z
    WOW, Rileycat, at allheart.com they are only $14.

    I may get me one of those.
  10. by   donmurray
    Don't let your manager know! You may all be compared for "work miles" Like the builder's labourer who was sacked for asking for some oil for his wheelbarrow which was making a noise, going "squeak.....squeak......squeak......." When he asked why, he was told that it should have been going squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak!