Has anyone ever sold a house?? Need advice.

  1. Darren and I just have a few more rooms to paint before we're ready to put the house on the market.

    Has anyone experienced selling a home? What do we do??....What don't we do?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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  3. by   CATHYW
    Get a good realtor, one that has sold other houses in your neighborhood. Let them do the advertising and footwork. Some say to do it yoursaelf, but unless you are rather good at legalities and finances, I wouldn't risk it. Our realtor got a percentage of the sale, and it was worth every penny. All we had to do was talk with her on the phone some, have the prospective buyer visit twice, show up to sign papers, and bam! It was over! We listed, and 4 days later, it was sold! She used the Internet to list our house as far south as Atlanta (40 miles away). It was a realtor down there who saw that listing, told her client, contacted our agent, and it went from there. Good luck!
  4. by   delirium
    Are you selling it yourself, or going through a realtor?
    The thing that I've found most effective is to have records of everything in the home (i.e., in my case, the hot water heater was replaced last year, dishwasher was bought in.... yada yada yada), be totally honest, keep all pets outside during walk throughs (ok, so Jessie jumping up on me is cute... jumping up on strangers is not and she tends to scare the bejesus out of them), and it helps to have the house in as neutral a palette as possible.
    Someone once told me it is more appealing to the buyers and it helps them envision the house in the way they would like it.
    Something my red kitchen would not do (but I love my red kitchen).
    Was this the kind of advice you were looking for? Is there anything else I can help you with?
    It also helps to point out any improvements that you've made to the home, i.e. energy efficient windows, vinyl/aluminum siding, new roofing, fenced yard, etc.
  5. by   Silvia A.
    We packed a lot of little things we didn't need at the time up and decluttered the house. I stored the packed boxes in closets. Not only did my house look cleaner it also seemed bigger. I remember, one day we were sitting down to eat dinner when the phone rang. It was a realtor who wanted to show the house. I said:"Sure, when will you be coming." He replied:" Well, actually we are sitting right in front of your house." Boy, the kitchen was a mess. I don't think we ever cleaned our kitchen as qickly as that night. Once your house is on the market you have to be ready for them anytime.
  6. by   pkmom
    I hid dirty dishes in the oven once and behind clean dishes in the cabinet when we had a surprise visit!

    We had an interesting shape to our LR, so we arranged the furniture so that tha area felt very big and flowed easily.

    I didn't like my realtor, he told me to find my own exterminator when we found termites in one wall, then he called a "friend" of his who charged us 4X what Sears would have for the job. The inspector who was hired by the buyers knocked down a box that contained a Mikasa bowl, in its original box, and didn't leave a note of apology or anything. I never even got to use that bowl. My husband's watch also came up missing around that time, but it is possible that he just lost it. Realtors don't really like the owner to be home when they show a house, but they aren't looking out to protect your interest, so be careful.
  7. by   Beach_RN
    Use a Realtor, unless you have a friend or relative that can guide you through the process...

    Remember your first offer is usally your best offer

    Get rid of the clutter

    Have nice smells throughout the house.. cinnamon, apples..

    Curb appeal is KEY!!!!! If they don't like the house from the outside.. they won't come in or won't be open about the inside.
    So have some containers with flowers..... make sure the grass is cut nicely.. the front door and garage doors are freshly painted!
    Make sure the mailbox looks nice! sounds stupid... but you wouldn't believe some of the things people say!

    Pets..... outside!

    Get rid of extra stuff out of the closets.... you want to think the closets are very roomy even if they might not be!

    I always have some nice low music in the background, and make sure my furniture is super clean... the carpet freshely vacummed

    Have all the blind open.... that way the house looks nice and bright!

    I moonlighted as a realtor for a while! and I am currently living in my 4th house....

  8. by   Mkue
    KC Chick

    Here's what I did. I had a garage sale and posted a sign that said (House for Sale) just wondering if anyone would ask about it..

    Well a Realtor came to my garage sale and said she had a couple that she wanted to see it..

    It turned out that we did pay a 3% selling fee to the Realtor but we made 20,000 on the house, so it was worth it. And it was a crackerbox of a house.

    I guess it would depend on what area you live in, some people prefer to buy outright from an owner and still have all the inspections.. etc..

    You could always use the "St. Joseph" Statue, buried in your yard. :spin:
  9. by   fulwood
    Aside from all the other great advice I would suggest you get a realtor who won't require you to sign a contract. With most realtors you have to sign like a 90-180 day contract for their services. I did that with one realtor and didn't like her at all and I was b loody stuck with her until the end of our agreement. Next realtor I got we figured if we didn't like each other we would just shake hands on it - no paperwork binding us to something we didn't want. The other most important thing is to declutter your house.
  10. by   amblessing
    Everyone had great advice. Our house sold in 1 day to the first couple that looked at it. Apparently they had been waiting for over a year for a house to go up in our neighborhood. Our house was not the most beautiful house on the street, but they didn't care - they just wanted to be in our neighborhood. We moved out of state and when we went back to California last year, we drove by our old house - it was amazing - they really fixed it up nice (new white plantation shutters, landscaping, etc. Our realtor was great, but she didn't have to work too hard to sell this one!

    Good Luck! Selling a house can be just as stressful as buying one!

    Oh before I forget rule #1 - if you own a cat (which I do) be sure that the kitty box is clean and fresh - I can't tell you how many houses I looked at and walked OUT of because it smelled like dirty kitty box
  11. by   live4today
    Originally posted by KC CHICK
    Darren and I just have a few more rooms to paint before we're ready to put the house on the market.

    Has anyone experienced selling a home? What do we do??....What don't we do?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    KC-CHICK........You've come to the right REALTOR here.....well......former Realtor, but I STILL recall the trade. :chuckle

    What you do NOT do is continue to make the HOUSE look like your HOME!!! You've got to remove your own PERSONAL TOUCH AND FEELINGS out of that HOUSE because what was precious and meaningful to you during your life in (what you made) "your home", is not what the buyer wants to see when they are searching for a HOUSE to one day call "THEIR HOME". Are you with me so far???? Good....

    Make your HOME look like a HOUSE that has never before been lived in. It's not about you and your family anymore, but it is now about the BUYER(S). They need to be able to view your HOUSE as their future HOME. Here is what I mean:

    1. Keep your kitchen appliances looking like they've NEVER been
    used before. This includes the flooring and the cabinets in
    the kitchen.

    2. Clean the windows so a bird will think there is NO glass there.

    3. Clean or replace the carpet to smell and look like it's in "ready
    to move in condition".

    4. Got pets??? Get rid of any pet odors....AND...if you have a
    pet......do NOT have your pet present when the buyer(s)
    comes to view the house.

    5. Remove your personal toiletries from the bathroom, and keep
    the bathroom in tip-top condition at all times. Sparkling clean
    and WITHOUT odors. Make sure the toilet flushes good and
    faucets in both bathroom and kitchen are in good working

    6. Put in clean filters in the house's air conditioning/heating
    system. Since it is so hot right now......make sure the air
    conditioner is running smoothly and turned on to a nice
    temperature in the house.

    7. Set the tone of the house by playing some very soft "grocery
    store music" (as my kids call it). :chuckle You know....it
    does help SELL products by putting the buyer(s) mind at
    ease while they SHOP...just like in the grocery stores, the
    bookstores, the malls. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY PLAY THAT
    MUSIC IN THE FIRST PLACE??? EH??? Music calms, soothes
    the soul, and makes the buyer relax in the moment more.

    8. The OUTSIDE appearance of the house must be in tip-top
    condition....painted if it's frame, clean the brick, sweep
    all sidewalks, trim the edges around the yard, keep the
    lawn cut nice......and this is where you can still leave a
    bit of "home".....flowers.....pretty little flowers....attract
    any female. Can the buyer see their children playing in
    your yard? Is the outside appearance one that INVITES
    others to like the house, or is the outside appearance a
    "turn off"??? BE HONEST now!

    9. If the house has a garage, clean it up and good! No oily
    stains on the garage floor, no gassy smell in the garage,
    make it look as roomy as you can by getting rid of all the
    clutter. ORGANIZATION is the key. A guy wants to
    actually be able to SEE the garage as a potential work-
    space for him....or her, if it's the woman who happens to
    be the "Timothy the Toolman" of the family.

    10. Curtains on the windows.....keep them wide open and let
    in all natural light from the Sun so the buyer(s) can SEE
    themselves LIVING in each room.

    11. It's best not to be present when the house is being shown,
    so any information you'd like to share with the buyers,
    type it up on some very nice computer paper and leave
    copies on the kitchen counter for the buyer to take with
    them after viewing the house. (ie. about the schools,
    the neighborhood, cost of utilities for that particular home
    based on your family's usage, etc.).

    *******I'll offer more later if I think of them.....I'm sure I probably will. :kiss BTW: Since you are my Allnurses sibling and all.......this consult is FREE.
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  12. by   jevans
    [If I may presume]

    Completely agree with your wonderful advice - you sound like "The house Doctor"

    A series shown in the UK where people who are having difficulty in selling their homes appeal to the show. The advisor is an American Realtor. However she is so critical but the advice she gives is spot on

  13. by   live4today
    Originally posted by jevans
    [If I may presume]

    Completely agree with your wonderful advice - you sound like "The house Doctor"

    A series shown in the UK where people who are having difficulty in selling their homes appeal to the show. The advisor is an American Realtor. However she is so critical but the advice she gives is spot on

    Yes....you may presume.....It's Renee alright. :kiss

    The House Doctor, eh??? Well......I've always wanted to be a
    doctor, you know, just never thought of being THAT kind of a doctor, but the moolah is great......was great when I was a realtor before I became a nurse....thinking about becoming another realtor to augment my nursing career on my return to the field. Thanks for the idea, jevan. :kiss
  14. by   jevans
    i cann't see why you couldn't cos you give some great advice that shows thought, caring and insight

    rename- doctor renee

    best wishes