has anyone been on a cruise?

  1. Hubby and I are thinking about trying to go on a cruise during spring break. probably one leaving out of california because the airfare will be cheaper for us. Has anyone been on one before? Did you like it? was it clean and were their plenty of seats by the pools etc... what did you think of the experience for the money?
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  3. by   Tweety
    I've been twice on mid-sized boats, not those supersized monsters, although they look fun.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually spent my time with a good book somewhere and found it very relaxing doing absolutely nothing. It was particularly nice on the day we docked in Mexico to stay on the boat while the majority of folks left.

    Careful, it's easy to gain weight eating all those meals, snacks and desserts. But that's half the fun.

    Sometimes though you see Americans at their worst. They pay bargain prices and expect to be treated like they are at Buckinham palace, having gourmet cooks, complaining about every little thing, being impatient, and eating like pigs at a trough.

    Most of the workers are from other countries and they work like dogs. That bothered me. To see the same folks working the midnight buffet turn around and work breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. by   SusanJean
    We have been on several - and only because they were won as prizes for sales contests. While we enjoyed the trips, they came one after another and I swore I never wanted to see another piece of sand again.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    I guess you like cruises or don't. I don't...LOL. I felt claustraphobic on the boat, had trouble with the crowds. It was difficult to get away from the loud obnoxious people unless it was in my tiny room. Mealtimes were lines and longer lines which I dislike. I had trouble finding a quiet place on the deck to read...too many people milling about.

    I lived for the dockings so I could get off the ship, walk around and see some sights. Guess I'm a landlubber...but we don't know that til we try a cruise do we.LOL!
  6. by   PennyLane
    I went on one last year and had fun. I would probably do it again on a nicer cruise line. The best thing is the food. Breakfast and lunch were buffet style, but dinner was always a sit-down affair with 3 courses plus dessert. We chose the later seating for dinner so we could avoid the kids. Midnight buffet every night. And you can go get ice-cream or other snacks whenever you want.

    It was something I'd always wanted to do and I'm glad I went. The only bad thing is the cruise ships disrupt the whales' cries so that they can't communicate over long distances. Plus they cause a lot of pollution in the ocean.
  7. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Well, I would love to go on a cruise and my goal is that once I get my ADN, I'll treat myself to a Mediterrean (sp?) cruise where I can combine a trip to Italy (dying to go to the Tuscany region too!).
  8. by   truern
    Hubby and I cruised the Caribbean several years ago, and it was a BLAST!! We island hopped, traveling at night and pulling in at a different island each day. The beaches were spectacular and the *water* was crystal clear and the prettiest color!! Nothing at home compares.

    We were on a large ship, so we never encountered lines for anything. The food was fantastic and they treated us like royalty. I remember coming home and the first morning we got up and there was no breakfast buffet and no waiter to carry my coffee out to the deck. Tonto, we're not in Kansas any more

    Try it, I guarantee you'll like it
  9. by   Katnip
    We did a Disney cruise with the kids. The kids' entertainment was fantastic. We hardly ever saw them except at mealtimes, and some days not even then because they'd head for pizza or chicken fingers.

    I found myself getting a little bored now and then though, because there weren't many shipboard activities that I liked. Plus ship-size pools are very tiny.

    The food and service were fantastic. We only got to see three islands, but when we were on lad there was a lot to see and do.

    We're toying with the idea of going on an Alaska land/cruise package next year.
  10. by   smk1
    thanks for all the input guys! I think what I'm hearing is to go with a LARGE ship to avoid crowds and lose about 7-10 pounds before I go so i'll have room if i gain weight. One more question, for those that got off at port stops how long of a process was that and was it worth it, or did you find that you only had about 2-3 hours to explore before time to head back?
  11. by   doobiedo
    Quote from smkoepke
    thanks for all the input guys! I think what I'm hearing is to go with a LARGE ship to avoid crowds and lose about 7-10 pounds before I go so i'll have room if i gain weight. One more question, for those that got off at port stops how long of a process was that and was it worth it, or did you find that you only had about 2-3 hours to explore before time to head back?
    I have been on 5 cruises and am partial to Royal Caribbean. My husband is hooked also.

    Larger ships just mean larger amount of people but just more space for those people.
    If you don't want to be on a cruise with a bunch of kids don't do disney and go during the school year.
    The food is usually good. I enjoyed the main dining room however tired of the buffets real quick as the food is the same usually each day.

    Usually getting off in port you have anywhere from 6-8 hours. Any side trips are timed for your departure...in other words they will have you back to your ship in time to set sail. Lately.....especially since 9-11 you get id cards with you picture that is your ticket on and off the boat. We had to swipe each time we got off and got on the ship (don't be late cuz they don't wait..they will leave you to find your way to the next port!) They also chekc your bags.
    The exit off the ship went well whether we walked off on shore or took a tender to land. Lines went quick and well organized. The id card is your "charge card" also on the ship for gifts and alcohol. No cash allowed even in the casino.
    We think it is the ideal vacation. Don't expect a large room but the rooms are not bad....we always get a port hole or balcony due to my sea sickness.

    Have fun.
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  12. by   Jamesdotter
    We (dh and I) have also been on several cruises. We go on Holland America Line. I agree with Tweety about the people who work the cruises--especially the cabin and dining stewards. The people who run the shops on board and the "front office" folks seem more autonomous somehow. Having said that--we're going to Hawaii in Feb, round trip out of San Diego.
  13. by   manna
    I think I'd have to be very well sedated to go on a cruise.. I have these ridiculous fears about bodies of water and boats.
  14. by   Fiona59
    Been twice, food great, but it really makes a difference who you go with. My husband was like a clinging vine. I mean, somebody once said they married for better or worse not breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bythe end I was ready to push him overboard. I mean he took the guy tour of the bridge and engine room and still wound up following me to a napkin folding class!!

    The second on I took with a friend much better time. Knew when to hang out and when to leave each other alone.

    One word of advice, if you smell something funny during boarding ask for proof that there is no Norwalk type virus on board. On cruise 2, smelt that wonderful sour smell covered by carpet cleaner. Turned out they had passengers go down with a norwalk type virus prior to us getting on. Some passengers who arrived early in the day were given a warning letter and offered the chance to spend the night in San Diego and fly home with their cruise reimbursed. Our group arrived shortly before sailing time and weren't advised. My friend got all the symptoms and we were quarantined for two days in our cabin. They even charged us for the bottled water but gave us a $30 credit to make up for the inconvenience.

    So, good luck, take your sunscreen and a companion that you really enjoy spending time with.