Harley Owners, I could use some advice.

  1. I'm looking at getting a new (to me) bike. I have a lead on a '91 1200 that has 21k miles on it, s&s carbs, been lowered a couple of inches and is supposedly imaculate. Top end rebuilt 3 thousand miles ago. I haven't seen the bike yet but went looking through the online classifieds and the going price for a stock 1200 in "great shape" is around $7 to $8,000.
    This guy is asking 6,000 for his. I know him though not that well and feel he is a pretty trustworthy guy.
    He is selling due to a bum hip that wont let him ride much anymore.
    My questions:
    Is there anything I should be looking out for when checking out this bike.
    Any particular questions I should be asking.
    Any other advice would be appreciated.
    I'll be checking it out tomorrow afternoon. I have the bucks and can buy it tomorrow if it is worthy.
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  3. by   cactus wren
    Sounds like a great deal, but I know little about Hogs. or any other thing that requires any sort of motor for that matter.. But, Is there a bike shop where you live? If there is see if the owner will let you have them check it out, I always by used vehicles, and have my SIL`s father who has owned garage for 30 years. Have put 89,000 miles on the last "used" PU he vetted for me.
  4. by   Dplear
    CHECK THE SERIAL NUMBERS!!!!!! sorry for yeling there but that is the best advice I can give anyone wanting to buy a Harley from someone private. Other than that make sure that it rides well and starts easily. Check the drive belt and make sure that it is not excessively cracked, and then while the bike is cold check the bottom of the oil pan for any oily residue....sounds like hopefully that the guy has really taken care of his scooter....RIDE HARD AND LIVE GOOD...

    see ya on the road..

  5. by   nurs4kids
    My advice??
    Buy a Honda or Yamaha
  6. by   Neuro9Jan
    Hi there, My question to you is, how much do you ride? If you ride for distance you will not want a 1200. You might want to spend a little more money and save your back at the same time. I have rode for 26 years and have been all over the USA. I found that a larger bike is better on your body than a small one. If you want a T-to-T bike buy that one. Make sure the numbers are good, and match together with frame and motor. Also look for after market parts. Some are good and some are junk. You can tell buy looking really close. Look for oil coming from anywhere. Pull the plugs and see how clean they are burning. If your not sure about something ride it to you H-D dealer and have a wrench look it over. Good luck, and keep the rubber to the road.
    This is my wifes sight but she wanted me to reply to your question.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    Thanks a lot for all the advice and words of wisdom.
  8. by   Jay-Jay
    My hubby got cheated on his first bike...turned out it had been in an accident, and the frame and forks were bent! Make sure you test it out carefully before buying.