Happy Wednesday October 19th

  1. Hi everyone!!! Can you believe it's the 19th of October already.
    The rest of this week should be fun for me. On Thursday, my husband and I are going to help record puppet voices for puppet skits that are done in the children's services at church. And this weekend, we are going to his parents to celebrate his birthday.

    I just knocked an asian ladybugh off my shirt. This area crawls with them during the fall. Oh well, they are better than the spiders
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  3. by   weetziebat
    Morning, Metron

    Time is flying by. I'm scheduled to fly back to Riyadh in 10 days. :uhoh21: Yikes! where did my vacation go??
    Saw a job that I would have been interested in in Sunday's paper, but its an hours drive away. No way gonna do that nonsense.

    Guy showed up yesterday to measure for the laminate flooring. Gonna try to put it on a 6 month, no interest plan. Will be so wonderful to get rid of this awful carpeting. May schedule it for after I leave, so I don't have to put up with the mess - I know, thats mean.

    Metron, sounds like you guys have a lovely rest-of-the-week planned. BTW, just what is an Asian ladybug? Never knew there were different kinds.

    May go out and apply for some jobs Wednesday. See whats out there. Hope we all have a great day.

  4. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning

    I'm at work & in Charge!! I'm also in a really BAD mood!!
    Short Staffing---AGAIN!!! 1 CNA for 30 pt's That's ridiculous!!
    My staffing for the AM shift is pretty good if they don't take our help!!

    I'm supposed to have nails done in the AM but feel like cancelling.
    GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! That's how I feel

    Weetzie--PLEASE DON"T GO!!!!! Please stay!! It has been so good having you back here.Your future flooring sounds like it will be nice.

    Metron-- Your week sounds like it will be fun!!

    I think I have to go now, but I will be back later, no doubt

    Mary Ann
  5. by   Katnip
    Good morning everyone.

    I have to hurry off to work.

    Mary Ann, don't cancel the appointment. You'll be glad you went.

    Weetzie, vacation is going too fast.

    Metron, yeah what is an Asian ladybug?

    Have a great day y'all.
  6. by   Metron
    Actually, they are called Asian lady beetles, and we get them every fall. They look like ladybugs, but I'm told that they bite:uhoh21: That's really all I know
  7. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    Looks like I'm going to buy an refrigerator today. It's barely keeping things cool and it's old. I'm not sure if they bought a new one when they built this house or brought it from an older house, but it's no good now. Along with the hot water heater that on the lowest setting practically boils the water, the air conditioner that leaks every few months, the sprinkler system and the other things and this cheap new old house that I hate.
  8. by   DDRN4me
    WEETZIE!! stay please / pretty pleaze???? I love my laminate floor, its Pergo but looks like oak planks. and was actually put down in individual boards instead of a whole piece. very durable with our assortment of young adults, cats and dogs!
    Mary, go for the nail appt., you will feel so much better after, and look wonderful too!:chuckle
    Tweety, dontcha love home ownership;NOT!

    Metron, thats a little scary, a lady bug that bites!:uhoh21:
    kat, hope its a good day!

    missed school yest d/t a bad mixup at work with prof development :angryfire i hate when people are not responsible and keep others informed. long story but lets say i was not informed of a class i needed t o set up for until the instructor showed up!!!!!!:angryfire :angryfire
    working on a research paper due next week. suppose i should go to work this mornign, not that i feel like that either, my boss has decided that she doesnt want to be bothered and basically shoves everything onto me. uggggggghhhhh i didnt want to be in a bad mood today but it found me!
    hope everyone else has a happy productive day!! Mary
  9. by   Jessy_RN
    Yeah this months has flown right by us!

    I was watching the news about the current hurricane and how it changed from a tropical storm to a monstertrophic category 5 overnight.

    Please, keep those in the affected areas or projected areas in your thoughts and prayers.

    Have a wonderful day everyone,

  10. by   jnette
    Hi Guys !

    A quick HI and BYE ! We're off to the beautiful mts. of NC today.. spending the whole day just enjoying the scenery and good eats. Will take some pics.. hope the leaves are good this year. If not, still going to be a refreshing "day away".

    Weetz... DON'T GO !!!

    We'll miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
  11. by   luvltc
    Hello everyone!!

    Today is my first day posting in the Break Room. I've been a member since July, but just became a premium member last night. My husband paid for the membership for my birthday, which isn't for another 4 days. Who says men are all bad?! :chuckle

    Anyway, I can't write much, I just got home from work and I am exhausted. And I have to get up in 5 hours to get my kids from school and then start my day all over again. Then I work the next 3 days (12 hour shifts). I must have been crazy to pick up an extra day.:smackingf

    I look forward to talking with everyone.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Smiles and hugs. :icon_hug:
  12. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from 5scardiacnurse
    hello everyone!!

    today is my first day posting in the break room. i've been a member since july, but just became a premium member last night. my husband paid for the membership for my birthday, which isn't for another 4 days. who says men are all bad?! :chuckle

    anyway, i can't write much, i just got home from work and i am exhausted. and i have to get up in 5 hours to get my kids from school and then start my day all over again. then i work the next 3 days (12 hour shifts). i must have been crazy to pick up an extra day.:smackingf

    i look forward to talking with everyone.

    have a wonderful day.

    smiles and hugs. :icon_hug:
    welcome to the preemie world. glad to have you with us.
  13. by   sirI
    good morning everyone!!

    i second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh that emotion, weetiziebat. wish you wouldn't go. i have not really been able to get to know you and i hear so much great stuff about you. if you must go, when will you be back? can you join us where you are going?

    morning, metron. i remember going to my dd house when they lived in ohio. those ladybugs/beetles were everywhere. in the furniture, clothes, carpet.......i know it is bad luck to kill a ladybug and i tried to usher them outdoors, but, have to admit.......i probably got a few hundred years bad luck by squishing a few.

    hello, nursemary. you will feel better if you get those nails done. :hatparty:

    hi, cyberkat. you were in a rush this morning. hope you have a great day at work.

    hello, tweety. uh oh.......hope you don't have all those things go out at once. what kind of refrigerator will you buy?

    mornin', mary. oh, i hope your day goes better.

    hi, jess.:angel2: how's my angel today? yes, just saw the news about that storm, too. goodness, i do hope florida does not get pounded.

    hello, jnette. piccys.......we need piccys. have a blast. you deserve it.

    hello and good morning, 5scardiacnurse. it is great to have you with us in the good morning break room. you will have a blast in here. :melody:happy birthday:melody: to you, too.

    well, gotta run. nothing special. just in and out. will need to get some things ready for another garage sale this weekend. finally will be able to get rid of the stuff piled in the garage. i am so ready.

    i hope you all stay safe and are healthy. see ya later today.
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  14. by   donsterRN
    Good morning everybody!!!

    It's been a while since I stuck my nose in this room, and I have to tell you that I missed it. And all of you, of course. School keeps me busy, as I know all of you know and can remember what that's like. Seems every waking minute finds me with my nose buried in a textbook or at the computer writing something. But I'm still very fascinated by all that I'm learning, and I'm finding it to be quite fun. I'm amazed to find that it's the 19th of October already; it would be nice if the rest of the school year would continue to speed along as rapidly as this first semester seems to be doing!

    The weather here is changing quickly, too. The air is crisp and cool, and the colors on the trees are gorgeous! We're on our second or third day of sunshine (after 8 days of rain!); a couple of mornings ago, it looked like the entire hillside was on fire. And again, this morning, we had a flock of wild turkeys just meandering through our front yard. I still stop what I'm doing just to watch. Twister-cat goes into "protect Dad" mode, and starts chattering wildly at them and running from window to window to make sure they keep walking by. Poor cat doesn't know that if there ever was a confrontation, he'd be sorely outnumbered and out of his league!

    It's nice to come here and see old friends, and new names, and the return of old names that are new to me! I hope each of you has a wonderful day, wherever you go and whatever you do. Be blessed, and be well.