Happy Wednesday!!!

  1. Whoo! I get first post again! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. It's been crazy hectic for me lately. I graduate from school in a few weeks, and I am so ready for it to be DONE! I would take my NCLEX tomorrow if they'd let me. I've been trying to get things thrown together for a graduation/engagement party the day of pinning ceremony. Finally got the invites done earlier in the evening. Fiance is working almost the entire week. He has Thursday off b/c of clinical, but the town is having their Dogwood Festival this weekend, so he has to work (police dispatcher). Luckily, only one more week of clinical in the psych unit. Praise God!
    I hope you all have been awesome. I still stop in a read some posts, but just haven't had the attention span to type a message. lol I must get going to bed! -Andrea
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  3. by   Aneroo
    Crap- Suzanne must have been typing her message at the same time as me! Will someone with much more computer smarts combine threads?
  4. by   dianah
    Loved the pics, Andrea! Baby so cute, and ring so . . so . .. DIAMOND--SPARKLY!! So beautiful! Congrats again!

    <sigh> I fired off a slightly miffed email to oldest son's science teacher. I feel guilty for sending it but can't deny my offended feelings. Son came home from school Monday and in response to my query of how science class was (he's doing abysmally in it ), he pipes up (with an odd smile on his face) with, "the smart ones in the class got to go on a field trip to a cancer research facility. The rest of us (2/3 of the class) stayed at the school and watched two science videos." Apparently, as he wasn't invited on the field trip, and he didn't learn about it except today from one of his friends who didn't go (didn't get permission slip in on time).
    :angry: I have a ton of righteous indignation, and several lines I COULD have fired off, e.g: because some students aren't getting good grades, you assume they would not or aren't capable of getting anything from this learning experience? Is this preferential treatment?? What a slam to the ones left behind! What if they're trying as hard as they can, and only get a C (not my son, but what if??) -- then are excluded from this experience because they're not good enough (which is the message that exclusion from the activity sends). What if one of the kids who missed out, would have been all fired up after the field trip, to get into that line of work, and that would have been the impetus needed to fire them up for learning? Oh, I could go on and on.
    I really think it wasn't an intentional slam, but it was VERY short-sighted on the teacher's part. And I'm voicing my perception of it. I'm willing for any mis-perception to be rectified. IF the argument is good enough. again, <sigh>. I can't change what happened Monday, but maybe I can open some eyes to not repeat this.
    Any thoughts? I'm open, really (in spite of my mama-bear protective stance and my hurt feelings for my child). Really. I just want to understand.

    We have a VERY busy day scheduled in the Cath Lab, and will be one person short to boot. The days, though, sometimes have a way of coming out OK, in spite of setbacks. I try to keep an open mind and hope.

    Have a good day, everyone! -- D
  5. by   presC.
    Quote from aneroo
    i graduate from school in a few weeks, and i am so ready for it to be done! i would take my nclex tomorrow if they'd let me. i've been trying to get things thrown together for a graduation/engagement party the day of pinning ceremony. andrea

    wow! you got a very hectic schedule there andrea, and if ever they'd let you to sit for the nclex please keep us posted.also, wishing you a positive result..

    btw, your pictures so wonderfully beautiful! love the ring too! you're definitely super special lady. congratulations with all your blessings!:angel2:

    hi dianah,here's some :icon_hug: & :kiss :flowersfo hope it brightens your day!

    welcome back chris~ :smiley_aa

    "morning" to all who'll follow. have a safe and peaceful day!
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    andrea the busiest times are the ones we look back on so fondly
    dianh i know how you feel, we hurt so when our loved ones hurt, esp when they try and smile and scoff it off...maybe it was a space problem and she could only take a certain number of students
    prec - suzie night owls like me enjoy the day..you have a good start
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    me again
    i went back and read some tuesday posts that i had missed
    CHRIS don't feel like you can't leave d/t poor care of patients...write up protests or give an exit interview
    corrections must be made and heirarchy need to made aware of them...end of your responsiblility
    those doctors might be right now glad to get out and hoping for opporunity but how long does it take them to be resentful of our docs giving the order and ignorng them
    i hear that the ratio of women to men md's in russia is the reversiale of ours...percentage wise
  8. by   DDRN4me
    good morning friends!

    wow, seems like forever since i have been here!
    had a wonderful weekend in boston with dh, enjoyed the alone time and the chance to relax..didnt bring a book or laptop, even!
    walked along the charles, saw a red sox game, just loved being in the sun!

    have stepped up my walking program. bailey cant figure out whats up with all this exercise!
    am also using this vacation to do some much needed house cleaning, shampooed the living room rug yesterday, got some gardening done, then took dd to her hip surgeon...had to miss school but this is always an important appt. she and her no- good bf finally broke up! shes sad but realizes she is better off!

    leslie, sorry that job didnt work out, but you know things always work out for the best!
    rain, glad to hear things are getting close for you
    jeannette, tweety, suzanne ,dianah. lil girl. angie, have a great day, enjoy it..see you soon! mary
  9. by   Tweety
    Good morning. Got to go to the gym, run some errands, get a haircut, etc. and back to work tomorrow.

    Dianah, perhaps the facility only wanted a specific number of students and as a reward he took the best. But that's not good because it labels those left behind, and the kids themselves will pick up on that label and won't improve because the feel they aren't good enough.
  10. by   lil' girl
    Hi everyone!! It is a wonderful day!! Got back my last Pharm and Nutrition tests today and made a 100 on both of them. What a way to go out!! One more med surg test and then the exam Woot!!(thanks for the use of that Tweety). And no clinical for me this week get to observe in Cardiac Rehab tomorrow and Dialysis on Friday. NO DRUG CARDS tonite double Woot!!

    Andrea will go check out the pics in a few, I guess you are getting really excited about school being over for you, way to go.

    Mary sounds like you had a great weekend, and welcome back.

    Tweety did you get your results from Chemistry test yet?

    Pres, Dinah, and Chats hope you all have a great day.

    Gonna go read yesterdays thread and look at the pics, then study in the sunshine so everyone have a good one!!

  11. by   lil' girl
    BTW took NLN today. Instructor went back over it with us after we finished. We had 110 questions and best I can tell I missed 5 questions. Is that good or bad????
  12. by   Tweety
    Thanks for asking. I made a 97 on my fifth and final Chemistry test!!!! This gives me an A for the course!!! Not bad for someone who had Chemistry in high school back in 197..........well, it doesn't really matter. Woot!!

    I had a nice afternoon, went to get a haircut, the grocery store and treated myself to a sidewalk cafe lunch of a turkey-pesto wrap at the organic food restaurant downtown. It's a gorgeous day in the 70s!
  13. by   CHATSDALE
    congrat on the grade and the completion..
    sounds like you have a pretty good life outside of the books too
  14. by   lil' girl
    Good for you Tweety!!