Happy Veteran's Day to All You Veterans Young and Old

  1. i post this thread today in honor of all of you who served or are now serving in our armed services. it is through your efforts that keeps our country free. so on behalf of myself and everyone else who is thankful for all your sacrifices, thank you, and god bless you.
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  3. by   jnette
    Thank You, Fran.

    Appreciate the thoughts.

    Yesterday at work I was amazed to find a card in my box from our owner/director. It was a LOVELY Thank you, Veteran card and inside was a gift card for Lowe's garden center.

    We have three vets who work in our HH agncey.. one from each branch except Marines . She gave each of us this gorgeous card with the gift card enclosed. I was truly moved. It was the first time EVER in 30 something years that I have ever been "tangibly" (sp?) thanked by an employer, coworker or along those lines.

    Felt so nice and I was touched.