Happy Valentine's Day Mon. 2/14/05

  1. :1luvu: happy valentine"s day:1luvu:

    thought i'd start the thread.

    will be back later

    mary ann
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good Morning Mary Ann (did you get my pm?).

    Going to the gym here soon. I haven't been all week. Nothing but excuses, too busy with school and other things, blah blah blah..............................
  4. by   DDRN4me
    wow..is everyone sleeping in???? :blushkiss happy valentines day!:kiss

    heres breakfast for everyone: heart shaped pancakes or waffles with fruit syrup, eggs any style, egg beaters for the heart healthy; bacon sausage or ham, fresh fruit, cold cereal , oatmeal or maypo, english muffins, toast or bagels, juices, coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milk....and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!:1luvu: well, gotta run and do some laundry before work...have a wonderful day everyone!

    ....practice a random act of kindness and make someone smile today...
  5. by   nursemary9
    hi again,
    am at work & it's sooooooooooooooooooo busy!!
    four admissions so far!! very busy.

    -i have 1 guy who's so suicidal with a sitter.
    -another on droplet prec. for influenza a
    -another who is hospice--and not at all comfortable despite 200mcg
    of duragesic. moans & crys. was on a mso4 drip last week & comfy--then they dc so she can go home & she has been so uncomfortable.
    also, still here!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think they need leslie here!!!
    i keep asking for better management but no one seems to hear!!
    this isn"t right.
    they have here on liquid morphine instead of roxinal-----the difference??? you may ask is in the amount to give. 20 mg/10ml on morphine whereas rox is 1ml==20 mg.
    since she won't swallow, this is a problem--as you try with the morphibe she spits it out & the rox i could put under her tongue.

    i hope i can get someone to do better by this pt. today--a monday since afterall no one could do anything on a weekend!!!

    why must we rn's continue to have inservice & seminar after seminar on pain management when we can't write the orders!!!!!!!!
    in addition to rn's md's should be made to go to these also!!

    well, enough of my rant.

    by the way--here's fresh coffee, decaff,tea, milk, soft drinks, beer for weetzie & janette & others who want it--also some wine!!

    mary ann
  6. by   Tweety
    I'm still fasting for my labs, which I'm about to go get and I'm starving. The gym workout must have lowered my blood sugar. Maybe while I'm out, I'll find an random act of kindness mgallant.

    Mary Ann, you keep advocating for that patient!
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Oh my gosh Mary Ann we have that same patient (poly OD; suicide attempt, restraints, sitter).

    Had a great Valentine's Dinner last night at our church. Tri-tip, chicken that was really tender and tasty, small new potatoes drenched in butter, those wide and flat green beans cooked with bacon, three different salads and dessert. We have some great guitar players - they came in dressed in long coats and sunglasses and hats and played Beatles, Willy Nelson, and a couple of other older songs. They were so good and very funny. Great evening all together . . made me late for bed but I just work today and have 5 days off so I should be ok.

    The car my husband and son went to look for was, quote, "a pile". It had obviously been in an accident - I'm actually glad. He needs a 4 wheel drive pickup and not a fast car. So a 3 hour drive, 20 minutes to look at the car and a 3 hour drive home.

    More coffee . . . . and I'm hungry.

  8. by   CHATSDALE
    HEARTS AND FLOWERS===maryann tweety mgallant steph

    mgalland...excuse me but you do should not ruin my diet by suggesting dessert p breakfast....but it was delish

    catch you all later...busy day...staff meeting...new bosses so it will probably long and drawn out...probably not very interesting or informative...just what i need p a long insommic night
  9. by   suzanne4
    happy valentine's day!
  10. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    happy valentine's day!!!

    hope you all have a wonderful day, sorry can't stay need to hit the books. will be back later.

    everyone coming in behind me have a great day/afternoon/evening. take care. will see you later.

  11. by   Tweety
    Steph, what's tri-tip? Is it chicken?

    Never go to the grocery store after fasting, I wound up with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and doritoes.....urp.............

    Off to bed soon.
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Tri-tip is a beef roast that is usually barbequed/grilled - an expensive cut of meat. Cut in slices - usually served with horseradish at my house.

  13. by   akcarmean
    i don't know if you guys remember me talking about my best friend of 20 yrs. she just found out less than a yr. ago that she has ms. it had already done some severe damage. long story short she decided to leave her dh (who is abusive in several ways) . i stuck by her side did everything i could for her. actually injured my back more helping her move b/c she just couldn't walk or do anything without shaking. she lived with us until we got her some housing. well i just heard that she had been in the hospital for almost two weeks b/c of another suicide attempt (overdose) she has some kind of problem with her liver as it is. this is like the 4th suicide attempt. it just hurts so bad that i can't be there for her. i am not allowed to see, her or talk to her or the kids. it really hurts to not be there. thanks for listening.

  14. by   leslie :-D
    good day fam....

    tweety- you had fried chicken, mac n'cheese andd doritoes? when are your labs scheduled for?

    hi mary- wonderful breakfast. i've been eating maypo like there's no tomorrow. and the choc covered strawberries, nice touch. now what is fruit syrup?

    hi maryann :icon_hug: - how many mg of mso4 is your pt on? can you call the md and tell him she's spitting it out, then suggest roxanol... or as a last resort you can give it sc ( i prefer sc rather than im-absorption is better with sc). and THANK YOU for the beer/wine- nice touch!

    hey steph- tiffany is constantly reminding me that i told her i'd give her my car when she gets her license; she was only 13 when i told her this and she's holding me to it. she'll be taking driver's ed in June. tiff, josh and all their friends love my car- they think it's 'hot'. what i don't like is that it's bright red and those are the cars that tend to get stopped the most. (i hated the looks of the car from day one but the price was awesome, had 29k original miles on it. it's a 2001 and right now it only has around 45k miles on it. plus it's a 5 yr/60k warranty. i would have loved to get her a truck. so now i'll have to get myself another vehicles-i wonder if there are trucks that hold 5-6 people....i love driving a truck. but right now i can't even afford the gas to put in it.
    want to take a walk tomorrow?

    hey chattsy- happy v.d. to you also

    hi suzanne- i responded to your post from yesterday's gm thread.....

    hi angie-be good to yourself and don't sweat the small stuff or the things you have no control over. :kiss

    well, i haven't told dh this but i emailed u mass(university of mass.) re: their rn to bsn online program...you take the courses online and then they place you in a hospital close to where you live for your clinicals. of course i don't have a dime to give them but will apply for financial aid as well as take out loans...i'll do what needs to be done. there's not very many schools around here that have these online programs. plus u. mass is an excellent school.
    so one step at a time.
    ok all- have a great valentine's day.
    be back later.

    leslie xo