Happy Tuesday -March 6th

  1. Good morning everyone. Going to bed real soon. Just wanted to wish you all a great day. Work day for me.

    Weather is going to get warmer. Highs in the upper 70s. tn and Siri should have wonderful weather here in FL.

    Great to see both Fran and Cheer. Now all is right with our world.

    Prayers said for (((((((Adam and Grace's son))))))).
    (((((((Netters and Grace)))))))

    Bethin- hope you're enjoying your vacation and staying healthy.

    To everyone- Have a wonderful God blessed day.
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  3. by   Cherish
    Good Morning Compassion and to everyone else...

    I wish it was in the 70's here I would love that! Today was a nice mild day but I can't wait for it to get hotter so I can go to the beach.

    Not much for me to say except taking my dog to the vet and going to school to get financial aid straighten up for summer semester.

    Remember to move clocks ahead this weekend...woo hoo one LESS hour of sleep
  4. by   dianah
    Good morning (and good night!)!

    Have a safe, special day.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning, Marilyn, Dianah and Cherish! :kiss

    I have had a skull-splitting headache over the past few hours, but it finally seems to be diminishing.

    Daylight Savings Time really needs to be abolished in my opinion, because I think it is silly and a vexing inconvenience to all good people who must work for a living.

    My same routine will follow later today (hopefully): sleep, studying, school, reading, television, internet surfing, and eating. It would be nice if I could conjure up the motivation to exercise. As y'all can figure out, I am the most boring 26 year old on the planet. No wild parties, clubbing, or any of the other activities that other people in my age range deem "fun".

    Take care and have an awesome day!
  6. by   dianah
    I agree about daylight savings time. An inconvenience, at the least, and unnecessary, IMO. Just let it BE!
  7. by   Grace Oz
    Good afternoon from Oz!
    Thanks compassion, for your prayers and hugs! MUCH appreciated.
    It's almost 5.30pm here, getting close to tea time for us. FYI; that's tea as in evening meal!
    I had a busy day running here, there and everywhere. Put a care package together for DS, so hope he likes it.
    Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy TUESDAY!
  8. by   Grace Oz
    This is a reply to a question from Garden Dove, from yesterday;

    East Timor is north West of Australia. It's a small country of about 1 million people. Part of Indonesia. It fought for independence from Indonesia and won the right to self govern. However, it's been in a terrible mess ever since and there's uprisings, violence, utter chaos. Also, a rebel leader has threatended to fight until death rather than surrender to our troops. There's more information available on the history and current situation there, on the internet. If you google East Timor, it'll bring up various links.
    Hope this helps answer your question, Dove.
  9. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Well hi guys, slept half the day today so I am not tired enough to sleep tonite. Well, my eyes are, but that's about it. Anyway - hope you all have a great day.

    As to Daylight Savings, I didn't realize it was this w/e! So that means that instead of getting to church at 10, I will be getting there at 9, in reality! right? Groannnn... mornings...
  10. by   Fonenurse
    Morning all - in a really bad mood today - so unlike me :angryfire
    see you all soon when I have calmed down
  11. by   DDRN4me
    Morning all!!
    ((((Fone)))) hope the mood lifts and you feel like soon!!!

    I think its worse when you have a hard time shaking it cuz youre normally very nice; and you know its uncharacteristic!

    working on ppt presentation for a class i am teaching in a couple of weeks. then work... too cold for much else ( below 0 windchills again):angryfire i hate winter !!!!!
    hopin i win the $355 million ( or at least 1/355 of it, so i can get my condo in Key West!!!
    hope everyone has a happy, productive day!!
  12. by   Roy Fokker
    Mornin' folks. I was off tonight.

    Pent much of my "day" catching up with old friends. Still have a dear friend in the UK left to call... waiting for the darned phone card company to send me the PIN so I can call her. Haven't spoken to her in 4 years...

    Here's your song for the day.

    From the Electric Shaman no less


    Hope y'all have a good day
  13. by   compassion1
  14. by   compassion1
    Gotta run to work. Have a lovely day.