happy thurday may 17 th

  1. so i guess it is tomorrow now

    up late watching leno

    had a coffee this aft , bad muffie

    good sleeps/days wished for yall

    ttyl in the day
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning! :kiss

    It is still Wednesday in my neck of the woods, though. I have an appointment with a mental health clinic later this morning, because of workplace stressors and other issues.

    Take care and have a pleasurable day!
  4. by   muffie
    good luck with that ms commuter
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from muffie
    good luck with that ms commuter
    Thank you.
  6. by   dianah
    Good morning to all . .. . .

    good to see you, muffie and Commuter (wishing you the best from your meeting).

    We've been busy, busy, busy at work . . but we've made it through Hump Day!! I didn't walk tonight (Wed), got home just in time to take ds to the gym. THEN I ate dinner. Watched part of a movie, and now it's time for shower and then to bed.

    Healing vibes going out to all who are ill.

    See you all later! ---- D
  7. by   nursemary9
    :smiletea2: :smiletea: :smilecoffeeIlovecof :smilecoffeecup: GOOD MORNING, LITTLE PEEPS!!

    Muffie, Thanks for starting the thread!! I thought you'd be asleep long ago, tho!!
    No more coffee in the afternoons for you!!
    You are not alone, I couldn't sleep yesterday, either!! Finally got to sleep about 6:30PM & had to get up at 9:30!! Not a good thing!!
    Hope you're enjoying a good rest now.

    Commuter, Good luck at the clinic today!! You too, get some good, refreshing sleep!!

    Diansh, Hope you are resting well, too; I hope you have a good day at work Thursday!!

    I'm at work now & we have good staffing again tonite!! That's thanks to one of the RN's doing overtime tonite. Can you believe they wanted to pull her?? The Charge said NO WAY---otherwise she just won't come in. So, since our accuity actually called for 4 RN's, they left her!!

    I'll be off Thurs & Fri nites!! I'm so glad!! My foot is still so sore!!
    We are going to drive out to visit DH's cousin in that Rehab Facility in the late afternoon---we've got to do that late in the day since she has therapy most of the morning & afternoon. I hear she's pretty down, so I hope we can cheer her up a bit. After that, we are hoping to meet my Bro-in-law & Sis-in-law for a late dinner--they live in that area. The Rehab facility is in one of the far North West Suburbs of Chicago, so it will be quite a drive for us.
    When I get home, I hope I'll be able to sleep a bit, so I won't be yawning thru the visit!!

    Well, better get moving. Got charting to do.

    Again, I'll leave a bit of refreshments for you day people getting up:smiletea2: :smiletea: :smilecoffeeIlovecof :smilecoffeecup:
  8. by   hlfpnt
    Good morning to all! Hope everyone has a very blessed day!
    I received an e-mail yesterday & just had to share...I've been accepted for fall start in the on-line RN-BSN program at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. Here I go...being a student all over again!
    Have a great day!
  9. by   Tweety
    hlfpnt, congratuatlations. I am in my last class of that program if you have any questions pm me. It's a good program and I wish you well.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
  10. by   hlfpnt
    Thank you, Tweety! Have a good day!
  11. by   Grace Oz
    Greetings all! Wishing you all a pleasant thursday. It's evening here in Oz. spent my thursday catching up on housework after being away for two weeks. Am trying to upload a pic or two to show. wish me luck!
  12. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Hope everyone has a good day today. Major thunderstorms last night and has cooled things off a bit. Only 48 degrees right now. Crazy weather.

    Gracie--you were missed! welcome back! Look forward to seeing some piccys.

    Thanks goodness--I'm going for a haircut today. Nothing drastic but my hair is so thick and wavy that the top bit gets too heavy and weighs the rest of the hair down. Problems, problems! :spin: :spin:

    Anyone hear from Netters lately?
  13. by   DDRN4me
    :smiletea2: Morning friends!!!

    MaryAnn, sounds like you have a full day planned. Have you tried to roll a cold water bottle or soda can under your foot for relief?that is one of the therapies recommended to me when my pf was bad. did that along with the stretching exercises at bedtime. (bend over with legs straight and pull toes forward, then point toes and repeat. I was also told to lie on my stomach with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed...

    hlfpt! :studyowl:congratulations!!! good luck in your BSN program!!!

    Tweety; the end is near , the end is near, the end is near!!!


    Hi dianah; didnt make it to the gym last night either; scraped wallpaper instead!!

    work day today then teaching then bridesmaids meeting at my house.... hope everyone has a happy productive day!!!
  14. by   sirI
    good morning!

    <----well, of course!!

    meetings, plans, the sameo sameo!:spin: