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  1. Yep, I know this has been done before. I need a little inspiration though. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you (non-nursing related). You can even make it nice and shmaltzy if you want to.
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  3. by   JonRN
    This is really sad. I thought and thought, and I couldn't think of any good advice anyone ever gave me. I probably wouldn't have taken it anyway.

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    "MARRY THE MAN; he's the best thing going in your life!".....

    My best friend to me, 15 years ago when I was balking at getting too serious w/my then-boyfriend, now husband. I was "afraid" of committment and caring too much. Best advice I ever got, other than being true to myself...same friend. She was/is a gem!

    While I discussing advice; Worst advice was my parents telling me to give up the dream of being an artist, saying it was for "losers and deadbeats"...what a shame, to quash a child's dream early on. My friends are the reason I am where I am today, and not on skid row or dead...that is the truth.
  5. by   renerian
    The serenity prayer...........................I recite it often with relation to my children

  6. by   adrienurse
    I was told to lighten up and indulge my inner child. I take this advice very seriously and try to act childish whenever I can.

  7. by   susanmary
    Don't wait for the "golden years" to enjoy your life -- do it now -- enjoy your life and live in the moment. Be kind to yourself and others.
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    Never start a fight. And never walk away from one.

  9. by   CountrifiedRN
    My grandmother had lots of great advice, but my absolute favorite was when I was a teen, and had just started dating.

    She said: "If a boy wants you to sit on his lap, don't do it unless you have a phone book to put underneath you. You have to be careful around boys, they have more turn-on buttons than a 747!" :chuckle
  10. by   joyflnoyz
    From my aunt, when my 1st child was born ( now a 20 yr old Jr at Texas A&M!)

    "If you get enough sleep you can handle anything!"

    I think this is the only piece of advice given tht has stayed with me!
  11. by   Jenny P
    My tag line says it best!
  12. by   ptnurse
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Never start a fight. And never walk away from one.

    My father always told us the same thing. It has served me well over the years.
  13. by   l.rae
    hope for the best....expect the worst...you'll never be dissapointed.......(my mom)...........LR
  14. by   baseline
    Heather....I read your posts all the time. And this is advice I live by...............in addition to my father's advice of "You should never try to make an enemy......but if you choose to.......you better damn well know who they are and how they're made!"