Happy Tax Day 04/15/05

  1. Happy Tax Day..............

    We are going to a conference today on Pulmonary Assessment in the Critical Care setting at one of the other hospitals.
    And Saturday is Farmer's Market Day again............just love going there, especially now that the weather is in the mid 70s to 80s and sunny..
    Sorry to those of you out east and in Colorado with the snow and rain....

    Early to bed.............take care................ :Melody:
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    mornin' suzanne and those to follow!

    i suppose it's a happy tax day if you're due for a refund.
    and not so happy if you have to pay uncle sam.

    over these past sev'l months, i've lost alot of weight so all my clothes were hanging off me.
    in the summer, i don't wear shorts but summer dresses/skirts. i just find them so much more breezy and comfortable and less restrictive.

    you know what type of dresses i'm buying? vintage- i've already received 2 summer dresses from the 50's. they're sooooo feminine.
    before i was definitely schleppy/baggy/undefined.
    now, for some unknown reason, i want to redefine my image.....can't wait til summer or much warmer weather gets here. no 60's, 70's or 80's but focusing on 40's/50's era. and even when the fall comes, i'll be still hunting down clothes from the aforementioned eras.

    ok. we haven't had breakfast for awhile. top of the list: maypo and coffee ; how about some champagne w/your oj? then we have some quiche, omelettes, fruit salad, an array of muffins, bagels w/cream cheese or salmon spread, blueberry pancakes, french toast, captain crunch and belgian waffles. to quench your thirst; oj, v-8, white grape juice, milk with strawberry or chocolate flavoring. did i forget anything? oh. gerber's rice cereal, cream of wheat, oatmeal, wheaties or raisin bran. no veggies, yay!

    hope everyone has a lovely friday.
    will play catch-up later.

  4. by   Spidey's mom
    I'll have to wait a few hours to eat some of that lovely breakfast Leslie.

    Happy Tax Day my eye . . . :angryfire Having to send Uncle Scam a potload of my money tomorrow. And pay the accountant.

    I'd better get to bed. Happy Friday.

  5. by   nursemary9
    happy tax day to all!! :d

    leslie, thank you for that most wonderful breakfast!! i hope you don't mind, but i'm going to add a beer:biere: :beercuphe just in case weetzie
    checks in!! boy i miss her!!
    leslie, i hope you will post a pic in one of your new (vintage) outfits.
    i love clothes from that era!! how have you been, by the way. i haven't been around here too much lately.

    suzanne, that conference on pulmonary assessments sounds like it might be good; we get so many pt's with pulmonary problems--even if we're not intensive.

    stevie, sorry you have to send all hat money to uncle sam & preparer!! it just isn't fair sometimes.

    well, my dh will pick me up in about 5 hrs. & off we go to points south--as i've been saying all week!! we hope to make it to memphis by about 3 pm. then on to biloxi on sat. morning. you guys have to be so tired of hearing about this trip!!
    but just wait, till i start sending daily updates!!
    i've just been printing out some real estate adds for the biloxi/ocean springs area. that's one of the reasons for this trip is to look at real estate & jobs in both this area & in the panhandle of florida. i hope we find something promising. we would like to move to one of these areas sometime next year. dh loves the golf in this area.

    well, better get back to work--less stress tonite as i'm not charge.
    busy, but tolerable.
    you all have a wonderful day!!
    i'll see you all later!!

    mary ann

  6. by   DDRN4me
    ????? happy???? tax day?? not for me...due to a stock refund, the irs has more of my money in the bank than me!!! then our yearly car insurance renewal due, ugghhh now i know why i work so much steph, i'm with you!

    other than thal, life is good! thanks for the great breakfast, leslie!!
    one more day till a week off !!!!!! dh informed me last night he may be going b ack to korea for 3 weeks....offered t o pack for him! (he's been home about 6 weeks..too long for me!
    dd and her bf found an apt, and will be taking my bailey will have to work on dh more about another dog.

    mary...hope you have a great vacation, looking forward to your updates!
    suzanne, enjoy your conference!
    to all those who come, have a great day and weekend! mary
  7. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Steph, Mr. Bush didn't help you out this year??? j/k Sorry to hear you have to pay so much. I know the feeling, I pay all year being classified as single without dependents. I may be broke throughout the year, but only once did I have to pay at tax time.

    Mary, have a great time!

    I'm off to a "Preceptor Workshop" that's 6 hours today. Woo Hoo!
  8. by   nursemary9

    I went to a Preceptor Workshop last year. It was one of the best seminars I ever went to.

    Thought I would not learn anything as I had precepted for years, but found the class extremely informative & so interesting. It was 8 hrs--that flew by!!

    Hope yours is good.

    Mary Ann
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hello everyone. Today my gramps would have been 99....he predated "Tax Day" so to me, it's Gramps' Day, not Tax Day.....He was always amused they chose HIS bday to make it "the day"....We filed a month ago, so no worries here. I just always get nostalgic and a bit sad on this day cause I miss Grampa so much.......

    Hope all is well. Its rainy (surprise) here in Seattle, but we need it. Off to go shopping for food and get ready for a long weekend at work, sigh.

    Take care and all of you have a good day/night.
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    good morning dear hearts
    next year i am going to pay up in feb this year has been a mess..the on line thing i had i don't know if the payment has been made..they sent me a paper and said i would have to mail it in and then get confirmation from irs some time in future
    if i go to jail will try and post from a 9x12 concrete condo
  11. by   presC.
    hi to all, just checking. it's late in the evening here and will go to bed now.. i'm excited for tom. bec. my dh & i will visit our puppy at my sister's place..

    *too sleepy. (yawn).

    have a nice life everyone!
  12. by   leslie :-D
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rr............i am so *******' aggravated. :angryfire

    i went on an interview today for an oncology nurse with an extensive orientation program; chemo training, certification, the whole nine yards.
    i was told on the phone it was days w/some (but very few) noc rotations.

    i interviewed first w/human resources. that went great.
    then i had to take a competency test (nsg- not mental ) and did surprisingly well.
    then i met w/the nurse mgr and we talked around 45 minutes; we just clicked great and she offered me the job on the spot EXCEPT that it's for nocs with occasional days...and i can't do nocs if i'm going to be a single mom in the future. shoot, i'm so frustrated. the pay was great, even for orientation then they give you a substantial raise after that.

    damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

    and how was everyone else's day?

  13. by   Tweety
    Sorry to hear about that Leslie. Don't wish people would be honest from the get go so you don't waste your time and their's.

    The workshop today was o.k. Much of the material was repetitive, but a good review if I'm to orient new grads and students, now that I'm on day shift.

    Gotta go to the grocery store and then probably am going to chill for a while.
  14. by   jnette
    Well, Fam.. believe it or not, but I'm going to bed. Yes, it's only 5:30 pm, but for some reason I was NOT able to fall asleep last night ! The last time I looked at the clock it was after midnight.. and I had to get up at three ! :angryfire

    So yes.. I'm absolutely dead dog tired. Went and had my hair trimmed after work, just made an English Muffin, and now it's off to sleepyland !!!

    Mary.. you're probably in Memphis having supper right now.. HAPPY VACATION !!! The long awaited day hath arrived !

    Leslie.. what a BUMMER about the job ! :stone That's really bites. What a shame. Truly. ((((((HUGS)))))) Have you heard anymore about the one with the Russian Docs? What about the acute dialysis offer?

    Well, guys.. I'm really outta here. Can't keep these peepers open any longer.
    Catch up with you all tomorrow, K ? G'nite!