Happy Sunday, 20th May!

  1. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning folks!

    This here is our Good Morning thread. Come one! Come all! Stop by for a chat.

    How is everyone doing? I had driver's ed class yesterday. The instructor was a hoot.
    And what tickled my funny bone was the fact that my CEO was also part of the class. Guess "The Suits" also have to face life's little consequences like the rest of us folks, huh?

    Well, right after driver's ed, I had to drive Mother off to the airport. She's going home after spending two whole months here.

    Now I dearly love my Mother and all but at the end of those two months, I was starting to remember all those reasons why I was in such a hurry to leave home in the first place :uhoh21:

    I'm still trying to plan my vacation end of this year - my cousin is getting married and I haven't had a break in 3 1/2 years. I sorely need a holiday for my mental stress and I'm planning on taking three whole weeks off What's more, my brother got married two years ago and I was unable to attend the wedding thanks to nsg school! :crying:

    The whole extended family has met my sister-in-law..... except me!!! Bah!

    Here's your song for the day...


    That's a scary amount of talent on one stage!

    Be back soon. Need a snack!
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Roy and Good Morning to all who follow.

    I should be getting to bed - we went to the last night of my daughter's play, "The Evil Dr. Devereaux". Got home late.

    "Driver's Ed"? . . . . as in you got a ticket?

    My #2 son is in the running for most speeding tickets of a young adult male in the State of CA. He has had to attend traffic school twice.

    I'll post a photo of my daughter and two castmates/friends in the gallery.

    My daughter is in the middle . . .now imagine her with her natural auburn hair.

  4. by   TCRNCOB61
    Good morning all. I am sitting here at 2:30 am oncall for L&D (hoping not to be called in), waiting for the phone to ring. I am on till 7am. I never sleep well when I am oncall.

    I am getting to play with my new laptop tho..... that's been fun. This is the first one I have ever had and it's taking some getting used to. I have had it 4 days now and I am still loading stuff (read...games, music, pictures.....). It came with the new vista so I really have no clue what I am doing.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

  5. by   Spidey's mom
    On call for OB . . . . .

    I hate that . . . .

    Hopefully you don't get called.

    I attempted to watch SNL and it was gross about a dog and . . . nevermind.

    Watching Cosby reruns instead . . . should be in bed. Not sleepy though.

    Good video Roy . . . .

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  6. by   Grace Oz
    Good afternoon from Down Under! It's been an overcast and cold sunday here. Oh well, it is almost winter afterall!

    I've made several attempts to upload some pics from our trip to Sydney, but alas! I'm not having any success! I'll keep persisting.

    It was lovely to go on holiday. It's equally lovely being home amongst my own "things" again.

    Spoke with DS last night. He's still deployed with our defence force. Was good to hear his voice. Hopefully he'll be headed homewards in the near future. *fingers crossed*.

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe sunday!
  7. by   ertravelrn
    Good Morning One and All,
    Four more hours until the shift ends and all is "Q" here.
    One more shift, then off for home.
    Countdown of three shifts left in this assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love to all
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Quiet . . . . .

    (I'm not superstitious).

  9. by   nursemary9

    Hi All,

    I'm at work also; It is also on the "Q" side here tonite. We have only 15 pt's. However, the ENTIRE computer system is down tonite--scheduled down-time. SO, everything has to be down on paper. We do it so seldom, that we kind of forget what to do.
    Oh well, I'm caught up for now.

    We also had a Birthday potLuck for one of the Nurses tonite--TONS of food; all kinds of great stuff.

    Roy, I'll have to wait to hear the song till I get home, as they block out YouTube here at work;
    Same with Piccy's Steph!!

    I work again tonite, so I have nothing special planned for the day--even forgot to plan something for dinner!! Oh well, maybe DH has some ideas!!

    See you all later!!
    Hope everyone has a great day!!

    Mary Ann
  10. by   sirI
    good morning

    <----very much needed

    hope to rest today. and, ya'll have a great sunday.
  11. by   aimeee
    Good morning everyone! Hubby and I went to Barnes & Noble last night. Spent way too much on books but now I have the wonderful problem of finding it impossible to decide which to pick up first! Hope you all have a great day!
  12. by   jnette

    good morning to all !!! :d

    long time no see, roy ! and too early in the a.m. for cocaine.
    hope you get some quality time off.. it will be a welcome respite, eh?
    if you get to missing your mother, let me know..
    i'll send you mine for a month or two!

    well, speaking of.. i hear her stirring......................... better go see what's up.

  13. by   clemmm78
    It's nice and peaceful in our crescent once again. Last weekend, a neighbour started having an in-ground pool installed. The noise was horrendous all week from the trucks and equipment. They finished on Friday so we thought peace would reign. Nay, the gods say, thou shall not have peace. So, another neighbour decided to get rid of all his bushes from around his corner lot. ALL day long yesterday, we heard the huge mulcher going. I thought I was going to go nuts.

    It's been very busy here, lots going on. Oscar has a new diary entry if anyone is interested, I'll post it.

    Today the sun is shining and it's 8 in the a.m. Let's see what the day brings.
  14. by   jnette
    OK...back again.

    Steph... that's a lovely pic of your dd and friends. I'm sure her hair will be a half dozen other colours yet again before she finally settles on one permanently, and then again, she may never settle on one. Ah well... there are worse things, right?

    Morning, Grace ! Sooooooooooooo glad you got to hear fom your ds. Always such a pleasure and relief.. how well I know! :kiss

    Enjoy being back home.. there's nothing like it!

    Aimee.. looks like you're well stocked in reading materials now. Can't remember when I've had time to pick up a book. Maybe when I retire? :stone

    Mary.. glad the noc was "q"........rare, but pleasant, eh?

    Hey there, Siri ! Enjoy that vat of java! Did you teach yesterday?

    I know I missed a few.. will have to go back and see. Not intentional, dear Friends.. you do know that, right? Right ! :icon_hug:
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