Happy Mothers Day!

  1. Here's to all of us who have birthed babies, loved babies, cared for babies, sat up all night with a sick child, helped a birthmom clean her house after a baby, held the hand of a mom who's child was ill or dying, perhaps even lost a baby of our own...

    my son Foster just came up and gave me a card and a kiss.

    Let me always remember the blessings of my children and all the other children who touch my life. They enrich me and fill me with overwhelming love.

    May all of you take a moment today for yourself....mother by birth, by love or by charge and give yourself a little bit of the love that you so freely give to others.

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  3. by   Gator,SN
    Thank you Kate and Happy Mothers Day to you also!
  4. by   H ynnoD
    Happy Mothers Day to You All!!!
  5. by   LadyT618
    Happy Mother's Day to all and here's a song my godmother always sings every year to all the mothers she knows, including mine.....


  6. by   Liddle Noodnik
    (Hi Donny, I see you on!)

    For all of us mothers

    While You Were Sleeping
    by Tara Simms

    While you were sleeping,
    I sat by your bed.
    I watched you
    as you smiled through your dreams.

    I traced your perfect shell ear,
    Touched every curl
    On your little head.

    I tried to sleep
    But the sound of your breathing
    Drew me back to your room.

    I couldn't resist
    The magic which tugged
    At my heartstrings
    And brought me to your side.

    I settled on the floor
    Once again.
    Back against the wall,
    Holding your tiny hand in mine.

    While you were sleeping
    I fell in love with you all over again.
  7. by   Tweety
    Happy Mother's Day to allnurses.com moms!!
  8. by   dianah
    Thank you, Zoe, that was a beautiful and touching poem you posted, and even though my kids are now teens, I so remember going into their rooms with the same awed feelings as the poem describes.

    Kate, what a great tribute to all who "mother"!

    Happy Mother's Day!! (I got plants to plant, woo-hoo!! )