Happy Mothers Day Grandmother

  1. To My Grandmother

    She was at her very best
    helping others through it all.
    Nurse, Mother, Grandmother
    She was to one and all

    Her tender hug and precious kisses
    made us feel so good.
    She gave of herself to everyone
    as no other could.

    I felt her kind and gentle face,
    Warm and soft as it touched mine.
    I never noticed how it changed,
    as it slowly aged with time.

    We left our childhood days behind;
    those years are just a memory.
    Now her place is in our hearts
    forever and eternally.

    The day our Lord called her Home,
    We wept so many tears.
    He said her work;
    as a nurse, mother, and grandmother,
    was needed now in Heaven.

    Though we can't see her now,
    we know she's still near.
    We may feel her touch, or sense her presence,
    or hear a whisper in our ear.

    And when the Lord calls my name,
    She'll be there...you'll see.
    My GuardianAngel is my Grandmother,
    and she will come for me.
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