Happy Mother's Day

  1. Just wanted to wish all those moms out there a happy day. I can only hope your weather is better than here in Western New York as I sit here listening to my furnace turn on. (High today of 45 and rain)

    To everyone without kids. Happy day to you too.:kiss :kiss
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  3. by   aimeee
    Same kind of weather here! But a good day to feel snug inside. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

    Some years ago, two days after Mother's Day, I found this crumpled in the bottom of my son's backpack:


    It still makes me smile.
  4. by   aus nurse
    Awwww Aimeee that is so sweet And what a great idea to take pics of those mementos...

    Reminds me of the handmade one my son gave me a few years back.....

    "My mum is special because she loves me" Had to reach for the tissues......

    Aren't kids gorgeous!
  5. by   kids
    Weather here is so-so...predicted 80 but the clouds keep rolling in.

    Came home from work at midnight last night to find my boys had cleaned the house

    Husband came home at 3 am (got off work at midnight) and informed that I am not his Mother or the Mother of his child so I don't get jack. Told me that taking my boys to get something is not his problem. No, he wasn't drunk. Nice way to let me know our marriage is going down the s**ter.

    Girl Child (21) brought me a pint of Baskin Robbins Fudge Brownie icecream and a card

    Boy child #1 (18) is finishing the prep on the garden space that was tilled 2 weeks ago while Boy Child #2 (17) and I go to Walmart for seeds and starts

    Going to go pick my Mom up later and bring her over for a while or just take her for a drive

    A**hole just called his ex-wife of 6 years to tell her Happy Mothers Day
    His son called me this morning to tell me Happy Mothers Day

    Sorry to dampen anyone elses Day.

    I am really f***en devistated and am having to smile like all is right with the world when what I really want to do is scream and cry and throw things and hit him. I just want to crawl back into bed and die. It hurts just to breathe and I really needed to get it off my chest.

    Nancy, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a bad time. It sounds like you have some great kids though, even some of them that aren't biologically yours are appreciative of what you do. Try to keep that in mind when those trolls we call men get you down and take you for granted.

    Happy Mother's Day from me to you :kiss

    And Happy Mother's Day to all of the rest of you too!

    i also want to wish you :blushkiss a very happy mother's day & hope that your day get better. hey , let's not forget that father's day is soon approaching...& what goes around....

    i would also like to extend to all moms out there...happy mother's day .

    not to leave anyone out whose haven't had the chance of becoming a mom yet, who are perhaps godmother, to those single dads who are both mom & dad, or to those who are mom's to their loving pets...happy mother"s day !!!
  8. by   FritoPie
    It is a pretty lazy Mother's Day for me! Although there are tons of boxes everywhere that need to be unpacked - right now I just don't care. Moving them yesterday was enough work for me this weekend! It is SOOO HOT here about 100 (Texas weather, we skip winter, fall, and spring all together you know, hehehe) - so we are chillin' with the air kicked down inside. My husband is a sweet guy and I could not ask for better, but I must admit I bought my gift and gave it to him and he pretended he picked it out so our son could see me "surprised."

    Nancy, I hate that your husband is such a jerk! I do not know your husband, but most men hate it when they try to make their wife's life hell and it doesn't phase her. I do not know if you want advice or not but I am going to give you a bit and if you do not want it you can ignore it, but I can tell your in pain and it just would not be me like me not to try to help. So, if I were you I would ignore his rude comments to show him he just can't get to you anymore. Walk around the house feeling proud of yourself and have that I know I look as good as "you think" I feel attitude. Be happy in general and don't let him get you down. Go places with friends and do not ask him to go. Go out and have a good time and do not ask him to go. Always show a great deal of self confidence and self respect even in moments of usual weakness, this intrigues men and will probably cause one of two reactions - he will either wonder to himself wow, what's gotten into her and begin to pursue you once again or he will push harder with his hatefulness, and if that is the case you will need to make a major decision about your life. You will need to decide if you want to deal with this treatment any longer and no matter what you might be thinking or what he might say to you - please remember that everyone deserves to be happy in life and we really are not here for long so make the best of it while you can!
  9. by   LilgirlRN
    Happy Mother's Day from Alabama, where it is 9 million degrees farenheit and the humidity is 177%!! This day is between us mommies and our children, don't let anyone else (especially a**holes) ruin it for you. Wendy
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  10. by   Kimt
    Aus Nurse. Thanx had a chance to connect with your friend. Lookin out for you on the forums.... Talk to you soon. Kim
  11. by   aus nurse
    No worries Kim, glad MHN was of help!

    Mega hugs to you nancy(((((((((((((((((nancy)))))))))))))))))))))) That a$$hole is just plain MEAN and he does not deserve you.

    Sure hope you are feeling better:kiss