Happy Monday, Sept 18, 2006

  1. Finally, a new week. This last one was just hell; I'll share details later, but I need a break. Or a drink.

    Grab some coffee, sit down and share! I'm gonna see if I can sleep.

    Love and peace to you all.

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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Don - I've got a glass of wine poured and I'll join you in that break.

    Seeing that it is only 9:12 p.m. Sunday night - I'll have to wait to wish everyone a Happy Monday but I too look forward to a new week. Actually, Sunday is the first of day the week so, the new week is a day old:wink2:

  4. by   dianah
    don, good to see you, and you know you can vent to us anytime! hope you get some time to unwind, and that things are looking up.

    steph, i just had some crumb-top apple pie that i bought at oak glen, after we'd played our music. it's apple season there, and the pie was delicious, thanks for asking!!

    we just got back from jazz rehearsal, have another one tomorrow evening (program is sat nite.). still need to press a few things, and change one bed's sheets, so will sign off with a good morning to all who follow (grace, where are ya??? coooooeeeeeeeee!).
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Good Morning!

    Gosh guys, I've been soooooo busy - it's just crazy. I've still got a very nasty, nasty, nasty head cold. No fever - yet. But I feel all "blech" - KWIM? :stone

    Here's a very nice song.

    It's by a band called Dire Straits - and they were my very first "band". Even before I heard of Pink Floyd, The Doors, U2 or Scorpions.

    They sounded great then... and they still do. he lead guitarist is Mark Knopfler - perhaps one of the 5 greatests guitarists the world has ever seen

    Gotta head to bed - it's Uncle's birthday today ...
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  6. by   Grace Oz
    cooeee! i'm here, di! just completed a busy busy day and am soon to go and prepare and cook our tea (evening meal) lol
    g'day everyone!
    hope the week ahead brings good things for all.

    ds arrives on wednesday night! it's been 8 months since we saw our only son! sssoooo looking forward to it!
    the new carpet gets laid over two days. we've been shifting furniture today in readiness. what a job! phew! can't wait to see my house with lovely new carpet installed. been wanting it for sssoooo long!
    ok, must dash!
    don, hope this week is better for you! sorry you had such a lousy one last week.
    steph, glass of wine sounds inviting! enjoy!
    roy,get well soon!
    take care everyone!
  7. by   jmgrn65
    good morning all or good night what ever is appropriate
    just getting my ds up for school then maybe back to bed for a bit:zzzzz
    i work later in the skills lab.
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Mornin', y'all!

    I have to jump in the shower in order to go to school to get a bed bath. :chuckle (...Bought a 1-piece shorts-type leotard for the cause.) lol

    Hope your weeks/days get better Don, Roy, and everyone!

  9. by   rninme
    Morning all !!

    DH decided to take the day off today....one of the joys of self-employment!! Snoozin' on the couch right now....shhhhh.....I'm trying to be quiet. Really foggy this morning....but supposed to be another beautiful day after it burns off.

    Need to do some research...but can't get my password to work on data-base libraries....typical.....going to have to call the college again this morning!!

    Not much else going on here....have to work tonight....so there is definately a nap in my future....but for now, need more COFFEE!!

  10. by   Tweety
    Good morning! I'm off today after a very busy weekend at work.

    I'm going to the gym in a few and studying. Bowling is tonight so there will be some fun tonight.
  11. by   CHATSDALE
    started raining about 20 minutes ago now it is really pouring
    still can't sleep but will be able to go check out a house that ds is thinking of buying to see if it leaks or how the drainage is

    i hope that what ever the problem is that it resolves itself...you don't need any stress at this point in your life..take care of yourself first

    glad to see so many people up and at em this early in the morning never believed in getting up early myself...when you have insommia in the morning you really have insommia

    might as well take a shower and start the day

  12. by   Tweety
  13. by   Katnip
    Oh Tweety, Ugh. Ick. Eww.

    Anyway, goodmorning, everyone.

    Don, whatever it was last week, I hope it's all done for now and things are going well for you.

    It's going to be hot today then supposedly cool off tomorrow. I want to see weathermen say it right for a change.
  14. by   sirI
    good morning ya'll!!

    thanks, don, for starting the gm thread. i agree, last week was the absolute pits and i'm hoping for a good one starting yesterday, the first day of the week.:wink2:

    feel better roy. this is lingering, hon.:blushkiss

    tweets, that picture made my sensitive tummy roll this a.m.

    need more java joe and will bbl........