Happy Monday! 11.25.13

  1. Happy Monday!

    Boy I am obsessing about having me some turkey lol... We had a church dinner mid-month with - turkey - it was only enough to whet my appetite lol...

    Hope you all have a marvelous Monday! I will probably spend a lot of it catching up on my writing. And being thankful I am not outside fr fr fr freezing! with the wind chill right now it is about 5*F ... shudder.

    Hope all are well! Lurkers please check in!
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Liddle and all who pop in,

    Thanks for starting us off this very cold day Liddle, I think I will be forced to get out my jacket for the first time. Love your little emoticon this morning. Hope you are doing well hon and may you have an inspirational writing day.

    We had a wonderful restful weekend, so lovely to just potter at home. Managed to get out several times over the day to run the dogs around so they were exercised and happy. Sure was better than nothing but it was brutal the times we were out there. Brrrrr

    I will be off the computer soon as I have to fill 5 day visits into 2 1/2 days due to IDG on Tuesday so I will not be long before getting ready then out the door early to get these visits done so it will be a long but productive day.

    Hope you all had a nice weekend no matter what you got up to.

    Keep warm, safe and happy this day.

    Much love to you all.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 6:24 AM (EST) here.

    Was on call last night, and was never called in. That meant many hours of unexpected and well-welcomed sleep. (Yea!!) I'm scheduled to work tonight so my routine will be the same for any work-night.

    It's cold outside. Before she left to work this morning, my loving wife said that it is 10 degrees outside! THAT's cold! (B-b-brrrrrrrrr!) Think I'll just stay warm and toasty inside today. Have no plans to go anywhere except to work later this evening.

    The choir sounded really nice for church, yesterday, and the rehearsals went well too. I must say that working with the choir, especially this time of year, always brings an extra familiar "warmth" as we learn Christmas anthems. Next Sunday marks the beginning of Advent. The Advent and Christmas music always sounds nice and is always welcomed.

    Sabby_NC - Glad to read that your weekend was restful. Seems like you're experiencing cold weather, too. Seems like you have a busy few days for yourself. Hope all goes well.

    Liddle Noodnik - Yep! It's almost Turkey Day! There sure are LOTS to be thankful for; lots of gratitude for many wonderful things in life. Spending time with family and friends and eating a warm-cooked meal with turkey is one of them. (Our "Turkey Day" is Saturday.)

    A warm welcome to all who travel here today. . . and warm wishes of Peace for all, too.

  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Liddle, Sabby, Ted.

    Off to work today, thankfully only a 3 day work week for me. Feeling a little stressed about everything I have to do in those 3 days, and about the work that might be waiting for me from Friday. But I'm trying to stay positive, and I know that some of that work can be put off until later if necessary.

    Got up quite late yesterday, went to see dad and then did some shopping and cooking for the week. Was too cold to spend much time outdoors. Thankfully it'll be warming during the week.

    My Thanksgiving plans have been finalized, going to my cousin's as usual. My sister is having Thanksgiving too, but she's having it at the same time as my cousin. Thought about doing both but the drive is pretty long and my sister said she doesn't expect us there given the drive. Have to be back home on Thanksgiving by 7pm for "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
  6. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    may you have an inspirational writing day.I have to fill 5 day visits into 2 1/2 days
    thanks, I hope so! it is always hard when I have to play catch up, bec. that's a lot of writing and it takes a while for inspiration to hit!

    Are you off and off call Thurs? What about the w/e?

    Quote from efiebke
    ...many hours of unexpected and well-welcomed sleep.
    The choir sounded really nice for church, yesterday, and the rehearsals went well too. There sure are LOTS to be thankful for; lots of gratitude for many wonderful things in life.
    YAY for good sleep! Mine is all choppy lately. I get enough hours usually but it doesn't feel like it.

    I am in choir in my church too. Boy the Christmas program is coming up quickly! A friend and I (she can play the songs) are getting in some extra practice Wed. that means I have to perform in front of someone almost solo but she doesn't hit me very often (those notes!)

    yes there is a LOT to be grateful for, a lot a lot! Thanks Ted for reminding me!
  7. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Joe NightingMale
    Have to be back home on Thanksgiving by 7pm for "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
    I love how you say "have to be," lol...

    Hope you enjoy your holiday!
  8. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all.
    Cold here, also. 22* this morning with hefty wind chill. Today I will do the bulk of T'day shopping. There may be a small group, but we have big plans. Besides we all want left overs to go home and feed us a few more days. Delaware has a sandwich known as the Bobbie. It is essentially a thanksgiving dinner on a hoagie roll. I never heard of it before moving here. We just called them turkey sandwiches. Anyway, all of us want to be able to make our own the rest of the week.

    OK, off to chase away the cold with good cheer.
    I almost forgot to wish all a good day. Be careful out there. The crazies are on the roads already.
  9. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning! Looks like it's chilly everywhere today. It was single digits when I got up this morning, but is supposed to warm up over the next few days. I'm not ready for this cold weather. My workload looks very manageable for the next 2 days, and then I'm looking forward to a few days off. I will not be hitting any Black Friday sales. Shopping that day seems like a special kind of H-E double hockey sticks to me. I hope to be sleeping off turkey that day!

    I hope all are warm and well, and today treats you kindly.
  10. by   Sabby_NC
    Hi Liddle I am only on call for Friday from 8A-5P but our office is closed for Thurs/ Fri for Thanksgiving. I do not want to leave any visits for Friday as that is really only for emergent needs.

    *puffs chest out* managed 8 visits today so that lightens my load for tomorrow and Wednesday.