Happy May Day EVERYONE !! Do you have

  1. memories of fun May Day celebrations when you were younger/or a child??

    We always had a May Day Festival on May 1st at my school. The children dressed up in costumes and we performed May Day dances around the May Pole (flag pole).....with long colorful ribbons, and alumni of the school would travel hundred of miles & plan for weeks to attend the May Day Parade and Festival.
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... very interesting..... See--May Day is similar(but, definately not the same) as a pagan holiday called Beltaine....
    we also dress up, and dance the maypole (but for VERY different reasons...)

    Its our way to welcome in the spring... and, the flowers, and little creatures... its just very cool
    oh-- if anyone is interested in attending a wonderful beltaine event in middle long island, NY, on this saturday PM me... or, for more info on beltaine.... pm me too.... (i like getting PM's... they're fun!)