Happy Holidays To All

  1. I want to wish my AllNurses Family a joyous and properous holiday season. I hope this greeting finds you well and in good cheer.

    I am just about done with all my shopping / wrapping with only a couple of "easy to find" items like PlayStation 2 and a gift certificate for a hard to buy teen @ Barnes and Noble. It sure has eased the stress level to be buying and putting away Christmas items over the last several months.

    My computer indexes of address info for those friends and family I do send cards to has really helped ease that once hard to accomplish task of Greeting Cards.

    How are your holiday activites going? Do you have anything to share that would ease the holidays for us all over the next 14 days?

    In peace,

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thank you and the same to you as well. i like the idea of gift certificates. i wait to the last minute to do my shopping. my children get money and a surprise present from me this year.
  4. by   nakitamoon
    happy holidays to you to nightngale !!! & to all my allnurses siblings,,,, hope this finds you all well,,, ready to enjoy the season!

    thanks to online shopping,,, my new found love of gift certificates,,,, (not 'in general ones',,, but specific gift items,,,, ) i am finished with shopping,,,, still need to mail out cards,,, & have all the celebration things to do at work,,, but enjoying the season,,,, so far stress free!!!!! which is wonderful!! my wish for you all the same,,,,,

    merry christmas,,,,, happy new year!

    ~ kitamoon,,,,
  5. by   renerian
    I am glad I signed up for the ecards! Thanks everyone!

  6. by   JedsMom
    Happy Holidays everyone. Hope yours are wonderful.
  7. by   nightingale
    uh.. what e-cards?
  8. by   JedsMom
    e-cards are greeting cards you send over the internet. There are many different sites where you can choose free "cards" to send to all your on-line buddies
  9. by   BadBird
    I tried to send e-cards but so many came back so I don't know if anyone got one from me. I just mailed my Christmas cards from the master list today so Happy Holidays everyone. I need to concentrate on finishing my cookies, cleaning and planning Xmas Eve dinner.
  10. by   1HonoraryNurse
    Happy Holiday Everyone!