HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! So . . . .What are your plans?

  1. I have to work Christmas, and so does the rest of my family, so were just gonna do the present thing on Christmas Eve, here, at my home, just like I LOVE to do every year *I hate traveling during the holidays*

    But before Christmas . . . on December 22nd I'm going down to visit my grandpa who is not doing well at all Thats going to be sad, since I have not seen him in a long time, and I have never seen him not well before.

    This is the first Christmas as a CNA. Our facility sure did get decorated up nice. I thought for a while that they were just decorating the outside with lights. Now there are colorful pictures painted on residents windows, a REAL Christmas tree in the resident dining room, and theyve got lights EVERYWHERE! especially down the employee hallway. I have a feeling that this will be a special Christmas for me. Most of my Christmases have been only of thoughts like "OHHHH what will I get for Chrsitmas" Although thats still a hot topic on my mind (HAHAHAHAHAHA) the real meaning is beginning to get through to me.

    Have a Merry Christmas EVERYONE!
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    I'm working Christmas, but one week from today (!) I'm picking my son up at the airport in Reno! He has a whole 10 days leave! One of the really nice people at this hospital I'm at now has invited all of the travelers to her house for Christmas dinner - don't have to cook anything, just show up and enjoy! Then after Christmas I have 4 days off before my son leaves, so I'm taking him skiing over in Tahoe! That (and probably/likely blowing my diet) is my plan for the holidays.
    I'll have Mon-Thurs. off the week of Christmas (worked Thanksgiving). I oretty much plan of eating alot, and then shopping alot!

    I reserve the first half of Christmas Eve for my mom, because it's her birthday. In the evening, we get together with hubby's side of family.

    Christmas day, we do Santa int he AM, my mom comes over and we do our thing, followed by breakfast. The rest of the day is for playing with your new toys!

  5. by   RN2BeIn2005
    woohoo, i have christmas eve, day and the day after off!! so i'll be wrapping, baking and shopping!
    other than that, just enjoying some time off
  6. by   Furball
    work, work, work........
  7. by   semstr
    Well I want to go to a lot of christmasparties and I have to go to one special (hubbys work, bbblllll, very stiff upperlip and all)
    and after that it is relaxing and enjoying with my family, my sis isn't coming this year, so it will be very quiet.
    But we will go for a few days to go skiing, YESS!!
  8. by   vashka25
    I fly out Wed to spend Christmas with my Dad and little sister (and nephew)......can't tell you how excited I am !!!!! Not to mention they don't have any snow!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

  9. by   hoolahan
    Church on Christmas eve, then I am doing Christmas Breakfast brunch at my house.

    Throughout the week, until New Years, we have invited small groups of friends over to drink and play poker or games, all kids welcome, it's just some fun.Not sure yet if we are going to hubby's Christmas party. I am skipping my work thing. Not to sound ungrateful, but it's a lunch waaaay up in NJ and husband's aren't invited. I just outright told my boss, I simply won't travel that far to socialize. I think they were pizzed, but tough!

    Then the annual NY eve party at my M-I-L. It is a corny affair where my F-I-L records snippets from country songs and we have a contest to guess who wins, there is a door prize for guess how many beans in the jar, and a peanut m-n-m spitting contest, whoever spits furthest wins a prize. We are all usually pretty toasted on the puch before we start that one! Then we settle in for some serious poker=playing until the ball drops. After the balls drops we play another round and settle up.
  10. by   Tweety
    work work and work Xmas Eve and Xmas Day 12 hour shifts.
  11. by   kristi915
    Weekend before Christmas my family usually gets together and we do our Christmas party thing. But, this year I will be going to my boyfriends family party, since he came to mine last year.

    Christmas eve, is usually spent at my house. My Gram and Grampy (dad's parents) come over, My sister and brother in law, brother and maybe his girlfriend (if they are still together....kinda wishy washy w/ them). We all get together here and eat shrimp, give gram and grampy their presents. Talk about good ol times and what not...

    THEN, Christmas morning my Grandparents come back down (they live RIGHT behind us) We wait for my sister and brother in-law, and brother to get here, then we start opening presents!! YAY!!!

    Then Christmas afternoon, I will be going to my boyfriends house so we can open our gifts from eachother...I made his mom a nice basket w/ candles and stuff for her kitchen and bed room!

    It's gonna be a stressful holiday this year though. My boyfriends mom is having her thyroids taken out tomorrow. One small slip and she could lose her vocal cords..... So, we're all worried about how she will be....
  12. by   nursedawn67
    I have to work my 6p to 6a shift Dec 23 and Dec 24. The kids are going to do something special for when I wake up the late morning-early afternoon on the 25th and then we are all going to my parents house to open gifts with the whole family. I'm off the 26th so I'm hoping to relax, then work again 27, 28 and 29.
  13. by   nurseman
    I get off 0700 Dec. 24 and go back to work January 6 at 2300.

    I'm feeling super organized because I actually have things planned out.

    Watching children open presents from Santa on Christmas day of course

    Family obligation this year is a Christmas brunch on the 29th and gift exchange after.

    (That way we can all get the boxing day sales!)
    Birthday party for twins on the 26th and shopping the rest of the day.
    Baby sit small horrible children on the 27th and possibly the 30th.
    On the 5th I'm having co-workers over for drinks.
    Dead bird thing for friends at a yet to be determined date
    The rest of the time will be spent in a drunken haze or studying for my exam.
  14. by   Beach_RN
    Christmas Eve... we are having my DH family over.... for a grand total of 15 adults and 9 kids!!!!!.. We have a big sit down dinner..

    Then my hubby dresses up as Santa..... and we hand out all the gifts.... The kids really believe it's Santa...it's sooooo cute!

    Christmas day.... We are going to church and vegging! My parents will be away on Vacation.... so my sister said she will come over that evening... I figured me and the kids will go see LORD of the Rings II....

    now the day after Christmas is a tradition! BE AT THE CHRISTMAS STORE at 6AM.... buy more holiday decorations,lights, Hallmark ornaments at 50 to 75% off..... then run to the mall and get the kids Columbia winter jackets for next year for $40.00!!!

    Then on Sat the 28th... we are going to NYC to see The Lion King... we got tickets for my parents, sister and her family.. and us... We are going to the Matinee... then doing an early dinner in the city... then go see the tree at Rockfeller... maybe even do some ice skating if the kids are still up to it!

    IT will be soooooo nice to not have to worry about studying.... I need a break!