Happy Earth Day, Friday April 22!

  1. It's just shy of midnight here, so I thought I'd post while others are snoozing or swamped at work (hang in there!).

    Hope you all have a good day!

    We went to jazz class tonite (Thurs), then over to the donut house to jam, which is why I'm up so late. Class has gone so late the last few weeks, we haven't made it over for the jam session, and dh wanted to run over since class was over at a halfway-decent time tonite.

    I picked up oldest son from school @ lunchtime. He'd been lightheaded on and off in the morning but better by the time we left for school. Then when he called at noon, he said he had a H/A and was nauseated. He rested at home all afternoon, said he was only dizzy when he got up and around. Ate OK. Didn't vomit.

    So, while we were at the donut house jam tonite, youngest calls at 10:20, informing me "I'm sick, and I'm staying home tomorrow," because he has diarrhea and stomach cramping. Poor kid. He was dealing with it OK (even without Mom being there!). (said in my best soap-opera stage voice) Tune in tomorrow, same time, same channel, for the continuing saga of "Who will stay and who will go? Will oldest ds vomit? Will he pass out? Will youngest dh EVER feel better?? Is the bathroom close enough to his bedroom, that he can make it safely? Will the cats be sympathetic? Is the flu contagious from humans to cats???" And remember to text in your vote ------------- but ONLY at the END of the program!! Thank you for tuning in!

    Sorry, I guess I'm tired and giddy. Yes, I did have a donut, and my sugar must be sky-high too. I best take myself to the shower and then to bed. Nitey-nite! -- D
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good Morning. My computer can't decide if it wants to be fast or slow this AM, but it's mostly slow.

    Dianah, hope you kids get well soon.

    Going off to work here soon. Otherwise just tired. My nocturnal dog woke me up about 2am just because she was awake and needed attention.

    Have a great day.
  4. by   presC.
    hi there tweety & dianah.:melody: :melody:

    my mil & i got a date early today (10am). we spent our 2 1/2 hours at the mall. we proceed at once to the bookstore and she bought crossword puzzle (she's 75yo). and she also bought a bag~ that's her collection. every time we visited a mall she "must buy" a new one. then, we had a nice lunch at chineese rest. and bought some belgian waffle for our afternoon snack. right now, it's 6:37pm, she's watching her favorite t.v. program. and me, just finished 2 vcd movies (kate & leopold and ella enchanted) how's that for a day? :dnow, will start my review.

    have a nice day to all who'll follow.
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  5. by   jnette
    ta-DAAAAAAAAAA !!!

    Good Morning from VA. Beach !!! :Melody: :Melody:

    Arrived yesterday about 1130 a.m., had a nice, uneventful drive up here. Unloaded the car, and hung around here the first hour or two..they have a lake about10 yards from their apt's back patio door, so we threw out a blanket and some lawn chairs, and just sat and soaked up the sunshine, watched the ducks (with brand new teensey baby ducklings!) swim by, the geese and swans... very peaceful.

    Then drove down to the beach which is only about a mile or so down the road.. was sunny but still quite cool down at the water. brrr. The dogs LOVED it.. Annabelle had never been to the beach, and she just took off, laughing,running, and snapping at the waves, she just let loose.. arthritic hips and all.. you'd have thought she was a young pup again. And of course Adam's puppy Lucy following suit. It was a good time.. just to smell the ocean air again and hear the waves and watch the dogs romp and play.

    Then last night I took the kids all out for Adam's B'day dinner.. went to Joe's Crab shack on the waterway.. he had Alaskan King Crab (yum!) and I had a fabulous lobster/scallops/shrimp Seafood Linguini. Damn, it was all so good !

    Today we're going to see his base (the Naval Station) and this afternoon we're going to Bush Gardens if the weather cooperates.. kinda cloudy/rainy, but hoping it will clear off.

    Ok.. that's my update from here !
  6. by   akcarmean
    good morning all,

    going to spend time with the baby today & kids get out @ 11:15 today. i am officially on break just waiting for my final grades i really need this break.

    for those who have been here and those that are coming i hope you have a great day/noc.

    it is cloudy, rainy and about 60. temps not bad just the rain.

    well baby is pulling on my shirt so gotta go.

    check in later.
  7. by   Katnip
    Good morning, everyone. It's all rainy here this morning, but that's ok. I have some errands to run and laundry to do, nothing exciting.

    Ahhh, Virginia Beach. We've been going there every July for 17 years. I love the place.
  8. by   PennyLane
    Good morning everyone. Virginia Beach sounds lovely. I've never been there myself.

    I had an eye appointment this a.m. to be evaluated for Lasik. They gave me the green light, so now I have to decide if 1. I'm brave enough to do it and 2. if I can afford it.

    I'm singing in a concert tonight and I hope my pupils have constricted enough by then for me to see my music. :Melody:
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    DIANAH i hope your little ones are feeling better soon
    tweety your dog has not adjusted to day shift yet
    penny i am thinking about a eye surgery myself, i cannot adjust to glasses d/t the intense difference between my eyes...i would hate to have surgery and find that i feel the same as when i put on glasses...only not able to take them off
  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    Happy Earth Day, everybody!

    I'll always remember the very first Earth Day, back in 1970........I was in sixth grade, and about 20 of us from my school volunteered to clean up a section of the Old Julian Highway (in my hometown of Ramona, CA) to mark the occasion. We actually got out of afternoon classes for this......I remember how hot and thirsty we got---luckily, we were provided with all the 7-Up we could drink!---how we girls actually got to wear JEANS to school (that was back in the day when we still had to wear dresses or skirts), and how sweet it was when we finished our work. The highway looked marvelous, we were all sunburned and tired, but we felt good about what we'd done to help Mother Earth that day.......and if truth be known, it was worth it just to be allowed to ride home on the bus slouched down in the seats, with our knees up on the seat in front of us and drinking our 7-Up as the other kids looked on with envy. It was the one time when I---then the perpetual last-one-picked-for-the-team---got to be one of the 'cool' kids....... :chuckle

    Have a great day everyone......off to work now, it's been Hell Week, but it's almost over, thank the Lord!!
  11. by   dianah
    Hi all. I took the other two to school (oldest ds and cousin), visited w/my friend, who is the kindergarten teacher @ school, stopped and got new drip irrigation hose for backyard (sprinklers haven't worked for a few years, and we haven't invested $$ to fix them), found a few shirts for me for the upcoming DC trip (now, I can't go in my old everyday grunge shirts, can I???? Don't answer that unless you agree w/me!), got home, . . . Youngest ds on computer and is coughing but no more diarrhea so far. I hooked the hose up (in the backyard, dear, in the backyard!) and started the dripper drippin'. So much for a truly exciting morning!!!

    Tweety , doncha love a cold, wet nose and a whimper @ 2:00 a.m.???!! But you've been CHOSEN, you MUST feel honored (yeah, right)! Our cat Fred, all 18+ pounds of him, will wake oldest ds up at 3 or 4 a.m., just settling on his chest, purring . . wanting attention . . .

    PresC , yum, chinese food!! And you certainly are organized, planning and purchasing your afternoon snack in advance!! Cute!

    Woo-hoooooooooooo, Jnette!! The lake sounds beautiful!! We have baby duckies in our ponds at work, they're so cute! and then there's THE BEACH!!! Yay!! I can just see those dogs enjoying with total abandon -- bet Annabelle hurt that evening, though, poor thing; AND, I bet they slept WELL!!! There is something special about listening to the waves crashing, and feeling the salt spray, and walking on sand, and seeing the horizon stretching out into forever . . sounds like a wonderful day! Thanks for letting us share it!

    CHATS and Tweety, thanks for the well-wishing for ds, I'm sure he'll be better soon. Kids bounce back faster than us old folks.

    Angie , enjoy your break!

    Kat , good to hear from you. Stay safe w/errands in the rain.

    Penny , Let us know what you decide re: Lasik. And, singing?? What singing??? Tell us about this concert, all the details and etc! I sing with dh @ church (just praise-type stuff) and in a jazz class. I wanna know about YOU!

    Marla , what a good memory, to have celebrated the first Earth Day by helping clean up . . . I was never cool either, growing up. Just in my own little world. And I have pockets of nice memories too. Growing up is hard; my mom told me, a long time ago, she tried to keep reminding herself (raising four kids by herself) that it's hard to grow up. Hope work improves and is not so helacious (or however you spell it!). The weekend is nearly upon us!!

    I'll check in again. I told work to call me if they needed me after 12:00, as dh would be home by 1:00, and I could leave ds and come in.

    Oh, and Leslie, it's difficult to describe "rooting," -- it's kind of a snuffling, low grunty-snorty/snory thing . . in my mind, that is.
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  12. by   lil' girl
    Hey there everyone. I had a super day. Was supposed to go to dialysis, but they had no patients so yipee I got to go to OR. Saw a lady get her tubes tied. But the highlight of the day was I got to see a C section!! Yaaaaaaayyy, all turned out great, and a bouncing new baby girl!!

    Jnette you are making me homesick, yes even after many years. I grew up in Gloucester, which as you know is just a hop, skip, and jump from Va. Beach and just a hop from Busch Gardens. I was there in March during spring break. I may just jump in the car and visit again during semester break. (That is if I can talk dh into watching kids for a couple of days.)

    And TGIF !! One more week, one more test and one exam!!!

    Have a good one!
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    *waving from sunny Seattle*

    Happy Earth Day everyone!
  14. by   akcarmean
    good afternoon everyone,

    baby is being clingy, oldest is suffering really bad from allergies. i have a really sharp pain in my right side about waist line that just wont go away.

    besides that the day is going ok.

    i posted a message late yesterday. i would appreciate it if some of you could read it and give me your opinion. my opinion is that she wasn't faking, she does see a counslor b/c of major issues at home, she is having a brain scan on monday. but i would appreciate the opinion of some nurses who have had more experience than i have.