Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. So here's the scoop. The last two weekends I got friends together we did stuff. Next weekend I'm having friends over. So I thought, "it's my birthday, I'll let someone else arrange the gang this weekend" since I'm always the instigator.

    Guess I'm home alone this weekend.

    You guys wanna throw me a birthday party today?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tweety, happy biiiithdayyyyy toooo youuuuuu!
  4. by   Rizpah
    :hatparty:hatparty::smiletea2::Melody:Happy birthday to you.
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    happy birthday tweety!!!!!

    today you can have your cake and eat it too!

    be sure and do something nice for yourself today.

    we luv ya tweety!

  6. by   suzy253
    Happy Birthday to my dear dear Tweety!!!
  7. by   rn/writer

    happy birdday to you!!!

    you da bomb, tweety. we love you.

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  8. by   muffie
    happy birthday tweety from your disagreeable irritating canuck neighbour
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  9. by   KJRN79
    Sure, I'll come to a party! LOL!!!

    We had a "surprise" party in one of my groups last week. We had the recipient's husband bring her in a drink at a specific time and we all yelled "surprise". and she was like "HUH?" What are you all talking about and why is Brian bringing me a beer? He should be in bed. LOL. Her poor hubby had been in a motorcycle accident two days before, had a concussion and she thought he had gone to bed like an hour before. But he got up to bring her the beer like we asked. I need to find a guy like that!!!

    Happy Birthday to You, Tweety!!!
  10. by   TazziRN
    Wow, first Fonenurse, then me, then Tweety Bird! May babies rock!!!

  11. by   Fun2, RN, BSN


  12. by   Ted
    happy birthday, tweety!

    and may there be many, many, many, many more celebrations!!

  13. by   CHATSDALE
    :smiley_aa ****** we love the tweety bird

    happy birthday
  14. by   donsterRN
    Happy Birthday, Tweety!!!