Halloween World Series Game!!!

  1. ok well........as much as i am a football man, i still like the baseball also! thing is.....i have been a cleveland indians fan , and always hated the yankees!
    i have to admit though.....tonights game was one of the best i have watched in a long, long time!!! :d
    the pre-game ceremonies with a president that doesn't lob the ball somewhere in the vicinity of the catcher, but throws it in! followed by the yankee stadium chanting
    u s a ! u s a !
    the game continued to be awesome with the 4-6-3 double play, seeming to be the huge defensive plays of the night for both teams, along with jose pasada being thrown out at home. the yanks almost bought it, d/t the errant throw to home plate allowing a run.
    tino martinez while only 1-3, had that 1 home run be the one to keep them in the game and at least carry it into extra innings if needed!!!
    the ending was the best part clearly, the yanks backed up, 2 outs and derick jeter comes up already 0-4, and we've all seen the superstars come up and heard people saying try someone else.........he's 0-4 yet........derick jeter stepped up...and he rocked the back's world with that 1 hit! to win the game! derick and his 1-5 did matter!!!!!
    hats off to derick jeter and the yanks............despite my being a
    cleveland indians fan!
    jeter rocked that stadium.............i would have done almost anything to be at that game tonight!!!!!

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  3. by   night owl
    hey rick, i would have done anything to be at tonight's game too, last night's and the night before, but especially tonight's! how could you hate the yankees after those two spectacular games??? they will lose the next game in az , but will win the 7th! my guess lol

    me :d
  4. by   CEN35
    i guess we'll see?