Halloween party costume...

  1. Happy, Happy ZUzi today, one of the ZUZI's days that she will remeber all her life. Just pray to God and God fulfill a big Zuzi american wish.

    Thank you God!

    Muaaaaaah and hugs all over!

    So let's party and be prepared for party!

    What costume you will have for Halloween party?
    Zuzi will be.....a.....GIPSYYYYYYYYYY, loooool!

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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    throw a white sheet over me and put on a hat

    seriously i just sit in a lawn chair and give out the candy
  4. by   bethin
    I don't trick or treat but I will dress up for our LTC's Halloween party this weekend. I am wearing my colt's blue scrubs and painting my face with a colt. Also wearing a blue wig.

    Going to try to paint my hands blue and white too. Don't know how it will stay on though - maybe paint just for the party.