Hairy problem. Need help.

  1. So, anal waxes...what's the word on the street?

    Kidding. Okay, here's the neverending, old-as-the-hills debate. My hair. You may not be aware of this, but I have a hair dilemma. I am being wishy-washy on this, and need your suggestions!!

    I have had short hair, long hair, and in-between hair. It's been every color known to man except grey (all in good time, people!), in every possible style, etc. When I started out as a nurse, I immediately cut my hair off in an attempt to look more professional. I had LONG hair; I cut it to my chin. Despite the cut, it ended up flat by morning (night shifter, here) and looked...well, unprofessional. It gets hot on our unit; we have to keep the general temp up in the nursery. I work hard. I sweat. Strands get sticky and all that. PLUS I didn't think I looked so great with short hair. I figured, at least if it's long I can pin it away from my face. So I grew it out.

    It's been growing over a year now, and I have layers in it, but also have a new dilemma. If I style it down, it's over my shoulders...ladies who have long hair will know that there are strands falling out here and there, sticking to my uniform, etc. It gets in my face, I'm constantly tucking it behind my ears, etc. So I put it in a ponytail (which makes me look like a five year old...have a baby face), where it hangs limp and dull and my forehead seems to be getting taller from all the tension on my delicate strandage . Or, I twist it and clip it with a big clip, letting the top flow like a fountain. By morning it is a trickling fountain, hanging limply, and I have baby strands escaping all over the place, leaving me look like a frazzled and extremely overworked five year old.


    Everyone at work says, oh, your hair is so pretty, it looks so much better long (which it's simply a matter of being more flattering). I *know* that short hair made my face look fuller, which in turn made me more self-conscious. My hair is straight as a board, and doesn't hold flip or curl for more than a few hours. I really feel that my hair makes me look unprofessional and not pulled-together, which are things I value at work. To be taken more seriously and all that.

    My husband absolutely, from past experiences, will NOT comment on this topic, and I find myself endlessly debating....myself!!! So, all of you people who think that this is a ridiculous discussion, move it along. All the rest of me! :imbar
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  3. by   emily_mom
    I didn't think this was a question about hair on your head at first....haha

    Seriously though, have you considered getting a body wave or something that gives your hair a little oomph? You sound like you have fine thin hair like me, and that's the only way I've been able to grow my hair out. Otherwise, it just looks like a wet dog by the time I'm done with work.

    What about your hair products? They might be weighing your hair down and making it look limp. Ask Heather...she's the hair product queen.

    Do you have layers?
  4. by   Shamrock
    How about braiding it back?
    Dood... it's all about the products. What have you used?
  6. by   Lausana
    Ah, I hear you I have hair that just keeps growing since I don't know what to do with it. I actually cut an inch off over the weekend...probably looked like I was going to commit hair suicide holding the scissors to my hair trying to be brave. But only ended up trimming

    I don't know how anyone's hair would hold body in the heat like New Orleans though! Hopefully someone's got a good product suggestion.
  7. by   Mimi Wheeze
    I have a ton of hair, but it's fine hair. Not condusive to many decent hairstyles.

    My hair is very layered, and it also gets thinned out and texturized when cut. The texturizing really helps my hair not get so flat and gives it some body. They use special scissors with notches in them to texturize. My stylist says texturizing helps with most hair types. Have you ever tried that?

    My hairstyle would be considered the "messy" look, kind of scrunched by hand when blow drying, and I use a tiny dab of hair wax on the ends to define peices. Also, I use a root booster before I blow dry.
  8. by   NurseWeasel
    I've had great success with the "BIG SEXY HAIR" products, especially the Root Pump and Hairspray. They last a long time for me, which is saying a lot since most products don't.

    Yesterday, first day after spring break and class didn't start til 4 pm. I walk in with my hair down (it's long, but I usually don't mess with it - just pull it back & go) and scrunched & curly & big (lol) and people asked if I got a perm over spring break - I had to admit that no, - I just actually DID something with it for a change, lol.
  9. by   NICU_Nurse
    I may have found the solution... a hat, perhaps?

    Seriously, though. I really like the messy look, made more appealing by the fact that I work hard at work (dur!) and the less perfect it has to look, the better. I have rather long hair now, the longest part in the back reaches the top of my bra clasp. It's pretty layered, longest layer can tuck behind the ears. I shampoo it daily, condition twice weekly (Bed Head products for dry hair, as otherwise my hair turns to frizz and straw). I use nothing for styling until it's dry; then I shake it out, use a tiny bit of glossing serum for shine and piecing (sp??), and a light spritz of ARtec aerosol to hold the flippier, layer-ier pieces. Despite the attempt at layering, it still seems to be too heavy, as my head gets hot (yes, I know...sounds ridiculous but with radiant warmers baking down on me all the time I sweat my ass off sometimes) and it ends up flat and limp by midnight. This is an issue with me, honestly... I love the look of shorter hair, but my face is full in the cheeks (think Alvin, Simon, and Theodore) and I just feel...naked...with shorter hair. Not that I'm opposed to getting it cut, as I sometimes feel (note: wishy-washiness) that someone should wear whatever hairstyle they like with no regrets, but then other times (there it is again!) I see people and think, Shoot, she'd look so much better if she just did it this way. I think that's my mother talking. :>) I've thought of a perm/body wave, but haven't had that done since high school and honestly am afraid of the results. I mention it to DH and he sighs and goes on a rant about his mother and her poodle-phase. I thought, hey, if it's long, I can clip it up and look clean and polished but still enjoy it when I'm off. But I don't look clean and polished, I look frayed and frazzled. A halo of little strands that make me look like Albert Einstein. BTW, I want to thank every single one of you for not rolling your eyes after reading all of this. I knew there were bound to be SOME women out there who could relate. Sistahs unite! Rah! etc. :>P
  10. by   Lausana
    :chuckle at the Albert Einstein reference! In the summer humidity sometimes I get those curly Qs around my face. ICK!

    Rant away, you're inspiring others
  11. by   karenG
    I have the same problem! my hair is thick and just past my shoulder- if I dry it properly it goes into big waves..wild child style! but need to do something with it for work! never had hair this long before so its a whole new learning experiance!!!!

    wish we had some of your hair products over here!!

  12. by   Hidi74
    I am normally an anti perm girl. But I do texture perms on some of my clients and they love them. They are not rolled on traditional perm rods but velcro like rollers( about the size of a hot roller). You had said that you have had colors as well. Do you have any now? Highlights always add texture and lift! Also someone hd mentioned texturizing the hair........Awesome. I highly recommend this if your stylist knows how to do it. Also if your hair is going limp that could be that your products are weighing your hair down. ALWAYS switch out your shampoos every 2 days or so. I have 2 kinds and I switch up...... The bed head products are great. Maybe just go get a chelating or stripping shampoo. These strip all the gunk off your hair and make it more receptive to styling. Do this maybe once a week or so!
  13. by   sunnygirl272
    must have peek-churs to comment...
  14. by   Stargazer
    I agree that the body perm might be worth a try. You really don't have to get any curl in it at all if you want, just volume and texture.

    Is your hair too layered to just put up in a fairly disciplined french braid or french twist? (Substitute "freedom" for "french" wherever you feel so inclined).