1. Okay---Since we are on the subject of hair---I am going crazy since they stopped making Biolage Firm Active hairspray. My hair is super thin and I need STRONG hairspray to hold it. I mean, I want stuff that will stop a bird in flight!! I have tried SOOOO many! Any suggestions on some good shellac that will hold up through a windstorm?
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  3. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    I use "Hold It" from Sally's Beauty Supply, the best hairspray I've found to fit the description you're needing.
  4. by   Gator,SN
    This reminds me of another thread where I think it was mentioned that AquaNet is the gold seal for stopping any bird in flight! Shellac in a windstorm would just about describe this hairsparay...just ask anyone who survived the 80's.

    Good luck with the search!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I usually forego hairspray in my curly hair and simply use Sebastian gels/pomades. I hate the smell/feel of most hairsprays. They stink.
  6. by   lynn1967
    Unfortunately, I need the spray for my "80's bangs." Would love to get rid of em but just can't bring myself to have my bangs flat--it just looks terrible to me!! I've tried the Aquanet--dosent seem to work for me.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    can you grow out the bangs? they are high-maintenance things after all. all my hair is one length, just past my shoulders MUCH easier to keep up. MUCH easier to vary styles, too.
  8. by   Mkue
    Vavoom.. by Matrix
  9. by   deespoohbear
    I am with SmilingBluEyes...I don't use hairspray on my curly hair. Just gels and such....

    My Mom uses Paul Mitchell Freeze (or something like that). Says it works pretty good....

    I remember AquaRock (uh, Net). That stuff was wicked on my hair.....
    Proforma by Matrix.
  11. by   lynn1967
    Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried Vavoom-by the way, the shampoo used to smell wonderful--then they changed it!! And I've tried Paul Mitchell--no luck. My hair is really fine-but I have a lot of it if that makes any sense!! There is a Redken one that works okay but dosen't quite hold as strong as I need it too. Damn those people for discontinuing Biolage Firm Active!!
  12. by   Hidi74
    Geez if ya want the hard stuff try the arosal that stuff will freeze bangs in Texas heat!!!! Bed head also make a spray called Hard Head and boy is it hard!!!!
    The grocery store stuff may be hard, but it's heavy. and it doesn't hold from the root, but from all around, like a helmet.
  14. by   RED_ALERT37
    I am having a "Something about Mary " moment..... opps did I say that out loud !!!!