Had a bad week - so I went shopping

  1. I am a new RN and have had a really bad week. I just love and respect my preceptor and she has been great. I feel confident that I am doing a good job. There are nurses at the hospital who are considered "strong nurses". These ladies are experienced, good at what they do and are refered to as "strong nurses" by the docs and other members of staff. These nurses tell me I am doing a great job.

    The problem is that there is about 60% strong nurses and 40 % of nurses who make a big loud deal about any percieved infraction or anything they do not like. They are negative and seem to be going out of their way to make my life and anybody elses miserable. My theory is that they are lacking and trying to draw attention away from their job performance.

    Management seems very ineffective in dealing with these nurses and I find my work environment to be less than adaquate for my needs. I am seriously considering a job offer from another hospital in which my friends work. They love the environment and think I would be happier if I jumped ships.

    But anyways, I regress.....

    So I have a few days off and I went shopping!!!!!! I bought a new lawnmower, a gas grill for my hubby and new bedding for my daughter. Her new bedding with matching valances is called "Dreamscape" and has fluffy white clouds over a beautiful blue background. Then we went and bought her a pair of K-Swiss shoes that she has been wanting, the one's with the reversible tongue.

    I used my new lawnmower and it started with the first pull!!!!!!!! It was like a dream come true. No more pulling, pulling, pulling on that darned cable to get the lawnmower to start. Did I mention it is shiny with bright red paint? Efficient and pretty.

    My hubby was so happy with his gass grill. I also bought some steaks so today he will be in grilling heaven. Usually I am very conservative about spending money. But not yesterday. It just feels so good to get new stuff.

    Thanks for letting me vent and for sharing my shopping happiness. The people on this BB are the greatest and I feel better just sharing my week with you all.
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  3. by   lisamct
    Sorry your having a bad time at work.
    There's nothing better than some serious retail therapy
    I went out after work today and bought some clothes for my new job and its certainly cheered me up no end

  4. by   RRMLPN
    Sorry to hear things are rough at work. Nice to know you have another alternative if things become unbearable though. Shopping is always good to life the spirits, glad you feel better
  5. by   BadBird
    Wow, your shopping trip sounds fun. Don't worry too much about the old cranky nurses, they are everywhere, many are envious of the younger nurses. Just continue to do a good job, no matter how good you are if they are in a mood they will pick on you, ignore them. They just aren't worth the air they breathe. One of my friends lableled the group she works with the "clansmen" because they stick together with their evilness.
  6. by   P_RN
    Don't let the biddies get you down. You've set up a nice little outdoor picnic area? OK when do we all get to come over?
  7. by   Rapheal
    Okay you guys, you can come over now-steaks on the grill and there's extra. If you can't make it today, come on over any time.
    If you come over and I'm not here-just make your way to the back and enjoy the pond. Throw in some fish food-the fish will appreciate it.

    If you come later in the season, help yourselves to some herbs from the herb garden. They are there to use, so don't worry about grabbing some. The tarragon is my favorite. Use it in soup or throw it on the charcoal or coals from the grill when your grilling chicken or steak. The sweet spicey smoke adds alot of flavor to the meat.

    Well gotta go-The meats almost done. I'll put the rest in the fridge for if your late.

  8. by   MelRN13
    Your shopping has even made me feel better!!!

    I'm planning on going in the morning, because I need some serious retail therapy.
  9. by   jnette
    Originally posted by TeleNurse_02
    Your shopping has even made me feel better!!!
    heeee ! Ditto ! Loved your post ! You really made me feel welcome to just "come on over" ! I can smell the steaks from here !
  10. by   plumrn
    Enjoy your new things! Jealous of all you who get to go shopping this weekend- I will be working. Have fun!