Habies and stuff for fun

  1. Instead of talking about work all the time, how bout we get off the subject and talk about our hobbies and what we do for fun:

    I play golf in the summer, which around here isn't very long, i like beer, good beer, and am a BJCP Registerd Beer Judge, I play guitar, mostly Hard Rock / Heavy metal, i was a teen in the self indulgent 20 minute solo guitar god 80's, and it's what i still listen to. I have a 4 year old son who just like to hang out with dad, which is pretty cool, and of course i'm an internet geek, usually surfing 3-4 sites at one time while d/l stuff form napster and stuff like that.

    Just realized i put habbies in the title, what the hell is a habby?

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  3. by   Q.
    Let's see...

    We just built a house so our hobbies right now include home improvement and stuff. We're going to be landscaping this spring and we're doing everything ourselves - we're installing an underground sprinkler system, which will be a challenge, but will save us money.

    I'm learning how to seriously garden, and how to attract certain birds/butterflies.

    I also love to cook! I am VERY particular about my cookware. For those of you who appreciate good cookware, All-Clad stainless steel pots/pans are wonderful and worth the investment.

    As far as music, my husband and I are addicted to Napster. We have about 700 songs - we play them using RealJukebox Plus and we have it wired into our stereo system. It's awesome. We love all kinds of music; my personal favorites being jazz, blues, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, and of course Clapton.

    My other hidden hobby is looking at the employment section. I am always looking for a job - right now I have 3! I would really like to find one, nice, good paying, good hours job, and just work per diem at only ONE hospital. Maybe one day...
  4. by   MD_Rn
    Habies... sounds like something you might catch in the backseat of a car... glad I don't have it

    Well, I guess I am the minority thus far.. here just below the mason dixon line we listen to mostly country music. My husband is the napster person, I confess to never having been on.
    Other than that we spend alot of time driving around our 2 daughters aged 10 and 6. And chasing around our 4 dogs, three long hair mini dachshunds my husband breeds for hunting and falconry. Which makes us one of the few folks around with a legal red tail hawk in our backyard. We love to take the kids hiking and fishing, but when I really get a free minute all to my lonesome, I love to curl up with a good book... and one of those good beers from the judge... Any personal favorites, kewlnurse?
  5. by   duckie
    I have many hobbies that I enjoy but admit I tend to get bored easily and I switch back and forth to keep the fun in them. I enjoy quilting, sewing, reading, rubber stamp art for making my own greeting cards, baking, my 3 "furry babies", wreath making, and basically anything crafty. I guess I enjoy challenge because once I have learned something, it no longer thrills me, so I try to do things that can be changed from project to project, so I don't get bored.
  6. by   lpnandloveit1
    I love to crochet
    I love Rock(music) but don't ask me who did what
    My husband has his own DJ/Karaoke biz and I love to go and listen to all of the singers some terrible some great.(My agency actually called me at a bar to ask me to come in during one of his shows. they said they heard i didn't drink soooooo. they were right i don't drink but I said no anyway.
  7. by   puzzler
    OK, here goes.

    I raise American Saddlebred horses (love to ride)Have 4 right now

    Have 3 children, 5 grandchildren.

    Love to be outside. I try to grow flowers (husband says I commit "fernicide" every year and he is right, but I do have some flowers actually blooming right now). And I am really, really good at mowing the lawn (LOL)

    If I cannot get outside (bad weather etc), I create crossword puzzles and word search puzzles.

    LOVE the internet.

    HATE to cook but love to eat (favorite right now is Semolina's). Am also a "chocoholic"

    Just got Clapton's new CD "Reptile" awesome as usual. Listen to a lot of different types of music though. Like a lot of variety in music and life.

    Cannot dance. I usually say "I have rhythm in my soul, it just doesn't quite make it out to my extremities"

    Enjoy being a nurse but am tired of working so many hours (just like everyone else I guess)

    That's me in a nutshell

    Sheryl www.CrosswordsForNurses.com
  8. by   nursejanedough
    Kewl, I clicked on this one to find out what "habies" were. My habie is reading, have read all of Dean Koontz and Robin Cook and lately, I will confess, although no one else will, I love those new reality shows. Boot camp, Survivor, etc. My favorite sport is fishing, esp., bream fishing on a good stocked lake or pond. Just waiting for that float to go under! Very therapeutic for me.
  9. by   Stargazer
    Oooooohhh, Susy. Girly beer alert!

    Okay, I confess. Me too. [hangs head in shame]
  10. by   kewlnurse
    Originally posted by MD_Rn:
    ... and one of those good beers from the judge... Any personal favorites, kewlnurse?
    Tough to pick a personal favorite, i've had over 500 diffenert beers. In general anything from Belguim is fantastic, but somewhat of an aquired taste, Rodenbach's Alexander is awesome, a bit to the lactic side (sour) Sierra Nevada Pale ale is readily availabe and is the American Pale ale (APA) by which all others are judged, or used to be judged, theere is a plethora of great beer out there. Roque's Shakespear Stout and Red ale are memorable, as is Celis's white, and anchor's steam beer. these are all ales, which the exception of the steam beer, which is neither an ale or lager. As far as lagers go, Celebrator from Germany is a good exampel of a dopple bock, Dixie's Blackened Voodoo lager is a great schwartz bier, Brooklyn Brewery's Pilsner is a nice example of the style, as is Pils Urqull from the czech republic, and is by defination the only beer that can be called a pilsner, but it's in a green bottel so if it isn't on tap or you aran't sure of the storage conditions (proper being cool, and dark, no uv light, either from the sun or light bulb, they cause the skunieness) avoid it. And by they way, unlike the way US megaswilleries (ie Bud, Millers, Coors, and Canadien LaBatt's and Molson) beer should not be "ice cold" they tell you to serve their beer that way so your taste buds are shocked and you can't taste how really bad that crap is. Proper temps for ales are 48-52 deg f, the darker they are the warmer they should be, as a general rule, wheat beers are an exception, they can be at the proper lager temps of 38 -44 deg f. Depending on where you live you may have a hard time finding decent beer, but the hunt is half the fun. And contrary to popular belief, dark beers and not higher in etoh than, light beers. For example, Guinness is only 3.5%, Swillweiser is 5%, and there are some trappist ales (Belguim) that are very light in color but are 10-11%Etoh, so get in and have at it, it's fun!
  11. by   Q.
    You know what I like?

    Woodpecker Raspberry Ale!! Yum!
  12. by   Q.
    Girly beers yes - (Woodpecker, Two Dogs, Mike's Hard Lemonade)

    but I also love a good Scotch!!!!
    Gimme a glass of Dewars on the rocks anytime.
  13. by   Hypoxic Pixel Eyes
    My hobbies(habies?):-)are golf and calculating my GPA in angst.
    Very picky about my rock.Jimmy Hendrix,Led Zepplin and ,this may seem an abandonment,the Toadies.I Come From The Water by the Toadies(have they even done another album in years?)and a paticular solo by Lenny Kravits in the remake of American Woman.
    I play guitar myself and was in a band a "few" years ago.I've written poetry of different styles(free form is my current favorite) over the years and keep it all in a journal in which the only way for the poem to be submitted to it is for the recipient to write it in herself.A memory on every page.Priceless.
    I love to play computer games and am looking for games that are based in medical knowledge.I guess you wouldn't call them "games" exactly but rather interactive software.I had a game once that was for ACLS learning and it was alot of fun.
    I guess my hobbie that could really be called a vice is allnurses.com.It just seems to suck me in and hold my attention,even the ********.
    I will study now.....uh oh...I've got mail!
    gotta go.Buh-bye

  14. by   neonnurse
    I constantly have my face in a book. I take pride in NOT reading "chick novels" y'know, romance schlock, gag! I love DeMille, King, Follett, Balducci,Grisham, etc. However, I do LOVE chick beers, ciders, hard lemonades and of course good ol'zinfandel!!! I also love camping, hiking and needlepoint.
    ciao babies!