Guns & Nurses!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Well I stirred alot of aggressive emotions in my post on "Lethal Injection Nurse??" so here is another one.

    Do you own a gun, Ak47, Bazooka, etc.?

    Are you prepared to use it?

    Would it bother you to use it or would you sleep the sleep of the righteous?
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  3. by   Dplear
    I own several guns. I have a .38 cal Rossi snub nose, a 9 MM Browning Hi Power combat model (love that gun) a Davis-Jennuings .380 5 round pocket pistol, and a Mossburg 12 gauge bull pup. A Spas 12 Guage combat shotgun, and a Remington 12 gauge, a 4-10 single shot that belonged to my grandpa. I am looking at geting a Tec 9. I also am licensed to carry concealed here in texas and would use it in a heart beat to protect myself or my loved ones. Not even a second thought and I would shoot to kill not wound....oh yeah all my guns are UNREGISTERED!!!!

    I have used a LAw rocket before when in the military as well as a .50 cal M-16 is ok but would prefer an MPK5 smaller and as deadly if not more so.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    No guns here. More afraid robber find it if I had one and use it on me. However 13 yo has Archery bow--only takes him 12 minutes to assemble.
  5. by   Ted
    I don't own any guns. However, as a kid I used to do target shoot with various shot guns at a friend's house. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind owning a pistal for target shooting. I think I would do well. Used to do well hitting the targets when my childhood friends and I shot at the paper targets.

    I know a friend who makes his own guns. He's won first place for rifle target shooting in New York State several time. I respect his hobby and his talent.

    Shooting at animals is another matter. I just don't have it in me to kill another creature. However, I do respect those who kill game for food. God knows I love my beef and pork. I don't give a rat's ass how the animal was killed (hopefully humanly), just as long as I have my steak. (I also love vegetarian food, but that's another topic!) Am I hypocritical? (spelling?) Probably. Still want my steak!!!

    Shooting another human being is still another matter. Would I do it for self defense? Yep. Would I do it to defend my country. Yep.

    However . . . there seems to be a growing sub-culture within our country that has a "shoot first, ask question later" type of mentality. I find this disquieting. I'm not against owning a gun. However, I believe that the law should require extensive background checks, "cooling off periods" and lots of education prior to owning a gun. I also believe that all guns should be registered.

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  6. by   cmggriff
    Berretta 92FS x 2 (his and hers)
    Springfield 30-06
    Marlin 3030 lever action
    Marlin 22LR semi-auto
    Remington 870 Express pump 12 ga.

    Gun control: every bullet in its place. Gary
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Interesting thread. This subject generates a LOT of tension but here goes anyway:

    Yes, I own two (registered) guns and I'm female as well so ya'll beware...hehehe.

    A small Mossberg shotgun designed for home protection (very easy to use) and also a small Taurus pistol that fits my hand well. I practice with them regularly so I feel competent in the event I will ever need to use them (haven't yet).....

    When I did night shift agency nursing years back and travelled extensively crossing county lines in Texas I kept the pistol under my car seat. My police officer acquaintences supported this decision, and advised me on how to handle the situation should I be pulled over by a PO. I don't currently keep my pistol in my vehicle, however, as I don't yet have a concealed carry license in Texas. If I do agency and travel nights again, I will definitely obtain this license as I feel it's just too dangerous here in this day and age... Too many carjackings and parking lot attacks here.

    I would have no problem shooting a home invader or someone trying to threaten me, my family or property. I believe in and am a member of the NRA and all it stands for.

    Those who disagree with me and would attempt to argue me into changing my opinions would just be pissin' in the wind...
  8. by   NurseDennie
    Mattsmom -

    I'd be interested in knowing what you were advised about how to handle it if you were pulled over by a police officer.


  9. by   mattsmom81
    Well, Dennie that is a moot point now, since a concealed carry license would be required today. This was quite a few years back, and it was fairly acceptable back then under my circumstances. (crossing county lines in my state).

    Today, all I need do is declare my firearm's presence and produce my license and all would be well as I currently understand Texas Law....

    Dplear has the license and can expound on I do not (yet) posess this license. I like the Texas' firearms policies and am glad I am allowed to defend myself, family, and property in this great state .
  10. by   CATHYW
    You go, Matt's Mom! My son is also named Matt.
    I too own a Mossberg Pump 12 gauge, and a .44 Charter Arms pistol w/4in barrel. It kicks like a horse, but I shoot wad-cutters, and it'll blow a huge hole in anything. That is the reason I got it.
    I also have a hunting rifle.

    My husband has more rifles and pistols. He hunts, too. We are both members of the NRA.

    As a nurse, I don't want to have to hurt anyone (even if I would carry out a lethal injection-different story, different thread). But, by cracky, I WOULD shoot anybody that was in my house without an invitation, or trying to hurt me or one of my loved ones. Believe that!

    My Dad was, and my brother is, a Game Warden. Daddy taught us to respect the power of a wapon, and NEVER to aim at something we did not intend to kill, even if we thought that the weapon was unloaded, and even with TOY guns. I taught my 2 children the same way, and my husband taught his 3 kids the same.
  11. by   pkmom
    I don't have any guns, I've never shot one, but my husband has a few. I can only hope that I would be able to shoot an invader because I really don't know if I could. But I can tell you that this mama bear can get pretty vicious (sp?) when it comes to protecting her baby bear.
  12. by   kewlnurse
    I got a few, 13 to be exact, used to be a dealer before the scumsucking worthless pieces of liberal $hit made it a huge hassel to run a lawful business
  13. by   shay
    Don't have one yet, desperately want one, hubby and I are saving to buy each of us one. I have mine all picked out. Don't know what it's called, just know it's a lightweight revolver. Hubby getting a semi-auto.

    Plan on taking classes, getting concealed carry permits, the whole nine.

    Card-carrying members of the NRA, and yes, honey, you are damn skippy I could blow someone away if they attacked me or broke into my home or attacked my family member/loved one. AND I could 'sleep the sleep of the righteous.' No problem. I would consider it a public service to the gene pool.

    Gun control means being able to hit your target!!!
  14. by   Q.
    Dave, Shay and Gary: you all crack me up!

    I am like Shay: don't have a gun but hubby and I desperately want on. Hubby wants a .45; not sure of any other specs but definitely lightweight. We once had a 9mm that jammed all the time.

    Buying a gun is one of those things we always talk about but never get around to doing. With the house, we're focusing on landscape, etc.

    As far as classes: my hubby knows how to handle a gun. Was in the military for 9 years. I would definitely want a lesson is using them, gun safety, cleaning, etc. What scares me the most about guns are people who don't know how to use them!

    So far I love all the gun control ideas: hitting your target! Yeah!:chuckle

    As far as me, if someone comes in my house in the middle of the night breaking in, I am shootin' and yeah asking questions later. You shouldn't be breaking in my house if you don't wanna get shot.