Grossest patient award

  1. I work in the ER, we have some pretty disgusting patients come in.... December's winner was.....drumroll please......

    50 year old woman comes in with complaints of dysuria, doc orders a cath UA. Nurse caths the patient, urine is clear. Nurse also notices brown "stuff" oozing from the vagina acommpanied by a "foul stench". ER doc figures she has a fistula, calls GYN to see. GYN goes in to talk to patient asks among other things if she is sexually active to which she replies "not lately". GYN does a pelvic exam, tells the nurse to get him a ziplock back, which she does, then asks the patient when she went thru menopause. Pt replies 5 years ago. GYN says well Ms. Doe I am pulling a tampon out of your vagina, he pulls out this putrified, almost liquified tampon and puts it in the ziplock bag because it smells so bad. He then asks exactly when was the last time you had sex, she says Sunday...her visit to us was this past Thursday!! EWWWW!!
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  3. by   kaycee
    My worst pt was a psychotic gentleman in his 60's brought by medics from deplorable living conditions with a complaint of swelling in both of his legs.
    He was filthy and his legs were draining so much his pants were wet and sticking to his legs.
    I cut off his pants and found both legs wrapped in ace bandages. When I started to remove them I found his legs covered with seeping sores and loaded with maggots and roaches. The roaches were big and small and scurried everywhere. The maggots were slower moving but just as gross. He kept apologizing about the smell but he had no idea there were bugs everywhere. I was gowned and gloved when I started because I knew it would be bad from the smell. I stuck both legs in Dakins solution to kill anything moving and either stomped or swatted the ones that escaped. Poor man was so pathetic and yet so thankful that I stayed with him and didn't act grossed out even though I was ready to puke inside.
    He was eventually admitted and then once his legs were better he was transferred to a hospital with inpt mental health and then went to a personal care home.
  4. by   hoolahan
    Lilgirl, Oh man, I just ate a tuna fish sandwich, and after readong your post I feel like I need to hurl!! EEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    My grossest pt is nothing like you two. Mine is gross because he has the filthiest pig mind! This big fat nasty man had open heart, and had to stay in our unit b/c there were no beds in step-down. He became "confused" in the night, and kicked one of our nurses in the head, so hard, she fell and had to go to the er for xrays, which fortunately, she didn't break anything.

    I had Mr gross pig the next night. He acted like he was confused, but yet, sometimes he was so lucid, you had to wonder if he was just a good actor. When his wife came, he knew enough to talk to her like she was a worthless dog. Anyway, he continuously asked me for a "BJ" all night long, describing exactly how he would make me feel (Like VOMITTING!!) I would not go in the room without the male resp therapist who told him to speak to the nurses respectfully. He was better when the RT was in the room, but still pretty gross. In the am, when the doc made rounds, I told him about his behavior, I think he didn't believe me. He went in and asked the pt his name, he answered "Puddintane, ask me where I live, I'll say down the Lane." Now does that sound like someone confused? Trying to be cute and making the doc laugh (Oh, how amusing!)

    I swear, I cannot remember anymore all the beyond vulgar things he said, Oh yeah, and kept exposing himself all night long, I tied the sheets to the four corners of the bed to keep his ugly little thing covered. (EEEWWWWWW!!) But I will never forget how creepy he made me feel. I called out sick the next night so I wouldn't have to take care of him again.
  5. by   codebluechic
    I once had a very large pt. who had a perf bowel repair. The wound was left open and we were packing BID. The day after she was advanced to a regular diet she had CORN coming out of the abd wound!! She won a trip back to the O.R.
  6. by   babynurselsa
    My grossest was when I was working ER. I grabbed a chart one night that addmitting complaint was back pain and painful urination. Pt was 30ish spina bifida, quick dx in my mind was UTI. I walked behind the curtain to find pt dozing on the cot and her elderly mother sitting in the chair just sobbing. I look at the chart again, still says back pain, painful urination. I ask the mother what is wrong. She says, " I went to help her get undressed and there were maggots."
    I can already smell the necrotic odor. This gal had ulcerations to the bone on both heels, both lateral calves from ankle bone to mid calf. Just full of active fat little maggots. Then we rolled her and she had tunneled decub on sacral area I swore I could have put my arm in to the elbow. When I put in a foley I got about 500cc of fairly normal looking urine then about another 500 of puree pus. The docs figured that there was a fistula from the decube to the bladder. I kept having to move other pts away from where we had her bedded due to the odor. Also her glucose was like 800+. She was completely oblivious to all of this!?!? Lived at her own home with her husband. Poor mother was completely unaware till she brought her in that night, while the hubby was bowling. He was too busy to bring her. Last I knew they were looking at bilateral amputations and a major Social Service consult.