Griping about being "on call"!!!

  1. Hi everyone. I just needed to vent!

    First, when I was hired at my job as an OB nurse, I was told that we had to take call from time to time. This isn't the problem. My problem is that the other night, I was scheduled to be on call (we take call as the SECOND OB nurse, if the OB floor has more patients than one nurse can handle, OR if they were to get a labor, or a one on one patient). Well, I got called in, and was getting ready to send an outpatient home when I got a call from the house supervisor telling me that I couldn't leave. Evidently there was only one nurse in the ICU with two patients, and that if they got another patient the primary nurse in OB (who just came back to OB from a job in the ICU) would have to go there and I would have to take the patients in OB. I explained to her that I was just on call, and that I wasn't required to stay if I wasn't needed in OB. He response to me was that I WOULD be needed in OB if the primary nurse was pulled to ICU. GRRR!!!
    That isn't how it is supposed to work, and SHE knew that! And I'll bet that she didn't even pick up the stinkin phone to see if she could find someone to take call for the ICU!
    Ultimately, we got another patient in OB, so both of us were needed there, but it still went all over me!

    OK, I'm done venting now
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  3. by   cindyln
    I am with you!!! We are reguired to pull call 1 shift a month.No compensation for being tied to a phone. THe union backs the management on that. I hate it when I get a call at 1845 that I am needed to come in to work the night shift, 12 hours, without any sleep. This burns us all up. We went on a sorta strike last month and no one signed up for call. Well this month we were sorta threatened to sign up or be signed up. Makes me see red!
  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Well, I don't mind taking call. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I understand the need for it, and we are compensated for it. We get so much per hour (like 2 bucks or something) while we are on call, and if we get called in we get our regular pay plus (I believe) $150 extra. However this only applies if it is our 4th shift for the week. In my case this week, I prob wont get it, because I had to leave 5 hours into my shift to get my sick child from daycare. I think that part stinks!
  5. by   Mkue
    Shandy, that does stink ! So many stipulations for Call, was it really your turn for call or since you were already there was it more convenient for them to "call" you to stay.
  6. by   ShandyLynnRN
    all of us take call once every week or two. We have 2 nurses for each shift, and we take 3 days a week plus a day of call. The other days are covered (usually) by the prn people. It wasn't being on call that I am upset about. It was the fact that when we are on call, since it is an extra shift, we are to be on call for OB only, not the entire hospital. If it is a scheduled night to work, then we float wherever we are needed, but if we are just on call, then it is just supposed to be for our own unit. It isn't supposed to be so that the one scheduled for our unit can float.
  7. by   Mattigan
    hmmm... i know we are in the same state and from the sound of this we are even in the same facility. It's common practice for HS to call in a Peds nurse from home ( who isn't even on call)- make it sound like Peds needs help and then when she gets here- pull the scheduled nurse to med/surg. it is not right. still trying to get it stopped.
  8. by   fab4fan
    Oooohhhh!!!! I used to hate when they did that to us. I worked Peds many years ago, and they would do that to us, too.

    You should not be the resource to solve other depts. staffing problems. Would they bring in someone who was taking call for, say ICU, and then have the ICU nurse go to OB because OB was short/busy? As long as they can do that, they won't take care of the short staffing issue.
  9. by   Mattigan
    I've told everyone now, that if the HS calls say "NO". or better yet don't answer. If it is the Peds nurse needing you she will call let it ring once and then hang up and call right back, unless you have a answering machine so they can ID hteirself. That's horrible to have to resort to but it's worked. On the occassions the HS is being a real snake and pulls the peds person when the ped nurse called her in- i have them call me . I come in and do the floating while they stay on Peds. Usually htat works because then they have to explain why the Nurse MAnager of one unit worked staff on another unit and anything they come up with sounds stupid to her. I'd like to keep all the Peds staff because they are great and how can you retain a peds nurse if she has too work med/surg most of the schedule.